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LifeStraw Go water filter bottle REVIEW | How to get clean water while hiking and camping

Honest review after 2 years of using the LifeStraw Go water filter bottle ( while hiking. This video is not sponsored.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today i’m doing another gear review video and today it’s going to be on the lifestraw go bottle uh water filter basically if you haven’t heard of it it is a very uh cheap easy and simple way to filter water for mainly hiking but yeah backpacking even just emergency situations anything where you think you could get

Stuck without clean water um or going somewhere that has water that’s maybe sketchy and you just want to make sure that what you’re drinking is definitely clean and filtered personally i’ve been using these water bottles for at least two years i started with my trek generous base camp in nepal where the water definitely wasn’t clean but yeah these things saved

Me it’s honestly such a good system and i’ve been using it in all my hikes throughout victoria and tasmania ever since uh yeah it’s the only water filter i’ve ever used but it has definitely done wonders for me and i’m gonna run through all the specs and everything now and tell you guys how to use them and all that sort of stuff so this here is the live straw go

Bottle um basically it’s just a normal drink bottle plastic bpa free um it’s got a little zipper at the top here which is how you drink the water out of it and you can just remove the lid to fill it up with water and this is basically the filter in here um so when you suck through the straw it basically just comes through the filter and then into your mouth which

Is how it makes sure it’s clean um obviously to fill it up it’s super easy you just literally fill this up this part is actually dishwasher safe as well which is good and it’s got a little carabiner to attach to your backpack or anything so the original lifestyle product was actually a straw like this which i do still sell and basically it’s got a little sleepy

Bit on top of the straw so you don’t actually have the bottle with it and then basically just sit through the straw into straight into a stream or a lake or whatever it might be um but obviously for me i would much prefer the bottle with it that way you don’t have to be at the water source when you need the water uh you can just fill this up wherever you want

With dirty water put it in and then sip on it as you want as you’re hiking or anything like that and this whole setup only weighs 220 grams for the bottle and the filter so it’s perfect for hiking to me that’s pretty lightweight yeah definitely worth it in my opinion so i’ll tell you guys now what the bottle actually filters out and i’ll put it down the bottom of

The screen here as well because there’s a lot of nines and i don’t want to confuse you guys so basically it removes 99.999999 of bacteria which includes e coli and salmonella it removes 99.999 of parasites and it removes 99.999 of micro plastics silt sand and cloudiness the only thing i could seem to find that it doesn’t remove is lead and viruses some of the

Other products do remove lead but it’s not something that i’m worried about for hiking um if you are then you could get one of the other products that do remove lead um and then viruses as i said i went to nepal i tracked every space camp i used this bottle for over a month in nepal um and it was fine i’ve never had any issues back home here either with viruses

Or anything so it’s up to you there are some products which do remove viruses if that’s something that you are concerned about i know those little uv pens that you kind of um put in the water and like swirl around which uses obviously uv to kill bacteria and everything they do remove viruses some of them but then they don’t remove chemicals and if you’re just

Using the uv pen it’s not actually going through a filter as such either so it’s not going to filter out little particles or anything like that so for me this is definitely my choice of water filter while hiking and backpacking as i said i’ve only had positive experiences with it and yeah i’m definitely a fan there are also other products on the market uh that are

Filters like this the soil one is definitely a very popular one for through hikers and hikers in general um which has been recommended to us but it just seems a bit more complicated and you need a bigger setup and more bottles and stuff you have to like back filter and stuff as well what with some of the products that i’ve looked into anyway for this for me this

Is super simple like literally just fill it up and drink it and i’m quite happy with this um this filter does last four thousand liters uh roughly so say you’re using three or four liters a day that’s gonna last 250 days which to me is a lot uh some of the soil ones i think do last up to like 100 000 liters or something crazy like a lot more um but honestly this

Is my choice as i said this bottle costs about 60 in australia and then these filters to replace this after your 4 000 liters they cost about 25 so it’s pretty cheap i think and it does the job for us so run through what to do when you first buy them and then how to store them if you’re not going to be using them for a long period of time and also sometimes the

Filter can get kind of clogged up and i’ll run through how to unclog it also for that but first i just want to let you know about their program which gives back to those in need so the lifestraw give back program is something that i absolutely love about this company basically if every product sold it provides one child in need safe water for an entire year and

Then for every 500 products sold they supply a community purifier into a school so i think it’s awesome that they’re giving back to yeah those in need in africa and kenya and places like that um because safe water is so important that something could definitely take for granted um in australia so they actually employ local staff in kenya to help run their program

And by the end of this year 2021 they’ll provided 4.6 million kids um with safe drinking water for a year each so that’s pretty impressive and i’m definitely happy to be supporting a program like that so when you first buy one of these what you should do is take it apart wash the bottle pull the straw unscrew the straw don’t pull it i think i’ve done this one

Not too tight but anyway um so wash the bottle and wash the lid and the mouthpiece and then what you want to do with the actual straw is just right under the tap for 60 seconds to get all the water through it um and then put it back into your mouthpiece the cap fill the bottle up with water and then submerge the filter do it up and make sure the whole filter

Is covered and just soak it for 10 minutes then to prime you just need to take a big few sips through the mouthpiece to start with it can be hard as kind of the ears in the wrong places and things like that but just keep going until it starts coming through and then the the flow should get a lot better then whenever you finish using it just take out the bottle

You can obviously wash all this and then you basically just want to blow through the mouthpiece and it’s going to like kind of get rid of any excess water that’s sitting in the straw so that it doesn’t go mouldy or anything like that just a few big breaths and you’ll see the water kind of come out and then once it stops coming out then you know that yeah most

Of the water is out of it after you’ve been using the bottle for a while you think you are nearing the end of the filter and it needs replacing the filter will actually stop filtering the water so it’ll stop sucking through um so if you think you’ve used about 4 000 liters or work out roughly if you’ve used it maybe six months a year for two years or whatever

Like work out to about 250 days of full-time use um then that basically an easy filter means your filter needs replacing if your straw starts to clog up and you know it hasn’t been used four thousand liters and it’s nowhere near the end of its life maybe you’ve only used it like a month um it’s actually happened to me but also i wasn’t storing mine properly

Which i’ll tell you about in a minute um it can actually yeah stop sucking the water through and you actually just can’t get anything through it um even though it may be new or anything like that so to unclog it i’ll tell you now how to do that so you basically need to remove your straw for again from your mouthpiece and cap and then just get a bowl or a jar

Or something and fill it with four tablespoons of coconut milk and then two cups of water mix it together and then basically just submerge your straw in that solution and then let it stand for one hour after an hour just pull it out and then rinse another tap to get all the solution like off um yeah off the actual straw and just from a little bit of inside it

Rinse it under a tap then also just clean the rest of your bottle make sure nothing’s clogged in your mouthpiece as well uh rinse it off all off while you’re at it and then put it back together and start sipping and it should work fine we have tried this at home has happened to mine and matt’s straws and that solution is a very simple fix for long-term storage

You actually need to make a saltwater solution to keep in your bottle to have destroying but there are quite a few steps to it and i want to make sure you guys get it right so i’ll put a link in the description below um to where you can find that document on the lifestraw website which tells you how to store it long term so say if you knew you weren’t going to

Use this for a couple of months um and it’s gonna sit in your wardrobe then i’ll definitely make the saltwater solution to keep this in just to make sure it all works properly and if it’s not gonna be used for a while then it’s still gonna be fine when you go to use it again next time so this bottle is 650 mils does actually come in a one liter version um i

Haven’t seen that one yet this one i got from anaconda they also sell like bcf any of you probably basic camping stores um in australia yeah but yeah online on their website they do have a one liter version which would be handy obviously the more water you carry the better the only other tip that i did read online on their website was that the um the actual fill

Tyre shouldn’t be frozen if it does get frozen like maybe you’re even outside camping and it just gets below zero and somehow it freezes it does actually stay on the website that the filter needs to be replaced if it freezes so that’s also something to keep in mind but honestly i couldn’t recommend recommend these things enough like as i said i’ve used it for

So long now and it’s absolutely the best especially hiking yeah while in every space camp a lot of people would you know spend time with their pens like filtering their water or put tablets in it and they have to wait half an hour for the water to actually become clean these doesn’t use any chemicals any iodine anything like that it literally just uses a process

Of like physical filtering um and the only downside is the viruses but i’ve had no issues with that so far touch wood so i think this is definitely a great option especially for those just starting out and you don’t want something complicated literally just fill this bottle up and use it it’s very easy um relatively cheap in my opinion and yeah just a very easy

Option so if you are just starting out i’ll definitely consider one of these but yeah look around it’s up to you hope this review has helped and yeah just get out there and enjoy the great outdoors and happy hiking

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LifeStraw Go water filter bottle REVIEW | How to get clean water while hiking and camping By Adventures of Katelyn