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Morocannoil review

Morocannoil Moisture repair conditioner

Moroccan oil i’ve been using this since april and how i was introduced moroccan oil was a big beauty show convention in the jacob javits center center that i went to with my cousin vanessa kevin harris atta i didn’t really know much about the product when i got it however when i was at the center i noticed everyone carrying these blue bags that said moroccan oil on

It and i was i was sort of walking around the scene what would catch my eye what kinds of things people are buying out there that are actually working so the only way for me to do that is really to take a look around me and see what everyone’s purchasing and one of the things that people were purchasing is the moroccan oil everyone had the blue little bags they were

Giving out little samples in those bags which is the live oil and the delight oil and the regular oil these small ones now the white one this is the lights sample this is the original moroccan oil sample of that now i’ve tried the regular one it’s pretty good it works really well however i have fine hair a lot of it but it’s fine and so i don’t want to say waiting

My hair down but my hair is also light brownish it’s a little bit lighter than it’s definitely not black it’s more like a lighter brown but not too light but i noticed it made my hair color a little bit darker because of the oil so i decided to try the light version i have no problem with the light version it works really well with my hair neither products wait

My hair down really it’s more of i felt that the darker one that the original one sort of just made my hair a little darker as opposed to the light one that actually kept the color of my hair the natural way it looks i like both products and sometimes i mix a little bit of both in when i want away from my hair up with a diffuser so i like to do that the shampoo

When i tried it i just want to smell it again because it smells really good this is the conditioner by the way and it’s the moisture repair conditioner sulfate and phosphate paraben free i mean this stuff is really good on your hair and this is the similar version of it it does the same it’s the moisture repair shampoo this works just as well i when i use this i

Noticed that my hair is not dry at all sometimes with shampoo you get that squeaky clean sound which i don’t like because that just means that oil is being stripped from my hair so when i tried this i noticed it didn’t give me that squeaky effect which i’m happy about because that means most of the oil in my hair is actually there but it’s not any oil that would

Weigh my hair down i shampooed my hair yesterday and styled it i used all moroccan oil products and my hair is not weighed down at all i mean it’s it’s up there and it actually kept the wave in it rained today and all the products i have on my hair is moroccan oil and my hair did not freeze out i thought it did i was paranoid all day asking my friends if my hair

Looks frizzy and they said no it they said no it does not look frizzy so i have to say this really works well on my hair and so i bought another shampoo and conditioner i didn’t want to run out so i have another in stock excuse me i have a little bit of a um i think i’m having a cold i think i got it from my little baby nephew when i went upstate this weekend that

Just passed so my niece’s birthday party and they both had a cold they gave to each other so i think i have it now and i’m a little little frog in her throat i also bought the luminous hairspray finish the finish of this product is strong i like this hairspray i’m after i shampooed ah i let my hair air dry i don’t sometimes i’ll blow my hair out but i really really

Really try not to blow dry my hair every single day it’s just gonna cause damage to my hair and i want my hair to be nice and shiny and healthy as much as i can whatever i can do to help that i’m gonna try however today i did curl my hair with a curling iron i used the shampoo the conditioner and then i use the light oil treatment a little sample while my hair was

Wet well not completely wet the damp while my hair was down i spread that oil throughout my hair and let it air dry and i also use the which i will come to in a minute that’s not bad i used the frizz control spring which worked really well i sprayed a little that i didn’t a little goes a long way so i just used a little bit tried to spare it evenly and brushed my

Hair through let it air dry when my hair dried i curled it really nice and i used this hairspray all day long my hair stood as it was it’s definitely not stiff at all it wasn’t stiff and it wasn’t oily it’s pretty much the so my hair’s pretty much stood the same as it usually is it feels smooth it feels manageable i can run my fingers through it and it won’t get

Caught up or anything but you can tell there’s a bit of a hole to it but it’s nothing that it’s nothing that feels gross or anything like that i mean it’s it really is smooth it says weightless natural look very true i have to agree with that not no sticky residue i have to be with that too it really works i’m impressed by it and like i said the first control

Really works i spray it it’s not oily but definitely spray this in your hair while your hair is damp i don’t i tried to do it when my hair was dry and it just gave me a whole nother effect that i didn’t like and it in the directions it definitely says just spray it on damp hair or towel dried hair that’s what they say so i guess i use it the wrong way the first

Time i didn’t try this today but i have tried this before this is the moroccan oil glimmer shine see that there glimmer shine finish at the end of your styling maybe after the hair spring shine a little it’s a fine mist sort of you can run a brush through it if you want but i just like to work it in there it smells really really good it’s definitely not a light

Smell i can tell you that much but it does smell good maybe throughout the day wears out i haven’t really thought about it to really talk about that but let me i guess i’m gonna think about the smell later and see if it wears off yeah it goes away a little bit i mean a little still there but when you first spray it you can i smell it but i am enjoying the whole

Line i’m enjoying it i mean like i said when i went when i went to the jacob javits and her hair show convention i’ll tell you what came in this bag i got it in this little bag here and then this bag came the two shampoos the first control spray and like i said they gave me the two little oil samples the shampoo the two shampoos and the first control spray all

Costs me thirty-five dollars but that was because it was anna it was and they have special prices when you shop in those in the jacob javits center which only happens once a year so i have to wait every year for that special event to attend to it to get the good deals i’m really happy about it like i said anything that i’m impressed by i’ll definitely do reviews

On it i know i feel like i’m obsessed oh i also bought out another backup but i’m telling you this stuff is really worth you trying so just give it a shot you know um i think you’ll be impressed by it it’s really good it’s good on your hair it’s my hair has been so shiny and soft for like a whole month and that normally doesn’t really happen but give it a try i

Think you’ll enjoy it so let me know if maybe you felt differently about it than i did maybe there’s something i didn’t really think about regarding the product that i missed out on but i think i’m very happy with the products so i hope you’ll enjoy it as i did see you next time

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Morocannoil review By crushingcolours