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Neecci 3-in-1 Beard Straightening Comb Hair Straightener Brush Electric Fast-Heated Hot Comb review

Some post-video notes:

Hey y’all today we are gonna be looking at the three-in-one straightener brush i wish i could tell you the brand but that’s all it says three in one straightener brush i’ll put a link in the comments it’s uh in my experience brushes are come in three different flavors they’re either really nice really cheap and i don’t know 80 right in the middle so we’re gonna

Take a look at this one it comes in a decent box with a nice little carrying case or storage case i suppose um although the box would make it easier for me for storage but we pull it out of the box it’s oh it’s just continued wrapped up okay here’s uh here’s some gloves and then here’s the brush itself oh this is one of the more low profile brushes it’s got a

Little curve to it comes down a little bit it’s nice enough it’s got a simple enough concept there’s a button you press one button you turn it on okay we’re gonna let this warm up but uh just taking a look digging through the instructions there’s no real indicator to show you temperature i guess the one size fits all and it’s a power button it turns on or it

Turns off and once i figured out which power outlet to plug it into i realized that once you press and hold it turns green but right now all i’m seeing is a green light so we’re gonna wait and see how long this takes to get warm okay so while we continue to wait for this to warm up i can’t help but looking through the instructions and looking at the box again

This was listed as a descriptor on amazon that it was good for beards that you could use as a beard straightener it doesn’t say anything about this and the exhaustive manual that you see here even the manual is a little confused because it talks about once it heats up to the temperature you’ve set yeah there’s just the one button as i mentioned the instructions

Don’t even say how long it takes i’m not too scared that it’s gonna set my beard on fire but uh i’m not really positive it won’t so we’re gonna see how this works again reading through the manual is almost comical don’t touch the hot surface directly yeah so we’re gonna toss the instructions the the beard the comb itself seems pretty straightforward it’s got

Just a series of regular tines they’re a little bit different on the outsides presumably to help de-kink the hair a little bit so we’re going to try this out on the beard i’ll just caveat that i am pretty fresh out of the shower so the beard has been washed and conditioned and detangled in the showers so we’re gonna run the brush through a fairly straight

Beard already we’re gonna see how it feels so wish me luck i guess okay so here we go oh it’s uh it’s definitely finding some some wet spots from earlier from the shower so a little bit of a little bit of burning there but it rubs through pretty well oh no not on the bottom it doesn’t so on the sides where you can see that my beard is shorter on the sides

And of course on the mustache area and then below in the goatee area this all works out pretty fine this is not a problem but a combination of they’re only this long and i have this much beard this makes it a little less ideal for people like me not to say it’s not working because i can i can get up underneath there i can make it work so i think i think i’m

Hitting the major show areas but down below i can work with it i prefer the other types i prefer the types that have longer tines i prefer the types that can get in there and detangle a little bit more but with a little patience and i guess maybe after it warms up a little bit more i think it works a lot better so it’s not bad so there’s a few other thoughts

As i continue to comb it out i’d say it heat it up in less than three minutes it’s at a set temperature so if you would like to control you’re kind of out of luck it does work its way through pretty clearly like i said it was detangled before i started so i’m not going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it can detangle them so but it does have a

Separate row of tongs which help the beard i think a little bit so all in all this is not a horrible brush it’s uh it’s good for maybe a cheap gift i don’t think this is very high up on the on the scale it does not have any bells and features other than it’s got this nice little shape doesn’t even have a place to hang it on a hook in your bathroom if the cord

Is decent enough maybe five feet or so it’s pretty average but it’s fairly effective from my assessment so it’s okay it’s great if you are looking for something cheap to try to start off with i’d use that no problem if you were looking with anything with more options or a greater flexibility for something to do probably not the right one at least it looks cool

And it’s small it doesn’t take up a lot of space it comes with these fancy gloves maybe somebody can explain why and it’s got this very nice little carrying case that i can just slip it into if i wanted a crushed velvet storage case for whatever reason anyway hope that helps thanks for watching and i hope that this helps in some way if so please hit that like

And subscribe it helps a lot thanks cheers

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Neecci 3-in-1 Beard Straightening Comb Hair Straightener Brush Electric Fast-Heated Hot Comb review By TheHairyReviewer