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NAKED TAN REVIEW!!! Testing out ultra dark mousse and face tanning mist!!

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Hello my beautiful people um so yes i’m not where i normally film yes i’m in my mom’s bathroom and yes i am standing in the bathtub um so yeah that’s my life right now um um so today we’re going to be filming a tanning haul i literally feel like i have not tanned in like weeks and i’m so pale and i’m just not feeling myself like we all have a thing that

We love doing and tanning is my thing and i feel like i’m a little bit too low let’s bring that up a little bit yeah that’s better um so yeah tanning is my thing and i haven’t tanned in like two three weeks or something and i feel crusty dusty that’s for sure um so we’re going to be doing 18 review on this naked 10 um mousse this is the bronzing mousse ultra

Dark tan because you know like we’re gonna go ultra dark we have to um so let’s read the back of the bottle lightweight and velvety bronzing mousse delivers a streak-free deep tan in just two hours infused with aloe vera and vitamin e the bronzing mousse will leave your skin deeply hydrated and teared for a long for longer giving you that professional spray turn

Result in just two hours oh um no that sounds really good um so yeah because i haven’t had in like so long um i’m probably gonna be doing two layers of these so two layers of the ultraduck and i also have the naked 10 face tan mist cucumber and witch hazel to suit and tighten the paws and tan the face so yeah so i’m gonna be tanning with two layers of this

And then i’m gonna be putting this on my face i’m gonna be looking like a bronze goddess i’m it’s gonna be amazing i’m so excited um okay let’s start with the what’s this moose i hope my towel doesn’t like come undone and i’ll be like hello um so i’ve got the nicotine meat right here and let’s pump it in looks dark oh my i’m coming undone it’s okay alrighty oh

I gotta admit this you can smell the um what’s called the dha’s you know but i find that with like every ultra dark tan just because there’s so much like pigment and stuff in it it’s never gonna be completely that like team smell proof you know what i mean so like it does smell but i gotta admit it’s one of the better smelly ones sometimes i feel like i open up

A tanning bottle and i start using it and i’m like like disgusting not my fave um but this it smells coconutty like suntan lotions like it smells really nice it smells like summer which yeah i enjoy and i’m missing summer so anything to make me feel like we’re back on you know a tropical desert not a desert because like i don’t really like the heat that much

You know what i mean we just want like like nice summer like a nice summer breeze like that’s the vibe um okay all right so this is arm number one as you can see the color is more of like a violet um base which personally i prefer that i thrive off a like a red or a violet base just for my skin type i always find like my tan ends up a lot nicer um with that

Kind of color let’s do the other side now okay are you guys ready i’m like falling over okay where’s daniel when you need him i need him to do my back actually i heard this little trick where you can turn your back by putting a by putting your meat on a wooden wooden spoon and then just like getting right in there like what like that sounds amazing seems

Absolutely fab alrighty it was really strange for some reason i’ve got this spot here and it just like tan just doesn’t want to stick to it like ever so ignore that all right okay so layer one i think that this color is actually looking really really nice the first time i did is basically dry already so the dry time is like phenomenal um because that’s like my

One pet peeve is that like i can’t tan and then like be sticky for the next eight plus hours like no no i can’t do that like it it frustrates me so much so considering that this is dry in what like a minute like that’s awesome so what i reckon i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go tan the rest of my body wait a couple of minutes for it to just dry down a little bit do

A second layer and i will come back for you guys okay all right bye okay i’m back so this is two coats i did my whole body and as you can see i am pretty dark even on my chest which i find that tan like never wants to stick to my chest um and like my boobs for some weird reason it just like it won’t stick so considering that this tan is sticking to my chest i

Am like what is this magic like it’s really really nice and even with two coats it’s not that sticky so so far i am so happy the color is awesome the fact that it sticks to me it doesn’t cling to like dry patches or anything like that um it’s not sticky the smells pretty good like is this like a new fave um i’m kind of like really impressed with that so thumbs

Up so far and they do also like they do obviously um lighter colored tents too so if you guys aren’t like an ultra dark weapon um then yeah i would definitely recommend the lighter ones then um because yeah this is great like they’re formula it’s not even about the color like yeah the color is really nice but it’s more about the formula for me like the formula

Is just awesome like i’m really really liking it um so let’s try out the face tear mist um so let’s read a lightweight and refreshing mist spray to tan the face tans the face with an with an active what i’m sorry what tense the face with an active okay cool um the witch hazel is for smoother pores and green tea smooths the skin infused with aloe vera moroccan

Oil cucumber extract rosemary and chamomile extract your skin will feel smoother and hydrated while looking activated oh what is wrong with me today i can’t read smooth and hydrate whilst achieving a beautiful looking tan on your face to use spray the face tan onto a clean fresh face once or twice a day the active will tan the skin and the color achieved will

Depend on individuals natural guys what’s wrong with me melanin melanin melanin melanin what i’m so bad at reading today i don’t know why i’m so sorry um it can also be used throughout the day as a refreshing spray over your makeup or on top of your face tan which i really like that too because you can use it basically as like a setting spray put it on before

You make a put on after you make up like i’m all about that and i just think this is like so easy like because i’m a bit of like a tanning junk you know you guys know this i’m a tanning junkie like you guys know it’s not old news this is something that i would probably put like in my car and then just you know at the traffic lights just like stop quick i’m

Like that i would probably do that okay so let’s give this a whirl i’m gonna fall over has it smudged this tan no that’s so good i have used other face tannins and as soon as you put it on like wet tan it’s like and it creates like a big smudge so considering that this didn’t smudge on the tan very very happy um the smell the smell is really really nice it

Smells very cucumbery very fresh very light um did i even get this side that’s better nice um so yeah this is really nice this uh the mr isn’t too like aggressive um because we don’t like an aggressive mr we don’t like aggression on this channel okay um so yeah um but that was really really nice very nice experience you know so obviously you’re not gonna notice

Right now like you know i’m still gonna be looking a bit pasty but that’s fine um i will probably just like spritz this maybe like i don’t know two or three more times throughout the day i’m guessing um and then tomorrow a wake up shower you guys know the routine wake up shower do all that and moisturize and then i will come back on camera and i will show you

Guys the final results and give you my final thoughts all right um also if you haven’t please subscribe hi i’m meg um and follow me on instagram even though like i suck at posting um but yeah i’ll see you guys tomorrow bye hi guys i’m back so it is been about how many hours has it been it’s been about six seven hours um and yeah this is the final results of

The ten yes i’ve been sitting in my bathrobe for like majority of the day don’t judge me um so yeah this is the color and let me tell you i am so so impressed um for starters like the dry down was awesome there wasn’t that much transfer on you know this or obviously there’s gonna be a little bit but compared to some other tans like this was really good there

Wasn’t that much transfer i do find that um my chest is actually pretty dark um like what i was saying before my chest doesn’t really tan that well but yeah the tan has stuck like pretty dang good um and yeah it wasn’t like sticky and i don’t stink of tan and yeah i showered and yeah my skin feels so soft um so yeah obviously it’s got ingredients in it that

Are really good for like your skin and making it very soft and stuff which is awesome because i have very dry skin um but this tan is a plus i really really love it um let’s go to the face mist so i spritzed it on i think three other times throughout the day um after no sorry i filmed spritzing it on and then twice throughout the day um and i don’t know about

You but like i feel like my skin looks so like juicy and like glowy it looks really really nice um obviously with most face tanners they don’t go like super dark like my hands like look at that difference you know what i mean but um the color though is really nice i do have like just like a subtle like sunkissed look to my skin which i personally like um just

Because then when i’ve got a little bit of color to my face um i find i find i’m more confident to go out like without makeup and all that kind of stuff like i would be totally comfortable walking out of the house um like this and but yeah i’m like so happy like look at that like glow like my skin just looks so healthy yeah this is like really really nice i’m so

Impressed with these products honestly um i will show you my legs give me one second um okay so this is what my legs are looking like i don’t know why my camera is being ridiculous and being blurry as um let’s show you so the color is phenomenal like i am so so impressed with the color um i don’t even know like what else to say honestly am i still blurry

It’s being really rude um yeah at least 10 like honestly i’m like feeling myself like i feel great um so yeah wow all right guys so that was my review on the naked 10 ultra dark mousse and the face tan mist i can’t get over like how amazing this is honestly like it’s awesome it’s awesome um not even the like the color but more the formula side of things as

Well um i’m just so impressed with like the formula and just yeah like it’s awesome um yeah i don’t know how many times i can say awesome um but yeah guys if you haven’t tried please give it a go if you have tried please let me know what you guys think um and yeah i hope you guys enjoyed my tanning video i know i did i feel great um but yeah if you haven’t

Please subscribe um give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and also i’ll see you guys next time bye

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NAKED TAN REVIEW!!! Testing out ultra dark mousse and face tanning mist!! By meg sassella