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NEW Amazon FIRE HD 8 (2022) Review – Compared to Fire 7, 8+, 10

Hi! Thanks for watching. After using the All new Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2022) , I tested it against the Fire 7, Fire 8 (2020), Fire 8 Plus (2022), & the Fire 10. I explain all the differences between the tablets, which improvements matter, and I have a side by side comparison so you can see for yourself. Which Kindle is right for you?

Let’s talk about the brand new fire isiate from amazon this is the fire ratio 8 it also comes in the fire hd8 plus which is keeping in the line of his previous generation the 11th generation yes amazon has these crazy ways that they do their generations it is not crazy if you really think about it but they do it based on ear so the fire isi8 and the fire hd7 are

Going to be part of the 12th generation and the fire hd 10 because it came out last year is now part of the 11th generation so we’re going to be talking about this versus the 10th generation fire hd8 so what’s the big difference here what’s the new features here well the fire 88 is going to be coming with updated materials on their screen it has a lumino silicate

So it’s going to be more durable you also are going to be coming with a hexacore 2.0 gigahertz which is 30 percent more powerful than the previous generation that’s again keeping in line with the improvements we saw in the fire 7 previously previous model versus the current generation and the fiery c10 when that one was updated so we’ve seen an improvement in the

Amount of ram we have so that means this should be theoretically faster and more able to handle multiple processes because you have more ram let’s also talk about well do we see an improvement in the weight well you know it’s funny you say funny you might ask because even though the fire hd8s and globe will show you what they look like here so here is the 10 here

Is the 8 plus in the gray here’s the eight in the in this silhouette in the black and then the seven right next to it so it’s funny you might wonder about that because in terms of overall size well the eight did not get much smaller from the previous generation it it was a sizable difference i would say it’s about six to eight percent so what does that mean well if

You look at the size of the eight here and you look at the size of it it is already pretty small on the previous model of the fire 88 well it is going to be eight inches tall is going to be 5.4 inches wide and it was 0.4 inches thick on the new generation of the eight it’s going to be a little bit smaller at 7.94 inches tall so 0.06 inch difference that’s like one

Percent um it is still going to be 5.4 inches wide and it is 0.37 inches thick so very small decrease if you put the eighth side by side they don’t actually look or feel much more different in terms of overall weight they don’t look or feel much different in terms of overall size from the previous model of the fire shade it weighed 335 grams on the newest model

It was 337 grams so on the fire hd7 this weighs 282 grams and on the fire hd10 this weighs 465 grams so the fire sheet 10 is considerably heavier when you consider the price remember everything has to be in context with their affordability because the value of these i mean who else is doing value value android or even non-android tablets right now like who’s making

Them look at even more specs here so let’s break it down on the screens on the colors the seven is coming with 171 ppi or pixels per inch that also shows that it’s 1280 by 600 so it has the smallest of the aspect ratios and the display on the fire hd new late that’s going to be 1280 by 800 so that’s good that’s good but the fire issue 10 smokes them all because

This is full hd the other two are closer to 720p but when you’re looking at it very close to your face and you’re on a small screen 720p probably looks just like 1080p to most people with the 1080p on the full hd because it’s bigger i can keep it farther and will still look full hd so that’s one of the sizable differences between the 10 the 8 and the 7. when you’re

Watching the content you want to know what it sounds like well the 10 is going to be coming with dual speaker dolby atmos so is the 8 dual speaker dolby ammos away almost these seven will come with mod single mono speakers but that’s because this is the smallest of the bunch that doesn’t have a lot of space inside if you want to talk about overall memory well the

10 and the 8 are going to be coming with either 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage on board while the 7 is coming now with 16 to 32 which is an improvement over the previous generation remember they used to come with only eight gigabytes now they’re all the way up to 32 to 64. so on the fire hd 8 and the 10 you can expand up to a one terabyte micro sd card on the fire

Hd 7 it can go up to 512. now this is probably something that a lot of people don’t know about their fires and why why generally i recommend the plus is that well the plus comes with wireless charging and it comes out of the box being able to charge faster than the eight but that’s not the entire story it’s only because the eight are identical in terms of their

Charging speed it’s just the charging block that comes with your fire hd 8 regular is 5 watts the one that comes with your plus is nine watts so this takes about three hours versus five hours here and if you want you can get a 15 watt charger for your fire hd 8 plus or eight and that’s going to be able to fully charge in about two and a half hours the eight plus

Is also going to be coming with the ability to wirelessly charge itself and i’m using it with my little mount here that you can get from amazon this cradle just makes life a lot easier to use your fire and then you can use it almost like an echo show because you have the cradle so i do enjoy that part of utilizing the 8 plus would i say the a plus even though it

Has a little bit more ram is faster than the eight you know what in my uh my use of it no i did not notice any difference in terms of the ram like i did i wasn’t necessarily able to handle more processes or things were happening faster on the plus i didn’t really notice anything like that uh what the one things i do notice is that the back is less slick because

It’s a little bit more textured here a little bit more texture amazon also changed the button position on the fire hd8 they switched out the menu controls they’re up here yeah one two and then you have your usbc and then your 3.5 audio jack if you guys can see that but on the previous generation the power button was below it and then the audio controls so on

The previous generation the audio controls are up top and then the power button the usbc is more centered and then you have your so the question is do i recommend the 8 or the a plus that’s a complicated question because i definitely recommend the current 8 right now because one it’s on sale and it is under 50 bucks even 45 dollars there’s no better tablet on the

Market for that price especially if you side load google play store but if you’re not siled in google play store well then yeah then your options are more limited in terms of the apps you can get especially things if you like youtube but the fire ratiate here it does it does have a sizable bump in terms of performance i believe than the previous edition because

That 30 plus the additional ramp just allows me to go between apps faster it allows me to use it more seamlessly than the prior edition the cameras are the same the cameras are the same so if you’re planning to use this as a photographer’s camera i think you’ll be sadly disappointed but it’s more than usable for a zoom or a quick video call now it’s not going to

Beat your phone but remember your phone generally is how much compared to this affordable tablet here and that’s where we come to the final point the seven is really more portable because these eight is much larger than the seven the seven is actually closer to the size of your cell phone the 8 is going to be closer to a tablet so this is really where the screen

You get more screen and that’s where the screen release date gets more important but if you needed more screen so i would go with the 10 because in my opinion the 10 is snappier than the 8. it works faster the screen is a little bit crisper in my opinion because it’s full hd and you get you get a per you don’t really sacrifice much you don’t sacrifice much unless

You’re getting the plus and because on the plus here you get that camera on the back that’s five megapixels but uh and 1080p so you’re gonna have to figure out which one is better for you are you going with the size benefit of the eight and especially when this is on sale i see this being a tremendous value or are you going to go with the size of the 10 because

The value bet right now is on the 10 and the previous addition of the eight but once those sell out once those sell out and this 8 goes on sale it’s going to be a great deal it’s going to be a great deal what mark my words on that because it has the performance at a price that nobody beats nobody can beat it it’s just amazon is like oh you know what we’re going

To sell these and nobody can beat that price so when these will go on sale i can wait and with that thanks for watching everyone all the links are below please hit that subscribe button because your help makes our channel go and thanks for watching this is david with the french glow signing off showcasing my different fireshi tablets bye guys bye bye bye

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NEW Amazon FIRE HD 8 (2022) Review – Compared to Fire 7, 8+, 10 By The French Glow