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New! @Maxx Chewning Ghost Energy Drink REVIEW | Strawbango Margarita

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Up i that up here pizza by uh by ghost this is a max tuning collab if you know what mike’s shooting in he’s a youtuber he does fitness he does all kinds of videos sour company he was young’s goddamn ever forward apparently he does all kinds of he’s a youtuber he’s a whatever boom ghost energy exclusive god that’s at the vitamin shop for three dollars it

Just came out it isn’t a limited edition of flavor which means it’s not gonna be around once it’s sold out so that’s pretty much it it’s got 200 milligrams of caffeine it’s got some um it’s got some alpha gpc some euro effect or some estrogen for absorption l current team it’s basically an energy jeep with 200 milligrams of caffeine strip bango magahita is the

Flavor let’s go and try it out yeah oh by the way if you’re new to the channel make sure you guys subscribe don’t be sleeping on my channel right don’t be sleeping don’t be sleeping here we go bango let’s see what it tastes like boom bust it open look at that oh yeah it’ll smell it out it smells pretty good smells pretty good smells pretty good it smells pretty

Pretty pretty good all right here we go i don’t really don’t know what the they expect as far as that um but yeah straw strawberry and mango there’s no alcohol in this so i don’t know how they’re gonna get it to taste like an alcohol drink but uh i don’t know we’ll see what happens here we go trabango oh that is pretty good i do taste um strawberry and mango

Together very nice mixture nice good it’s a good profile it’s nice sweet it’s a nice sweet strawberry mango taste very mango tasting i know um caffeine man said it wasn’t really that like strong of a flavor but i don’t know about that i feel like it’s a pretty juicy mango i get a lot of mango taste maybe an ever ever so slightly aftertaste of a margarita taste

But really not i mean really it’s a strawberry in the front mango in the back and um that’s pretty good there might be something else um maybe the beginning is the margarita i do taste something in the beginning part it’s a good mixture it’s a really good mixture i like it solid flavor definitely would drink it again um solid what can i say it’s solid flavor

I like it a lot i’m definitely gonna be drinking that again uh i did buy two of them boom so i was taking a limb saying hey it’s probably gonna be a good flavor so i’ll buy two uh far as flavor solid definitely think it’s a solid flavor it’s got the strawberry it’s got the mango it’s got a sweet profile it’s got a nice smooth clean there is a little bit of a

Margarita taste maybe ever so slightly um god damn i’m not a margarita kind of sewer i don’t anyways it’s a solid flavor check it out if you guys check it out um let me know the you think in the comment section below if you guys are new to the channel subscribe all that good as far as ratings i’m gonna throw this in the nine out of ten category i really like

Is in the 99 cent what can i say it’s a 99 cents a 9 out of ten you know what i’m saying what can i say you know what i’m saying but anyways i’m in a hurry i gotta get my ass going so appreciate you guys we’re progressing and progressing make sure you guys follow me on social media it will be in the description box and other than that i’ll check you guys later yay

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New! @Maxx Chewning Ghost Energy Drink REVIEW | Strawbango Margarita By oppermanfitness