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Well hey guys what’s up i’m excited to share with you all like a sunscreen review of some mineral sunscreens i’ve selected to cover in today’s video don i have been anxious to share with you all in today’s video i’ve selected sunscreens that are exclusively mineral meaning their active ingredient is either going to be zinc alone or zinc and titanium dioxide and

I like physical sunscreens and strongly strongly encourage everyone to consider choosing a physical sunscreen on also called a mineral sunscreen if you’re new here because physical sunscreens offer not only broad-spectrum protection against uvb but also a uva those are the rays that penetrate very deeply into the skin age the skin contribute to photo aging and

Hyperpigmentation additionally mineral sunscreens unlike their chemical counterparts also offer protection against those wavelengths of visible light that contribute to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and to a certain extent in the weizmann as well when i say visible light i mean the light that we see with our eyes ultraviolet light which is what our sunscreens

Are intended originally to protect us from then that ultraviolet light we don’t see that we don’t perceive that with our brain and that’s something that affects the biology of our skin and does come from the sun but also visible light comes from the sun and that we now are learning can in fact damage the skin and contribute to skin concerns namely hyperpigmentation

And mineral sunscreens that contain zinc or zinc and titanium dioxide will offer protection against those wavelengths of visible light so that’s why i have a selected exclusively mineral sunscreens for today’s video also mineral sunscreens are well tolerated in people with sensitive skin and people with rosacea mineral sunscreens also will appeal to to those

Of you who are traveling to the beach this summer and you may be going somewhere or certain chemical filters in your sunscreens are bound to the sunscreens in this video should bill just find in those areas they don’t contain any chemical filters and the other advantage to mineral sunscreens over their chemical counterpart is that mineral sunscreen the active

Ingredient zinc and titanium dioxide they are very stable they don’t degrade upon exposure to ultraviolet light where is their chemical counterparts will particularly the chemical filter even doesn’t own ellen’s so they’re more reliable in other words now you still have to reapply sunscreen every two hours just because the mineral sunscreens do not degrade like

Their chemical counterparts they still wear off instead of the rule of thumb is if you are outdoors every two hours you reapply and if you’re not on doors all day you’re inside then the rule of thumb for me at least and that i strongly encourage you to regardless of if you are in a dark cave all day is to get in the habit of reapplying sunscreen at least three

Times a day three applications a day and this you know aside from the protection against sun some incidental sun exposure this also is moisturizing the skin and so you have that benefit there as well you know most sunscreens and sunscreen boy vehicles are very moisturizing it all sunscreens all the ones that i’m reviewing in today’s video they do leave a cast

Some are better than others but there is a white cast associated with all these to a contour the ranking system to kind of give you an idea of how to gauge how many they are because some are better than others but some of them on my skin there’s no cast but if i look very closely i can tell that this is a sunscreen that’s still gonna leave accounts for somebody

With a darker skin type all the sunscreens in this video are wonderful for rosacea prone skin for sensitive skin from try skin they’re all very moisturizing none of the sunscreens in this video are going to directly cause issue for people with acne prone or oily skin per se the ingredients are not irritating and you know i can never predict if something is going

To quote break somebody out or worse than someone’s acne tends to be individualized but these are all minimal ingredients sunscreens not are so you know oily skin types that being said all the sunscreens in today’s video are water resistant another feature that i think is particularly important to look for when you’re outdoors all day as well as in the summer but

All the sunscreens in today’s video are water resistant water resistant sunscreens tend to have a lot of shine to them and so if you are somebody with an oilier skin type you probably you know you may be put off by god and my recommendation in that situation is to choose a mineral powder that you can dust on over it a mineral sunscreen powder like the color science

One that i’ve reviewed for you guys or derma e makes one polished choice i think makes one as well choosing one of those mineral powder sunscreens to dust over to camouflage that shine can help help make it more tolerable alright let’s get into the sunscreens that i’m gonna review for you guys today as far as the one other point i wanna make is because i get this

Question all the time does the percentage of zinc or titanium doesn’t do this percentage doesn’t matter and the answer is no you can’t just look at the percentage of the active ingredient because the protection offered by the product is a reflection of the product formulation as a whole look for the words on the frontal a broad-spectrum uva uvb coverage and then

The other point i made is i’ve said this before higher p.m. is not necessarily better as far as protecting you from a bird but it is better for protecting you against uva rays uva rays are the rays that don’t really burn – you know they contribute to of us our extent to burning but they penetrate very deeply and age the skin and it’s a higher spf it offers better

Better uva protection the sunscreens i’m going to review in today’s video are spf 45 or 45 to 50 most of them are 50 for that for that reason i’m not reviewing anything that’s not water resistant that and that is less than that is less than 44 44 is the lowest one here and nothing in here contains fragrance so with that let’s get in let’s get into some of these

Sunscreens but you guys came here for so first up is a newer sunscreen by aveeno that i have tried is a positively mineral sensitive skin this is spf 50 i get this a 5 plus me and this is the most severe of a white counts you’re going to get with a sunscreen it is it’s very it’s it’s it’s like putting white paint on your face it’s very pasty but the the vehicle

Itself is very easy to apply it doesn’t clump up and it spreads onto the skin really nicely that’s important in getting an even application these ink in in this products is zinc only the zinc in this product doesn’t clump up within as you’re putting it on the face but the cast on this is not going to be it’s socially acceptable for for anybody let alone people with

Darker skin types it’s pretty intense but it is a good sunscreen this is a fantastic choice for children as well i think and tolerate it it’s really good ceremi has recently reformulated the minerals their mineral sunscreens and their mineral sunscreens were never fantastic to begin with but the newer formulation this is probably one of the worst mineral sunscreens

I have attempted to apply on my face i do not recommend it don’t waste your time or money it is unbearable to work with and to wear not only is the cast a balk actually i would give it a 5 plus because the cast is is really really striking it’s gonna show up on all skin but it’s disfiguring light striking and not the zinc in this clumps up and does not go on evenly

So you get these big thick white clumpy patches this looks like stuff up on your face don’t don’t waste your time there are their vehicles their vehicle to use that in de technology i think it just doesn’t blend well with sunscreen actives so i don’t recommend this one the only sunscreens from survey thought aren’t problematic or go on well or is the ultra light

Chemical one and for me the therapy a i’m has always always been a dream but does tell quite a bit this this is a no-go so i don’t recommend odd but i do get a lot of questions about it so i want to include in here you know a pump to me you know you’d be better better off with the avena positively mineral or you’d be better off with another 5 plus these shears any

Dry touch spf 50 by neutrogena this is a great one does leave a 5 a 5 a cast of a 5 but this has less of a greasy residual associated with it so it’s less as well shine but like it’s pretty similar actually to you of the you know of you know is is gonna be shinier but they’re both they’re both vodcasts and they’re both zinc only they’re both water resistant up to

80 minutes so that’s the the comparison there alright so moving down the cast ranking system i guess you might say i will get into some fours here one for for me that i really like a lot for you guys in europe it’s a four but with an time you can kind of get it down to a three for those of you when you’re up this is a french sunscreen it is nano-sized zinc and

Anodized titanium dioxide fragrance-free a water-resistant this is definitely more more shiny it’s definitely shinier than the nutritionist shear shear and there’s a little bit of clumping with this it’s not you about the clumping the pilling with this is not too bad it goes on pretty well bot is not as is not as optimal as as the neutrogena one or the amino ron

Says blonde this go on more smooth like this this has a little bit of clumping to it this kind of has a funny odor to it a little bit of a plasticy odor it doesn’t bother me whatsoever but do be aware of that this is great though strongly recommend it for those of you in europe yeah i struggled applying sunscreens that are mineral only for those of you in europe

But it is french in many european countries you can obtain this okay speaking of france it is la roche posay the roche posay really has some great choices in the realm of mineral sunscreens i think they’re they’re well worth a newer one that i really love is their new mineral spf 50 broad spectrum face and body mineral sunscreen this is a okay this is three plus

It goes on white before and then within about two hours it is a three so this one you know is is better than vino and neutrogena and definitely better than therapy and it blends on the skin really well it’s comfortable going on it doesn’t clump it doesn’t precipitate they really did a nice job with this it is a heavier cast down is ultra white counterpart which i

Love the cast on this goes on like 3 to a 2 to a 3 and fades down to a 1 pretty quickly it is there’s no there’s minimal of all the sunscreens i’m reviewing today this one is the one that i think will go over the bust with people with oily prone skin because there’s not really significant shine to this in comparison to some of the others and this is water-resistant

Like all of those that are reviewing today it’s water-resistant 40 minutes however whereas the lotion is 80 minutes so that could reflect a little bit of the difference with the with the shine factor but this is wonderful this will go on really well under makeup you do have to shake that for for 2 minutes don’t make the mistake i made one of the first times i

Tried this and didn’t shake it for a long enough period of time that would be kind of the it nuisance ii thing is that you really do have to be diligent with shaking it to get it – to get it to be homogeneous and consistency when you put it on but that is that is a phenomenal one alright and then a sunscreen though it’s 23 on vegan i believe although i don’t want to

Speak on that is sun ology natural sunscreen face i think it’s currently sold out so i apologize for that i would say the cast on this one i rate it as a 2 so it’s it’s very tall you know it’s very doable cast on this one this is very emollient this feels like vaseline going on so you may not be comfortable wearing this in the summer it’s pretty it’s pretty ball

It feels like a rich balm and it almost to the consistency of vaseline this is perfect the perfect consistency it for winter actually when you have windburn and things like that but i’ve recently been trying it out and so you know fine and ever mention it this winter but yeah i i recommend this one is very good but it the cast on this as a 2 and it this is very

Very greasy and emollient though so you may be you may find this suits you better in the wintertime elta md uv pure this i give a 3 and it says get 47 this and the other else amd sunscreen overview they’re the ones that didn’t quiet bump up to 50 but this is fantastic both you know for the face and the body as well i really think that this is a winner from from

Them but this year that came from with uv replenish which is also good this is also a mineral sunscreen it has is not as water-resistant as the uv pure uv sure is water-resistant up to 80 minutes there is a little bit more of a greasiness to this one as opposed to you you replenish uv replenish however i’ll tell you guys this in my opinion this is formulated with

Hyaluronic acid i think it’s one of the other distinguishing features between from this one hyaluronic acid is simply a humectant so this is a nice everyday moisturizer that is a mineral sunscreen but i think far better value is little rice opposed a mineral body lotion it’s you get twice as much for the same price and it is water resistant up to eighty minutes

And the you know they both have their comparable and their shine and this one is water resistant 80 minute so you get a higher water resistant that you get more you get more product for your for the price and similar cast similar aesthetic similar benefits as far as mineral sunscreen so i think this is a much better much better value personally and then the last

One is the md solar science zinc titanium dioxide sunscreen this is water resistant eighty minutes this is great for oily prone acne prone skin it goes on like almost kind of a buttery consistency but the cast this is a one this is this is one of the best cast this and anthea s50 the mineral liquid by la roche-posay these are the most cast friendly of all of these

They they really are fantastic any solar science is one and this is a to look at the description box i’ll put the sunscreens about a reread here with the with the castrating and kind of kind of some little you know salient features about them but they’re all i would say the the one that’s long hood is sarah bays i mean hydrating sunscreen don’t like that no this is

This is gonna put people off of sunscreen to no end so i don’t recommend it so i hope this video is helpful to you guys you know obviously there are thousands and thousands of sunscreens out there i only have your attention for so long in the span of a video and i think i push the limits every time so i am so grateful for you guys for watching watching my videos

But you know obviously i can’t cover every single mineral sunscreen out there these are some good choices and i made some cut-offs for this video as far as only only choosing mineral sunscreen only choosing water-resistant ones and only choosing those with a super high spf so that kind of helped me to narrow it down but this is by no means and like a complete list

Of potential mineral sunscreens out there so comment below what mineral sunscreen you are using i’d love to know comment below but i hope you guys enjoy this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up share with your friends and i was don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow

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