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Native Face Sunscreen Review

I have an exciting sunscreen review for you today! After weeks (maybe months) of this being sold out, I finally got my hands on Native’s Unscented face sunscreen. Watch for the full review + demo! – Carli

Everyone it’s carly here back with another monday review i haven’t done one of these in a while i feel or maybe i just haven’t found one in a while but today i’m reviewing a sunscreen i’ve been loving and it’s the native mineral face lotion on scented it says no oxy benzone no tinnoxate um sunscreen with a zinc oxide broad spectrum spf 30. it’s this little two

With a pump so let’s get into the full review so i’ve been wanting to buy this ever since state of kate shout out to her talked about it i think on her i think in a video and on her instagram stories and she used it on stories and it looked so nice because she said she was just shocked that it leave like left no white cast on her and it’s 20 zinc oxide so that is

Pretty shocking um and it was sold out forever and then she had posted that native headset that they were coming like they took it off their site but then they were bringing it back and i don’t know if they actually were formulated or what the deal was with that but i saw a couple weeks ago that it was back in stock so i immediately ordered it and unfortunately

When i’m filming this right now it is currently sold out again so i don’t know what’s really going on because they’re a huge company i would assume that they could buy a lot of units but i’m hoping that they just you know bring it back soon and you guys can get your hands on it if you want to buy it but this is so first of all the packaging i love that it’s in a

Tube with a pump because i find that um you guys know um i did a whole review on the cetaphil spf which i really love that packaging too because that’s in a title and they’re both like really easy to travel with and really easy to dispense a lot of times with like tube sunscreens without a pump like just like an orifice of a tube i find that they get kind of messy

Um or if they’re like a screw top i feel like you’re like always like trying to like screw it back on like after you’ve applied your spf and it’s just so much easier when it’s a pump like this and the pump actually works really effectively um for this product this is a pretty i would say like a fairly viscous texture it’s definitely not as thin as the cetaphil

Spf that i reviewed which is why that’s in a title because usually tiles you need like a pretty fluid formula to come out of there and usually when something is pretty thick like this i would think that they would just put it in a standard tube but i love that they included a pump because it makes it so much easier to dispense um and as you can see i’ll dispense

A little bit it just senses like really easily i haven’t had any issues and the actual pump itself hasn’t really gotten like clogged like you know sometimes that can happen um especially with like so much zinc in here you know zinc is an actual particle so that can you know lead to clogging sometimes but it really you know dispenses a good amount and as you can

See it it looks like i don’t want to say thick because it’s not thick but it’s definitely not super fluid so once you start to blend it out it doesn’t really start to feel much thinner you know a lot of formulas i feel like oh they look thick and then you start to blend it out and it gets like instantly like thin on your skin this feels like almost like a lotion

Like it feels like it has body to it but not in a bad way and i’m going to insert clip and you can see me rubbing it in but like isn’t that crazy i rubbed it in and it’s already like there is like no white cast at all like i mean it’s just pretty wild to me i feel like 20 zinc like you would expect some white cast and be like okay with it because that is like

Giving you a lot of protection but this has like virtually literally no white cast on me i do hope that this works on deeper skin tones and i actually feel like it would so i’m really curious to see um how this works on like a variety of skin tones but yeah so love the packaging love how easy it is to get out um i’ll insert the demo now so you can see me i did i

Think like two and a half like two full pumps and then half of a third pump i usually do the two finger method or three finger method but because this isn’t super fluid it’s not easy to like draw on your fingers and get the right dosage so i think two and a half three pumps is usually enough for me so i dispensed that amount and then rubbed my hands together to

Really like disperse it evenly and then went in on my face and you can see that you know it starts off pretty white as all zinc based sunscreens do but within like i don’t even know 30 seconds it really starts to dissipate quickly and it also starts to dry down so i feel like this is super easy to use i will say that once you start to rub it in which i don’t

Know if you can really tell from the clip but it actually you can kind of feel it drying down like i will say that it starts to feel like a draggy if you don’t blend it in fast enough like you you’re working it in and you can feel yourself like moving it all around but once it starts to dry down you get a little bit of a drag once you’re moving it across your

Skin so that’s my only comment is that you really have to work fairly quickly to rub it in i mean i just still think you could like get it rubbed in but it’s so much easier when it’s first dispensed than when you’ve been like rubbing it for a while um because then you start to feel that drag so once it’s rubbed in i do feel like my initial thoughts are that it

Feels like something on your face it is not like it’s not weightless and it’s not super lightweight like you can definitely feel like there’s a layer of something on your face again like i said it’s kind of like a lotion consistency but i do find that that feeling only lasts for one maybe two minutes um like today i put it on in that clip and then i felt it on

My face and i wanted to make note of that because i want to tell you guys like if you’re someone that really hates things like how they feel on your face because i can be like that at times i would say don’t be scared because this will definitely feel quote unquote heavy for about a minute but after about like one to two minutes i find that it really does like a

Dry down there is a little to no sheen on your face like this is one of the more matte zinc based sunscreens i own i feel like it leaves a tiny tiny amount of sheen like it’s not like super super matte but really um you would never be able to like notice from far away like the cetaphil one that i reviewed that one i love when my skin is feeling really dry but

Lately it’s been so hot and actually humid here in los angeles which is really rare so i’ve been using this every day because i can’t even touch this nfl one because that one is so glowy that it’ll just like fall off my face like melt off in this humidity this one is like so demi matte that it really doesn’t like come off your face it really like locks in like

I feel like once it’s on it’s not going anywhere it doesn’t get dew throughout the day like it’s not like it starts off more matte and then gets dewy like it stays looking pretty matte all day so under makeup i love this when it’s really hot and humid like this because i find that it’s like a perfect primer for makeup because your natural oils can kind of like

Come through and this sort of like mattifies them out without being too matte like i don’t want to call it matte but i mean it’s pretty matte it’s pretty matte so i mean you can see on my hand there’s like little to no sheen um on there so i was so pleasantly surprised by this i feel like i just really love it and it’s 16 for 1.7 ounces so i think it’s a really

Really good price for that much i will say that i’ve only like i said had this for maybe like a week and a half and i feel like i’m going through it really quickly but 1.7 ounces is a fairly good amount so i hope that i don’t run through it fast um i will keep you updated there i think it’s just the two like i think i’ll just have to like push it down um to make

Sure i get it all out but i just really love like everything about this so far um and yeah like right now i feel like my makeup went on flawlessly on top i used like the m cushion compact on top creme blush cream bronzer i had no issues it doesn’t like pill you again like with that much zinc i feel like a lot of times you put foundation on and your sunscreen just

Starts to like peel off if you’re like using a brush but i’ve never experienced that with this um i also mix like those indeed labs bronzing drops i really love into this when i don’t want to wear foundation and i just like the matte aspect of this paired with like the glowy aspect of those drops just leaves me with this really like bronzy but not too glowy base

Which i really love and it mixes really well so i really like this product the one thing i will say which this is really stumped me but it’s a really short ingredient list and i recognize everything on here but i was convinced that there was almond like prunus oil in here because to me it smells like straight up almond like almond extract and i was really really

Taken aback by that when i first got it because it’s supposed to be like unscented and when i looked at the ingredient list i was like oh there’s nothing in here that even has a scent so like what why would it be so i really thought there was almond oil in here and there isn’t so i’m still really confused on why it smells so much like almonds to me i don’t know

If it’s just mine if you own this sunscreen does it smell like almonds to you i was just so so surprised because it’s not on the ingredient list so i don’t know where that’s coming from but um it didn’t irritate my skin or anything and once you know it’s blended in it is like a truly unscented product it’s just when i first dispense it and blend it out it smells

Like almonds to me so i wanted to call that out but if you have an almond allergy i do not see it on the ingredient list so i think you should be fine but it’s just very odd very weird um so yeah i really love this i think that this would work for so many different people and i’m really surprised more people don’t talk about it and i think it’s just because it’s

They seem to be having stock issues because i feel like i’m assuming this will be on target eventually and in stores because target carries all of native products that’s usually where i buy like the native body wash and when bread and i used the native deodorant we would purchase it at target so i feel like once this is in store at target everyone will start using

It and loving it but i don’t know why it’s not there yet so hopefully soon so everyone can experience this and it’ll be easier for me to pick up but i did order it from and they did do free shipping so that was really great and i do think they have um their program where you like sign up for um like their subscription so they send you the product like

Every few months i don’t think that would apply here because again it sold out but um once they have more stock that could be an option too because i believe then it was 14 so more affordable and they have a body version that they also comes in a few cents and then on scented so i really want to try the body version as well because it’s also a mineral body zone

Screen which i find is really hard to find so want to pick that up want to tell you guys how much i like this if you get it let me know your thoughts i’d love to hear you

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Native Face Sunscreen Review By TheGarsowTwins