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Mommy Review! Levoit Humidifier | FREE GIVE AWAY!

Check out my mommy review and enter to for a chance to win a Levoit Humidifier! Two people will win this amazing humidifier! We keep it in Magnolia’s bedroom and it helps keep her room at the perfect humility while she is taking naps.

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s video so in today’s video i am doing a mommy review on the lavoie hybrid ultrasonic humidifier so this humidifier has a huge tank it can hold 5.5 liters which will allow it to run for between 20 and 30 hours continuously depending on the level you have the mist setup because you can change the level of the mist it’s not

Just like one set level you can change it from one which is very little mist up to five which is a lot of mist i like to keep it keep it at around three which is in the middle not too much not too little it’s just perfect i really love the giant display on the front because i can easily just look over at the machine and see exactly what the temperature is and exactly

What the humidity level is all right now we have magnolia in the video so you know you gotta be happy all your friends are watching say hello friends so we were filming in her room which is where we keep it and we’d like it in here because it keeps the room at just the right humidity level for her robert likes to keep to keep the house a little bit on the cold side

And so this just helps keep the humidity level perfect for her so she doesn’t get sick or get any like stuffiness or anything like that another really great thing that we like to use this for is you can actually put essential oils in it so you don’t put it in the tank there’s actually a little spot in the very back that you press and then it has this little pad

And you put the essential oil on the pad push it back in the tank it becomes like a diffuser so you can put on whatever oils you want so like for a nap time i will put some lavender on there or some calm on there something to just relax her during the day sometimes i will use one of my favorites from now essential oils and it is nature’s shield it just helps get

Rid of any nasty bugs that could be in the air and just helps to purify the air so i really really like that one and you like it t don’t you you like watching the mist yeah so pretty yeah it’s so pretty calming huh and guess what you can’t even hear it cuz it’s so quiet that’s another great thing about it huh as you can sleep in here and you don’t even hear it it

Doesn’t keep you awake i put it on when you’re sleeping and you don’t even know it because it is so quiet another really cool feature that it has is it is it has a built-in nightlight so it just puts off a little bit of light not too much to keep her awake and guys it comes with a remote which is awesome i can do anything on this remote that i can do on the panel

It has on/off it has the warm setting to do warmest because you can be warmest and cool miss with this machine you can set a timer to have it go off at a certain time you can turn on the nightlight you can do auto humidity which is what i have it on usually it just auto is just depending on the humidity that’s already in your house and yeah i absolutely love this

It’s really great it’s been helping her a lot to stay clean and not congested you like that huh cuz you don’t like being congested how much you love it and you’d love this the yummy smells to buck the pretty smells you can put in it don’t you so love white is actually doing a giveaway on their facebook page they will be giving away two of these awesome humidifiers

So if you want to be entered go ahead and check out the link that’s in the description and it will take you right over to their facebook page and you can enter to win so guys i really hope that you will look into this awesome product and i hope you guys have enjoyed the video if you have any questions about it definitely leave them in the comments below and i will

Try to answer them as best as i can and i will see you guys next time bye

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Mommy Review! Levoit Humidifier | FREE GIVE AWAY! By Kalyn \u0026 Robert