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Levoit Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Humidifier:

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel today i’m going to show you something that we have added to our home i got this product about two weeks ago and i have been using it for a solid two weeks and i am loving it i have mentioned a few times on this channel that i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and sjogren’s syndrome so showroom syndrome those hand-in-hand

With rheumatoid arthritis with the joint pains and things like that but it also has dry mouth and dry eyes and dry mouth for me is terrible sometimes at night so this part that i got is really helping me with that so let’s get started okay guys so here it is this is the lavoie hybrid ultrasonic humidifier and this has really been helping me sleep at night i am

Not waking up from dry mouth that happens to me several times through the night and this is really helping to prevent that so here we go we have a lot of options on this fun little machine we’ve got the on and off button we’ve got the mist level you can use this on warm i have not tried that yet because i don’t need it right now we have the humidity level a timer

Which is great because you could put this on timer to shut off at a certain time throughout the night if you don’t need it through the whole night mine actually stays on all night and then you also have the auto button you do also get a very cute little remote control same buttons they all do the same things as this does okay so here we go i’m going to demonstrate

This i’m gonna turn this off here and let everything shut down now this does actually use filtered or purified drinking water it does specifically state that in the user manual here you may possibly be able to use distilled water as well but it does not it does say not to use if you have hard water so don’t use that out of your tap i mean you can use it but you’re

Going to expect things like the little white dusting maybe possibly over the you know desk or chair you have it on but i do get i just go to walmart and grab some of their bottle you know the purified drinking water it takes about a gallon and a half to fill this up i do not go through that through the night that is the great thing that i like about this is that

I’m not using the whole thing through the night the way i have it set i can get through almost three nights with this so that’s pretty cool okay guys so let’s go through the options here i’m going to use the remote control so we’re going to turn this on then you have the misc levels you’ve got one two and three so that will determine how much you want to come out

I use two at night that really helps through through my night and helps not just to use so much water i’d used three before and it did go down quite a bit now you also have the humidity level which goes up to 80 now when you use this humidity level you will the machine will actually turn on and off throughout the night so it will measure the level of humidity in

Your room and then once it’s lower than what you want here it will turn back on for you so that’s another way to save water again if that works for you however for me i needed it on auto so it was going all night long at the level two that is my i guess you could say number program for me and then you have the timer this timer goes to i think it goes to 12 hours

So you know it’s a timer set it and i’ll turn off and then you also have the auto button and the auto button is what i use i use auto on level two of the miss level and that actually works great for me i have not used the warm button so i don’t have a lot of any advice on that but i would assume you push the warm button and eventually it will start coming out warm

Now the cool thing i love about this is that they give you these cute little pads here and these actually go into the side of the machine here into this little contraption and then you can use essential oils so that also is another plus for me i purchase my essential oils from whole whole foods a lot of people use doterra and other things but i like whole foods

I think you get a great size for your money that’s just me so my formula here i have is lemon peppermint and lavender i had a friend who suggested this because i did have a dry cough at night and so she suggested to use that and so paired with this it worked amazing and my cough has subsided so you just put some drops in here and you are pretty generous with the

Drops i pretty much you know i’ll show you how i do these so usually i just kind of shake it in there and i really get in there and put a lot in there and so then i just do all three in there you can mix them all together and then you pop this right back into this side area and it comes out and it smells delicious okay guys so i just want to show you ah the amount

Of mist that comes out here you can see this is on level two and then let me put it up to level three here and you’ll see that it gets even higher hair and then we’ll go down to one and one produces quite a bit of humidity as well i do put down a towel on my floor in my bedroom and that is my preference i would kind of suggest it though just to protect your carpet

And that would be for any humidifier because there is you know moist air coming out and so i just lay it down before i go to bed and then pick it up in the morning and it works out great so let me give you just an overview of this here so here over here is where you would put the essential oils again this is very easy to come in and out and to refill and you

Haven’t couple extra pads now i have actually added two that i didn’t just do it one time and then put in a new pad i just kept adding the essential oils so i’m kind of gonna eyeball it i suppose and then it kind of looks gross i’ll just get rid of it and put in a new pad there may be some further directions about that in here but as far as i can tell it looks

Good so alrighty guys so that is everything for the lavoie humidifier i hope you guys all enjoyed there will be a link below that you can click on to go get a great deal on this product i’m telling you what it is a really good machine overall i had actually just bought a humidifier from bed bath & beyond and the one won’t be making it back in my room this one

Will be there and i will use this for a long time so hope you all enjoyed if you did please give us a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe below and we are on instagram and snapchat accessing lunch mom see you all next time

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