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Lifestraw Water Filter Review – (Lifestraw) Personal Water Filter Review

Lifestraw Water Filter Review – (Lifestraw) Personal Water Filter Review

There are some products that are so useful and cool that you just want to shout here take my money the lifestraw personal water filter is one of those products all levity aside this is the most trusted name in water filtration devices literally millions of people use this water filter from humanitarian aid workers in the toughest environments in africa to the outdoor

Enthusiasts in the us this is a product that every member in the family should have one of let’s assume there’s a natural disaster and there’s massive flooding in the area the water lines are damaged and so is the water treatment plant now you’re in a situation where there’s either no water coming out of the faucet or if there’s water coming out it’s contaminated

With bacteria and other organisms so you have no drinking water unless you have stored some water pouches but what if your house has been flooded and your water stocks are damaged what do you do you use the lifestraw personal water filter that’s what you do all you need to do is fill the bottle with water and drink through the straw the filter will remove up to

99.99% of bacteria and protozoa ecoli salmonella cryptosporidium and other bacteria are no match for the lifestraw in fact people in third-world countries with very limited water sources are able to use the life straw to drink water that they otherwise would not be able to consume it’s that powerful as a prepper if you have a life straw water filter you could camp

By any lake or river and drink the water from there just by using the filter bottle there will be much less hassle involved if you wish you could boil the water first and then use it with the filter each life straw personal water filter is good for up to 1,000 liters 264 gallons and the good news is that no batteries or chemicals are used isn’t that fantastic the

Product is lightweight and will easily fit into any bug out bag even kids will be able to carry their own life straw because it’s that light and portable the attractive blue color will appeal to them – you’d think that such a fantastic item would be expensive but it’s not it’s very affordable the goal of the manufacturers is to get the item into the hands of as

Many people as possible if it was expensive humanitarian organizations would not be able to provide it to the masses as a survivalist there are some items that are a must-have items such as paracord a first-aid kit etc but the truth of the matter is that the lifestraw water filter is probably the most important of the lot because water sustains life if you have

No access to water you will be desperate and most people will not last more than three days without water with the lifestraw water filter floods will not be a problem if you can get to a raw water source the filter will do the rest this award-winning product deserves all the accolades it gets just make sure you get one for yourself and for each family member stay safe you

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Lifestraw Water Filter Review – (Lifestraw) Personal Water Filter Review By Kane Maguire