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Nike Club Fleece Review! 3 Joggers and 3 Hoodies | Sizing, Fit & Price. Must Watch Before You Buy!!

Nike Club Fleece Review! 3 Joggers including the joggers with cargo pockets and 3 Hoodies. I go over Sizing, Fit & Price. Must Watch Before You Buy!! Overall these are a really good purchase when you take price, comfort and brand in account.

Yo what up it’s your boy ace to the boogie and today i’m hitting you with another review now today we’re talking about the nike sportswear club fleece we’re going to talk about the fit we’re going to talk about the price and then you’re going to see how it looks on body man now i got three sets i got three sets man so y’all stay tuned all right welcome back man so

Let’s not waste any time because like i said i have three outfits to get into man so we got the navy this is the navy nike sportswear club fleece now you might see what i have on this is a tech fleece so you’ll be able to see the differences for one the chevron design two right here the the club fleece comes in this uh all navy blue it does have the white nike

Embroidered on there on that left chest it’s embroidered on there the stitching is looking good on that we have the uh the tag now this is what we’re concerned with this is 50 this is 50 for the hoodie um and that’s just standard price now you can always try to find a sale always use one of those coupon codes always try uh rocketing now that’s one uh app that i

Use where i can get uh cash back on purchases that like finish line foot locker i’ll leave the link in my description for that um but i always use that though you know i think i got this on somewhat of a discount by using that but we have the kangaroo pouch right here in the front it goes straight through i mean when you look at these hoodies uh this is pretty

Much your your standard hoodie it’s like your classic design classic silhouette we have the hood right here comes with the nice two drawstrings on it they’re pretty thick if you can look at the drawstrings on there but yeah it’s like it’s not really too much to talk about it’s like your classic uh hoodie right here we got the front we look on the back there’s

No design this is like your no frills i want to stay warm but i want to look good while i’m warm you feel me now one thing i can tell you about the club fleece it is a lot warmer than the tech fleece if you have techniques you know that these are a little bit thinner if you can see some of that fleece in there you can just look at the thickness on that this is

Uh this is the hoodie now let me get into the uh the joggers real quick like i said it’ll be quick because these are pretty much standard issue here we go we have the uh the jogger pants right here you have that same nike embroidered right there on your left leg right around that thigh area you got your pockets good pockets one on the left one on the right now

One thing i do like about these though that back pocket you know i call this the wallet pocket because you feel me you can’t lose that it does have a button so that way you feel me you got your wallet you got your keys you throw that in the back pocket so you do not lose them you feel me you know how sweats are still falls out of sweatpants pockets very easily

Now right here we have the uh i believe it’s a standard length uh jogger it’s tapered so it does get more narrow as you get to the ankle area uh of the of the jogger pants but like i said these are your standard issue boom here we go we got that left leg you go all the way down you have a pretty thick jogger bottom so i probably say this is maybe like two or

Three inches worth of jogger it’ll cuff really nicely if you have any type of uh running shoes on and uh when it comes to jogger pants i do like to wear running shoes or low cut low tops i don’t really like wearing uh mids or highs when i wear jogger pants but um yeah man this is the this is the uh classic basic um nike sweatsuit man club fleece the pants are

I believe 55 let’s see uh yeah 55 for the pants right there and 50 for the hoodie so for 105 you’re getting the top and bottom you’re getting a full set from 105. if you look at tech fleece you can’t even get the pants for for 100 bucks nowadays you know so yeah i’m gonna go ahead try these on like i said i have two other colorways and i also have the uh the

Joggers with the cargo pocket so you’ll be able to see those two see what those look like on body see if that’s a look that you like um let’s get into the old body portion of the video and right here we have the midnight navy colorway and just as a heads up this is not uh that dark of the navy it says midnight navy but it’s not that dark so if you have like a

New york yankees hat or something like that this will not match this will be about a shade or two lighter so that’s just a heads up for you guys and right here we have the club fleece in the ash green colorway and the joggers right here these are actually the cargo joggers and they do have buttons on them you get two buttons on the cargo pockets but if you do

Get the cargo joggers you do not get a pocket in the back and right here we have the dark gray heather colorway now as you can see even though it says dark gray heather this is just your regular gray sweatsuit and club fleece also does come with the nike sign in the very large logo on the front so i did want to get one of those so you guys can see what that

Looks like on body overall very nice sweatsuit man you can’t go wrong that gray will match with pretty much any color and that concludes my review of the nike sportswear club fleece now as far as fit is concerned i say go true to size you feel me if you wear a large and regular nike t-shirts i’ll go a large in the sweaters and if you wear like a large in the

Pants i’ll go a large with these joggers i mean the fit is about the same as far as the overall value i think that it’s a really good value you can get the top and bottom for 105 and like i said there’s always deals you gotta check out rocket10 i mean they give like five percent four percent cash back depending on where you uh shop from so i mean price wise is

Good the look it’s a really good clean look it’s very comfortable man and i feel like this is one of those like either if it’s your it could be like your entry level or it could just be something that you want to add to your wardrobe you know add to your collection then i mean i feel like it’s a gold man please give this video a like comment subscribe you know

Tell a friend to tell a friend you feel me tell me what you think about the nike club feast man is it a go for you what do you think about it what colors do you have i got three colors right now i’ma probably end up grabbing like two more later on down the line man but talk to me man i talked back boy ace to the boogie and i’m out

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Nike Club Fleece Review! 3 Joggers and 3 Hoodies | Sizing, Fit & Price. Must Watch Before You Buy!! By Ace Boogie