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LOral True Match Eye Cream in a Concealer Review/Wear Test

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Hello everyone it is gel beauty 87 here and today we’re going to try out the new l’oreal true match um what is this they put a sticker over the front of what it is eye cream concealer or his eye cream plus concealer so i got the shade w56 medium i think it’s kind of light so i might have to mix in this l’oreal full wear um more than concealer concealer i have

The shade 415 honey if anyone’s curious um but we’re gonna use the matching foundation that goes with that the infallible um freshware um i got the other stuff yeah this is light as yeah we definitely need that other one um so the other stuff i’m gonna put on my face because i’m not gonna do that on camera obviously we’re trying to save time in videos like

I’ve been talking about but keep running my mouth constantly oh i got the cold size bronzer y’all know i wear the shade deep i’ve used this in a while so i want to use it today i’m going to use my patrick todd shiso la blush even though it’s more like a bronzer is type shade for me so i’m just going to add this elf always spicy blush on top of it to make it

You know work with my skin tone a little bit better and then we’re going to go in with the genesis highlighter from milk cosmetics if you haven’t seen what this looks like let me show you it’s more like a peachy goldish type vibe going on and that’s my type of highlighter so those are the things i’ll be using on the face oh almost forgot the powder so i’m going

To use the give me go glow banana pudding powder and the dietary um hyaluronic powder this is actually 50 off on um blueberries right now so you can get it for 30 bucks instead of 60. that’s the only reason i got mine because it was on sale and i’m thinking about buying a backup even though i have a drawer full of powders but i like that one a lot and i can

Always just leave it in my grandma’s house to justify buying it if i do buy it so we’ll see no um y’all know me i’m probably not joking but um let’s go ahead and get started i’m gonna put on the cover effects gripping primer start gripping and firming primer pat your top palette because nothing else pretty much has a mirror on it i’m going to do a look with the

Uh what is it alter ego what’s the name of the palette artemis palette today so i just squeeze out that much i’m going to start applying it to my face i want to try the um with the hard candy primer that um juicy jazz keeps raving about that she says is a dupe for the um hydro get for milk let me see what that’s about this smells weird i just noticed that now

I hope it’s not too old but i just bought it like this year during the 21 days to be sale in the spring so i feel like it should be fine i guess it just has smell and i didn’t notice it before anyway i’m actually not going to spot concealed today lately i haven’t been spot concerned but in all fairness i had um what do you call it i have been wearing sunscreen

For the last um i think two or three months so my dark and using retinol at night so my dark spots have lightened up so i’m gonna take some of the concealer now i’m sorry it is a eye cream and a concealer 0.5 pure hyaluronic acid again you can read that on the back on the box so i did not know all of that but i’m going gonna put some of this underneath the

Eye now this is a consistency it is it’s kind of like a moussey consistency i know the shade is kind of light but the other ones were like red or pink undertone and i wasn’t feeling that so i was like this is the lightest one there this was the one that had that was one that i thought i would work with i’m using that oh okay it really goes on like an eye cream

Hold on i guess i didn’t expect it to be smooth now i’m like oh okay so i’m gonna just go ahead and put it in with my my chicken conceal brush to start off with and then we’ll put some over the top of the eye as well but i’ll put the darker shade down before i put this one down so we can put 415 honey on top first and then we’ll put a little bit of this like

A last or mix it in with 415 honey i’ve decided yeah it depends on how it looks once we get you know foundation on and all that stuff but it spreads out pretty nicely where’s my sponge i wouldn’t know here it is in the corner so i’m just taking the fencing spine out let’s start off with the skin a little bit better there when i saw the display and they said it

Was coming soon i was intrigued but i was like wait till i get here so this is what it looks like so far um i see nice little brightness underneath the eyes it doesn’t say what it claims to do it’s a 24-hour hydration for all skin types it’s paraben free it’s lightweight blendable formula fragrance free does not clog force so that’s what the claims are on this

Lovely concealer and i it was kind of hard i think it was like um what was like 14 or something like that i might have been higher i don’t remember i know some outrageous price because it’s cbs i feel like this stuff is always outrageously priced i don’t know what that’s about but i’ll need to you know check that but since you get all like the coupons and

The discounts or whatever like i do because i use the 40 off coupon with this in addition to like having like free money which is basically the the extra bucks from cvs i just call it free money um i think i end up paying 11 for this and like a whole bunch of other stuff so you can get good deals if you buy something cvs if you use the extra bucks and coupons

And all that which is what i do for my drugstore makeup so since i can’t get different i do oh and i saw shout out to beauty deals bff as usual she um posted that they’re gonna have like a discount coming to sephora soon so i’m like yes please so we’re gonna have to hold off on the patrick tower order to like next friday because i’m like the discount is not

Effective for the 14th because that’s okay because i got to spend money all that week anyway like mother’s um pallet i think comes out on the 12th the um the rose decking um collection and i’m loving the new packaging of the palette i hope she does that with her smaller packet palettes from now on because i’m here for it is the vibe i love it um i’ll go ahead

And have the center here i um really like this foundation i forgot about it for a while though because y’all know i’ll be using my high-end stuff but since i’ve been doing some drugstore stuff lately i figured i was using my girlfriend foundations with it and i remember this being one of my favorites and i remember now right now like with my face y’all it looks

Amazing it’s just as nice as yesterday when i had on a high-end foundation because the vid the um instagram picture i posted that says makeup of the day today friday the um seventh is actually the makeup from yesterday and i had on the um mac fix plus foundation stick and it lasted well so i’m gonna take this concealer now the old you can see that they came

Out with i think they came up with this last year or maybe two years ago i don’t know but i’m going to take this one and start highlighting the face with it so i’m being sick because i feel like i have to dip back into this a lot but it’s like for 10 bucks you know i’ll dip away because some of these um because be like pretty damn high and i’m like trying

To pay that i’m not oh you’re going to fit my face in front of you all and then after that it’s going to be a wrap i’m going to rest my face off camera and then um do an eyeshadow look and then i gotta um rank all the eyeshadow palettes from the last couple of months today even though i just ordered like six or seven palettes like over this week don’t judge

Me i do declutter stuff i just don’t even do eyeshadow palette decoders on camera because i might always feel like i’m not gonna be cluttered as much as y’all wanna y’all gonna be mad but it’s like again y’all have to keep remember i have to pay for all this and so it’s not easy for me to let go of it because i you know when my parents hit the horse i like i

Told you all before and then it’s like when i pay for it it’s harder for me to let go of it at like a lower price like other youtubers do they get to send a whole bunch of stuff and the stuff they buy they can afford to just like give away for like you know fifty percent off and prices like that i’ll be saying on poshmark and like mccarran places like that it’s

Like but i had to pay for all this so i’d be having the most attachment to it because i’m like i spent my hard money on this who you know was not about to who’s just about to give it up like i’m not just about to give it up and people want to get stuff away free like i had some purse up for like a hundred bucks some girls just offered me 40 bucks for today on

Poshmark i’m like seriously this person costs 280 dollars and you think i’m gonna settle to you for 40 bucks like i’ve been wondering what people be getting off with like they’re balling people on stuff i’m like no i like when i get low balls i don’t even respond to them i just let them sit there till like they expire or the person realizes i’m not gonna take

It and then they um just you know delete the offer because i’m like yeah no i’m not doing that okay so it looks pretty good with the concealers combined because i can still see the brightness of the first one but we’re going to mix them together now i’m trying to decide if i want to highlight a little bit of my face with this one too and just mix them together

Um sure why not um like this one so i’m going to do is i’m just going to i like the inner a part of the eye with the lighter one like you see right here and then the outer part i’m gonna do with the original concealer that matches this foundation so just tap a little bit up in here right there come down and wrestle and highlight the face with this even

Though this is a lighter consistency so i don’t know how much extra brightening is going to give because it’s consistent product and i feel like it’s like drying down pretty fast too anyway let me go ahead and put this other concealer on so we can try to somewhat blend this out quickly since it seems like it’s drying in a weird form that i don’t know that i’m

Necessarily gonna like with the powders and other stuff i’m gonna have to add on at least one time i’m not gonna really let it sit like that that’s because i don’t know how to formulate i’m just gonna say that the l’oreal one is like fine i mean this l’oreal one is fine but the other one i’m not sure about so let’s go ahead and get the lemonade fair boy and

Like i said we’ll be doing a website on this so i’ll check in with y’all probably like it’s it was 1 30 watch out of this video support like um 9 9 30 somewhere like that i will be checking with you all on this concealer and see how it went i’m here for it i’m loving the brightness that i feel like it’s giving and it does feel a little hydrating on these

Eyes actually it has more of like that it does have more of a creamy um what is the eye cream type feel to it as opposed to um what do you call that um concealer feel if that makes anything kind of thing cuz i used to feel like concealer like thinner or thicker not like nourishing and moisturizing like this is that’s what i meant by the consistency so i’m

Going to set all the places that we set the i mean put the concealer with this banana powder i told you all from give me golden stuff it’s amazing i don’t use one for the face that often just because i feel like it has more of a reddish undertone in it and i’m not necessarily feeling that still the best time to use that one for me would actually be right now

But i just don’t like that one as much as i like the one from underneath the eyes like i feel like they hit the this shade out of the park for that and i feel like it makes my other life look really smooth and nice so i will be reaching for this quite a bit as you can see i am reaching for quite a bit because i feel like the last few drugstore videos i did i

Used this powder so it’s amazing what can i say get a little bit on forehead okay y’all so this is what my face is looking like with the powder set on the concealer i’m gonna go ahead and go off camera finish with the rest of my face and i will check in with you all tonight okay everyone so there’s update time on this concealer so this is what my under eye and

Cheeks are looking like i think it actually looks pretty good considering i’ve had it on for a while y’all know i got creases underneath my eyes so sometimes some concealers look better in other words this one looks okay it doesn’t look that great we’re gonna try it again tomorrow though um i’m not gonna do a second day wear test though even though i probably

Should because i wasn’t really outside with this one that long i think i was outside maybe like 15-20 minutes i just went to go pick up dinner that’s why i was outside but otherwise oh wait no i had to go pick up my city sticker for my window on my car too so i don’t maybe like 20 25 minutes but um yeah um i actually kind of like it i kind of think it’s a vibe

You know my cheeks are still oily but um that’s cause i didn’t use the um what is that the no shine powder from lancome that would have made them look pretty you know mattified still but um i think the concealer looks nice and i i’m kind of feeling it so um i recommend you go try it out too but make sure you use some coupons because i know l’oreal has coupons

Right now for two dollars off because i noticed whenever they launched a new product or when like is getting close to the season changing for like fall whatnot and they have new makeup coming out they usually have coupons so maybelline and l’oreal currently have coupons on cvs’s um website and so go hook that up before you buy this and um believe

It or not um ulta takes manufacture coupons for um drugstore makeup i know a lot of people don’t know that but they do so um you can use them at alt as well in addition to the 3.50 off coupon that they have you can use manufacturing coupons on your drugstore makeup so just a nice tip there for you but i recommend you go try this concealer i think it’s nice

I don’t know if you should necessarily pick up the color i did which was w i think five six i really i believe that’s what i said at the beginning of the video don’t quote me but anyway i am going to go and eat me some lovely tacos now so i hope you all enjoyed this video remember you all are diamonds i’ll catch you guys the next one bye

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L’Oréal True Match Eye Cream in a Concealer Review/Wear Test By Gel Beauty87