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My 1st self tan! Honest Review!! Under 0 and tan within an hour? B. Tan Tanned AF

B. Tan Tanned AF claims that you can get a dark tan in as little as ONE hour.. what do you think? Did you see a difference? Was it worth the $10?

Welcome to my channel my name is emily thank you so much for clicking on this video i hope you stay to the end and maybe consider subscribing so in today’s video we as you’ve seen from the title and from the thumbnail we are reviewing this be tan tan af drug store um self tanner disclaimer i’ve tanned self tanned one other time in my entire life and that was my

Junior year for prom so i’ve been doing quite a bit of research and this was one of the like more popular ones so that’s why i kind of went with it but i am in quarantine right now so that’s why i kind of want to do this now because i figured like what better time to do something that could make you look so foolish because i could turn out very orange or i could

Be streaky and splotchy and it might just be terrible so i decided i’m going to do this while i’m in quarantine i got the self tanner moose and then i also got the mint that goes with it i believe this was like 9.97 and i want to say this was like five something so like very inexpensive products i got them at walmart i’m sure you can get them at cvs like pretty

Much any drugstore amazon as well um but i just really wanna i don’t know i’ve been kind of obsessed with self tanner today especially after watching tik tok so that’s why i’m literally doing this i wasn’t even gonna turn it into a youtube video i was just about to go shower and like get to it but then i’m like i’m gonna turn this into a youtube video so that’s why

We are here together so basically with this one um it says first sentence i love by the way first get up get naked or at least naked enough to tan your sexy bits i love that part so then it basically just says that like make sure your skin’s exfoliated or clean exfoliated and dry apply mousse with your b-tan mitt wash your hands wait at least one hour and then

Shower if you want it crazy dick double coat it leave it on for four plus hours until you’re brown as which i’m pretty sure it on for four plus hours until your brown ass i’m pretty sure there’s a typo in there like label because it says brown as but i’m pretty sure that’s supposed to say brown um it’s not focusing but pretty sure it’s supposed to say brown af

Because brown as doesn’t really make sense so basically i got this at walmart got the mint i washed the mitt because i do suggest to do that beforehand so i just hand washed it with some dawn dish soap and then i threw it into the dryer for like 30 minutes i’m not sure the texture i want to say like a mink texture i know i just i don’t know what i’m saying i have a

Blanket that is like mink skin but it’s not actually it’s just what it’s called so i’m pretty sure that’s the same like texture it’s very very soft so here’s the mint and then i also got some exfoliator from walmart as well i have no idea about this product never used it i just needed exfoliator and this was like the first thing i found and it was also very cheap

I don’t know how much it was like five six bucks maybe i’m not sure and then i just got a small little lotion that is scent free um for like the knuckles and ankles and then the ankles of your wrist the wrists why the wrists and like your elbows so we’re gonna do that um so i think the plan is is i’m going to take off my makeup go shower exfoliate and shave um

That’s another shave and then exfoliate that’s another thing so like i’m obviously not a pro self-tanning i’ve never used this brand i’ve never really done it or exfoliated so i don’t know some people on tick tock in the comments were saying to not shave right before you exfoliate or to exfoliate and shave like a whole day before you’re going to self-tan um i

Don’t have the patience for that i’m not sure why it’s something to do with your pores i believe like they open up so then you get black dots that is literally what one of the comments said i’m not sure though like i really don’t know so what i think i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna shower shave exfoliate um hydrate or moisturize and then i am going to just like

Watch a movie or two do whatever and then later tonight apply this so then maybe my pores can shrink i don’t know that’s just what i’ve got from the research and i only watched like two youtube videos and then a few tick tocks so that is a plan and i will see you guys when it is time to tan ourselves okay so it has been a total of three and a half hours since i

Showered exfoliated washed my body shaved and moisturized i’m not really sure if i should moisturize like my elbows knees wrists and ankles knuckles again or if i just leave it i don’t think i’m going to because i don’t want it to like i don’t know if the lotion prevents it from getting on like like the self tanner to get onto your skin so i think i’m just going

To leave it um we’re in the bathroom because i didn’t want to make a mess on the new couch or anything like that so that’s why we’re in here i’m sorry it’s nothing special in here but so yeah we’re in the bathroom and i’m ready to use this i am a little nervous to come out looking like a clown or oompa loompa or be super streaky because again i’ve never done

This i’ve never used this brand so i’m kind of nervous like this says darkest which i didn’t notice but it does and i’m really nervous because i am very as you can tell pasty white so oh also i decided to put this little sticker right there it’s just random but i wanted to see be able to see the difference i think without further ado we can get started also you’re

Taped to my mirror so that’s why i have to be so far back i don’t know if that if it even seems that far back or not but i feel like it is it’s weird but nervous okay also this swimsuit i just put it on because like for camera purposes obviously i can’t be naked i will end up like when it gets to that area i’ll go and do it elsewhere because i don’t really want

These big of tana lines but i put on a swimsuit that i don’t really care about if it gets ruined and that i never wear so that’s that swimsuit i got it from sheen but okay let’s use it okay i don’t know how much to put i’m actually scared i don’t want to make myself look like crazy okay oh it’s like brown i don’t know how much i didn’t think that much better

Okay and then i think you just go in with it and rub it in circular motion is what i get i think i’m just gonna it doesn’t stink so that’s good oh i can already see the color difference so i’m just going up my arm and then i think with whatever i have left over i’ll go on to the back side and then hit my i think i need a little more for here but then i think

I’m gonna do just use like whatever i have as a residue on my like elbows wrists and hands because i don’t want to like have them be super orange or darker i don’t even know this is kind of fun i’m just nervous that i’m not getting everywhere you know wow i feel like there’s already a difference there definitely is also i wanted to just point out exfoliating is

The greatest thing ever after i got done exfoliating i was like holy crap oh gosh okay we’re gonna go in with it this is hard kind of i don’t know if i’m using too much or too little i just want it to be evenly coated i definitely see a difference like if you look from here to there there’s definitely a difference okay now let’s get my chest like you okay okay

So now we’re back onto this that arm a lot i just want it to be even okay now let’s go for our legs i feel like i’m gonna need a lot of my legs because i’ve got some chunky legs oh wow i love those stuff so far also i’m like super i think my legs are the part that i’m scared about the most that’s going to be uneven but good thing i’m in quarantine it’s my first

Time doing this and it’s going pretty good i think there’s so much i don’t know if that’s too much oh this is low-key kind of a workout yeah i think a little goes a long ways i’m just using extra because it doesn’t feel like a lot but i don’t know i’m not good at this but i’m gonna leave my bottoms on because i don’t really need to tan those areas where i feel

Like these straps are a little big so i’m gonna try to do some of my back and then i’m probably gonna take off my tap and do my tatas this part i feel like is hard you let me know if i’m missing anything i’m going so i get my full body so here’s my front i can already see the difference and i’m loving it and then here’s the side and the back i haven’t done the

Top part of my back or my face yet um i’m probably just gonna do that off camera it doesn’t it feels a little sticky but not too bad um i’m just gonna do the rest of where my swimsuit is coming covering on the top and then my face i don’t think i really need to film like anything else until i’m about to shower or dawn so i will see you when i see you okay so i

Am doing a quick checking quick i’ve been editing the video so i’ve it’s been about an hour and a half i’m trying to keep it on for like two to three hours um and after i got done editing i went on snapchat and i’ve seen my face it looks so bad i look dirty i look like i’m actually like rolled in the mud if like on camera it looks great i look wonderful compared

To how it actually looks in real life in the camera like i was just walking to come to the bathroom and i pulled out my phone because it’s gonna snapchat james and no i’m so nervous also i’ve been trying to do so much research because i don’t know when you shower are you supposed to scrub it off or are you supposed to just rinse i really am not sure what i’m going

To do but i had to give you my little face update here you can see it a little worse or a little better on how worse it is oh my but it makes my teeth look really light that’s the only plus side i’m looking feeling myself just because of how white my teeth are i want to get my teeth whitened because like i brush them regularly and they don’t freaking get any

White but they’re looking white and i love it also just a little of an update like that’s insane okay so it has been exactly two hours i’m going to take the shower which i’m nervous about i don’t want to like make it splotchy or anything like that so i googled it said just don’t use any like soaps or scrubs or anything so just kind of let it rinse off for like

60 seconds and then pat dry when you get out so that’s what i’m going to do i kind of like i’m loving this but i feel like it’s gonna get so much lighter um once i’m done with the shower so i might want to apply it again i just don’t know if this is going to transfer like i said i have a white comforter so i don’t really want to get it all in my comforter and

Buy it in for it to stain so i really kind of want to do it again because i love it but at the same time i do not really want my comforter to tan as well but so far i look i feel like i look so tan okay so i have just got off the shower and i am all dried um so i put the shower on luke warm and then i just kind of rinsed i just kind of sat there putting like

Every body part under the water um so it’s probably like a whole minute i was in there which is what google kind of suggested anyway so i wasn’t in there for too long i didn’t rub anything i just let the water rinse it off um and then i got out and i just like patted myself dry um i had to get out and put moisturizer on my face almost instantly just because like

My face just felt so tight and dry like it hurt so i had to do that um in the shower it rinsed quite a bit of dye off like i’m obviously still way tanner than what i was like i’m kind of feeling myself and my teeth look whiter and like i feel like it’s summertime so that’s always like a plus and it’s a good feeling but when i was in the shower there’s quite a way

To die going down the drain and whatever it was kind of nerve wracking i thought i’d come out super splotchy but i’ve kind of looked all over my body and i don’t really see any splotches or like where it’s running down or places i miss i think i did a good job on that overall i love this tanned af um from the brand b tan i think i’m going to continue to use it

The only thing is i don’t really know like so i just showered and i supposed to apply it again do i apply it tomorrow like i’m not really sure on that like that’s what i’m saying i wish they were more thorough with their instruction overall i give this like an a plus i would say a 9 out of 10 maybe an eight and a half just because i do think that they need to be

More thorough with their instructions and i think that’s like the only negative thing i have to say but other than that i love it i feel really good my favorite part i literally think is how white maybe it’s just me and in my head but i feel like it makes my teeth look so white i don’t know it might just be me so here is the front this side and the back um i

Do recommend this like i said it’s only nine dollars you can get it at your local walmart is where i got mine 997 i believe they had another one i think um the labeling was purple it was a different saying um so i’m not sure if that’s darker or lighter than this i really do not know but i like it i if you want a self tanner and i think it was really easy to use

I don’t see any like my elbows i don’t think are orange or my knuckles or my feet or anything like that so if you want an easy self tanner that’s cheap and inexpensive i would definitely recommend this i love it a lot i think i might stick with it again i don’t know maybe you guys in the comments can leave a comment down below and let me know like am i supposed

To put on another layer right now do i wait till tomorrow do i wait a couple days do i do once a week because i i truly don’t know okay so that pretty much wraps up this video i am very happy with how everything turned out my skin feels soft it wasn’t splotchy at all it was pretty easy to apply i think the back would be definitely easier if you had somebody to

Help you with that if you like this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you if it helped you in any way shape or form also give it a thumb up thumbs up be sure to comment down below on self tanners that you love or hate because i think that will help like other people but also me like i think i’m gonna start and stick with the self tanning so thank you

So much for watching and i hope you have a blessed day first sentence i love by the way first get up get naked or at least naked enough to tan your sexy bits i love that part

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My 1st self tan! Honest Review!! Under $10 and tan within an hour? B. Tan Tanned AF By Emily Bachmann