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Nose Frida review and demonstration

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Hey guys welcome back to the channel so today we’re going to be cleaning now baby gianna’s nose she is very congested and one of my favorite things to use is this um nose freedom and i got a new one i’ve used this um with all three of our kids and i love it so i’m going to use some um saline right here um just to help clear up the to break up the mucus so yeah

I’m gonna do one drop she doesn’t really like the uh i don’t like it either you don’t like it either sorry it’s just on daddy oh mama’s making a big mess it’s okay he’s gonna break it up real good all right so it’s already attached it does have a little uh filter in here so i’m going to put it in my mouth and suck it up oh that’s disgusting um um oh

My goodness oh my goodness you guys see all of this i would never have been able to get all of this out with that bulb syringe never let’s see okay so we had to pause and come back because it was just so much snot i needed more tissue um i didn’t realize she had so much mucus um congestion so here we go i’ll let you look at it you cannot see any um like water

Through the tube i know some people are concerned because this little filter does have little holes in it and i’ve heard people say that they were worried about the snot like sucking back into their mouth i’ve never had that um maybe when i had an old filter when it got so old and needed changing then i can see a little something coming in or i don’t know if that

Was spit or saline but as long as you keep up with your filters you should be okay so we’re going to try this and like i said this was a brand new one um so it didn’t have any snot and you can see how it has to snap there so what i do is i usually just get some um hot water and some dish soap and i put it down there take the tube off to clean it out and let it

Air dry we’ll finish sucking it out and because i just have a habit i actually bite on it i don’t know why i bite on the tip uh and i know this is gross but you can see i’m just not coming out this little bitty body okay so i think we are relatively about done we did pretty good we got a lot of this mucus out she was really having trouble uh breathing because

She was so congested so i’ll probably do this again maybe once or twice today to clear her out um i do love this product like i said i’ve been using i’ve used it on all three of our kids and i would definitely definitely recommend it if you like this video don’t forget to like and subscribe and leave your comments below let me know if you guys have actually used

One of these if you like it or if there’s any other aspirators that you could suggest to recommend all right thanks

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