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Hey guys welcome back to my channel my self telling series my name is sarah for those of you who are new here hi welcome join us on our self tan series journey guys i’ve done so many so many to come guys like subscribe so this week i’m reviewing a tan called sotan yes if you’re not new to my channel you probably watched the los otam video in the shade dark but

Some of you wanted me to try the ultradark so here i am guys i have got it in ultra dark i was gifted this gift or purchased honest opinions plus you see the tan on camera yourself so you may earn judgments of whether you like it or not but to purchase this is 22 pound it’s a luxury tanning brand guys and i’ve got code sarah 20 20 off of the lusso town range

So yeah that’s always good so let me say what it says at the front for those of you who don’t know so it’s lusso tan organic natural golden tan fragrance free no parabens no alcohol organic actives show your skin a little love our antioxidant rich tanning mousse is a vacation in an instant this award-winning tinted formula is a dream to blend and dries in just

60 seconds now the dries in just 60 seconds it’s about two minutes but honestly it’s the best drying time in a tan i’ve ever tried literally i put it on if you watch my other video and it was literally dry after i applied it it was amazing so so good so if you’re not into sticky tans like this is really good and if this ultra dark is a good color payoff oh so

Good um hydrates protects repairs rich in vitamins a and e vegan and paraben and alcohol-free fragrance-free suitable for sensitive skin suitable for use during pregnancy uh yeah so all good guys all good stuff so what i’m going to do is scrub off this old tan exfoliate and moisturize just to dry as i need to then i’ll come back here we shall apply it there’s no

Smell because it’s fragrance free but the color application then i’ll leave it on overnight it was plus it’s a six to eight hour tan and then you wash off the guy color then i’ll come back to you before i wash up the guide color and then i’ll shower it off show you after one layer then put on a second layer leave it on throughout the day shower that off and show

You after second layer so i’ll see in a minute i’ve scrubbed off the old tan exfoliated and just moisturize the dryer as i need to got my lasso tan mit lasso tan ultra dark here we go guys i’m pumped yet so here we go there we go guys right let’s do it see like i’ve already tried this before but in the dark so i kind of know the formula and it’s really really

Nice it goes on really nice like i say no smell it’s fragrance free so if you’re not into scents that’s good or you’ve got sensitive skin yeah it goes on really well it’s a nice smooth mousse light guy color but you can still see where you’re going so that’s good i like them guide colours let’s do an arm so look you can see it’s really smooth very in between

The red and the green you don’t need a lot as well with this it’s practically done my whole arm or just that pump in fact i will put on a little bit more just to cover areas just in case i’ve missed anywhere but yeah it’s good coverage guys oh it’s really nice colour there we go let me show you both arms there we go guys so like i say it’s light guy colour but

It’s just the guide colour we don’t know what it’s going to be like in the morning but really nice and easy to apply this is uh so i’m going to do the rest of my body on face of camera and get back to in a second so i’ve seen him so i’ve just done the rest of my body and face off camera here it is guys here it is really really nice i’m pretty much dry pretty

Much dry however i’ve just realized i didn’t use the lusso tan primer that i did last time on my dark shade one maybe that’s the magic potion that makes it like super dry super quickly even though it’s pretty much there and dryness it’s not drying as quick as last time maybe that’s because the primer i don’t know you don’t have to use the primer with this um

That’s just an extra if you want to but that may be the reason i don’t know but it’s pretty much there anyway pretty much there so i’m happy so what i’m going to do is go to bed now leave this on throughout the night get back to the morning before i shut the gap color so good night guys morning guys so it’s very ill in the morning but i’ve had this time late i

Was plus just got up it’s freezing here it is before wash up guys so beautiful shade looks a bit patchy on my face at the minute but hopefully once i’ve washed off the guide color that’ll go away in terms of stickiness wise absolutely nothing in bed it was dry so that was fantastic even though it took slightly longer than the last time of the dark still pretty

Much dry really really quickly so i’m really pleased about that and dha a little bit in bed nothing much so what i’m going to do now is wash off this guy colour let’s see what we have guys so i just threw out the shower wash off the guide color i had my shower cup on wash my hair later here it is guys after one resort beautiful color this will suit a lot of

People very in between the red and the green undertone sort of olive red gold and undertone really really nice streak free feels really really nice on the skin if i was comparing it to the dark and this one slightly darker not much difference but tiny tiny bit so if you wanted to know that but i’m going to put on a second layer now guys leave it on throughout

The day and then wash off that guide color and show you after a second layer so i’ll see you in a bit guys so we’re into the evening now i’ve had this second lay the last thing done all day showered off my body here it is guys after second layer close up beautiful beautiful tan i love the dark i love the ultrashock not much color difference really nice to apply

Color payoff after one layer really really nice second layer well you know second layers guys and the drying time for this tan is amazing that’s the key thing about this tan the drying time that i absolutely love so definitely recommend and like i say they do a primer as well if you do all the stuff as well but the primer is 16 pound i will link the website down

Below anyway i have got a code sarah 20 i know it’s on the higher price of tans in comparison to some but it is a quality tan and like i say sarah 20 20 off thank you so much for watching guys really really appreciate and i’ll see you next week guys not the next week after not because i’m doing another self time review next week but speaking of drying tons of

Tons as you know not all tannins dry so quickly and i might have a product that might help with that that helps with the stickiness helps with trying so i’m going to review that next week guys and then the next week after i’ll do my normal self time review so i’ll see you next week guys take care stay safe bye

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