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NUEVO Kindle Paperwhite 2022 Vale la pena? | Review en Espaol


In the market we have a multitude of e-readers or electronic book readers but without a doubt those from amazon are the most popular for offering great value for money added to an immense catalog of books the new 11th generation kindle paperwhite is the the latest model launched by amazon that brings important improvements and some of them very necessary compared to previous

Generations. do you want to know everything it offers? well, watch this video because at the end of the video i will also explain to you how to add any electronic book downloaded from any source to our kindle after the intro we begin hello everyone and welcome to danielotech well i have been reading books in electronic format for years i am a kindle user since the 2012 and

At least i have it clear where the kindle than any book remove paper and the convenience of carrying hundreds of books on such portable and as comfortable in sight device makes it one of my preferred devices not however there are some things to keep in mind before buying this new kindle paperwhite as we will see below and in the description of the video below as always i

Will leave you the purchase link in case you want to take a look in terms of design we have a completely front flat and as a novelty, the first thing that stands out is that now we have a larger touch screen, it also has a backlight. indirect warm adjustable action that does not fatigue the eyes and it is that the previous generation yes it is true that we had backlighting

But the light was completely white also its screen now has 17 leds for the backlighting compared to the 5 leds that the previous generation had thanks to these we now have a much more distributed and homogeneous lighting when we read in low light as i said, we can adjust the tone from a bluish white to a warm amber that resembles much more the real color of the pages of

Paper books and also this we can program by schedule so if, for example, during the day we want a whiter light and at night a warmer light, then we can adjust the change automatically obviously we can also adjust the brightness from a fairly low brightness to a very high brightness and the maximum brightness is 10% higher than in the previous generation so we have a lot of

Adjustment range that is very useful to read from night without disturbing if for example we read just before going to sleep and we do not sleep alone as i told you one of its great novelties is on its screen and that is that now we have a larger screen we have gone from 6 “of the previous generation to 6, 8 “and best of all is that despite this they have contained the size

And weight very well thanks to the notable reduction of the device’s frames compared to the previous generation, we have a thickness of about 8mm and a weight of just over 200gr according to my scale so it is a very comfortable device to hold in one hand and thanks to its lightness it does not tire as much as a tablet or a paper book one of the main virtues of the kindle

Is that they work with electronic ink is not an lcd screen for example and we can read practically as if we were reading on paper so it does not matter if we read indoors or outdoors since the screen is anti-glare and is fully prepared to read even in direct sunlight on the other hand, it continues to maintain a 16-tone gray scale and a resolution of 300 dpi, so we will

Not have any problem in terms of the sharpness of the text when reading in terms of storage, tell you that we have two options, on the one hand, we have the paperwhite to dry that is the one that i have, it has 8 gb of internal storage of which a little more than 6 gb is free, more than enough to carry hundreds of books and we have the signature paperwhite which has 32 gb

And some extras that we do not have. in the normal version as an automatic brightness adjustment and wireless charging something that in my opinion is unnecessary and even more so considering that it is a device that we are not going to need to charge every day, therefore the comfort that it can reach offering wireless charging i do not think it is something substantial when

Choosing one model or another, also the signature model is a much more expensive model and i would only recommend it to those who really do. nte you need much more storage since the automatic brightness adjustment is also quite dispensable in my opinion in terms of connectivity it has also improved and it now has wi-fi 5 compatible with 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz networks which favors

A higher speed when it comes to downloading books, the fact is that in the previous generation we had wifi 4 compatible only with 2.4 ghz networks, we also continue to have some resistance to water, it is ipx8 certified, therefore we can use it quietly on the beach in the pool or while we indulge ourselves a bathroom as it is splash resistant and withstands an accidental

Immersion up to 2m deep for 60 minutes before i told you that at least for me the model with wireless charging does not make much sense unless you need of course much more storage and this was what i said because we have an autonomy that is really very good and has improved compared to the previous generation , going from 6 weeks to 10 weeks (more than two months) this is

Calculated having a reading habit of 30 minutes a day with the wi-fi deactivated and with the brightness level at 13, so depending on how we work with the kindle, we will have more or less autonomy. is clear is that it is a device that only have to load once every several weeks and i personally prefer to do without the comfort that can assume at one point wireless charging

And save me money on buying another of its innovations is found in its lower part and is that they have finally removed the archaic micro-usb port and it is the first kindle that has a usb-c port with which we can charge its battery in about 2.5 hours and what is more important we can use the kindle with the same cables that we use in most devices nowadays good and how is

The experience of use in which this kindle has improved well, first of all tell you that now we have a better performance when moving through all the menus, opening books or turning the page, which is now 20% faster thanks to a new more powerful processor, although we do not have physical buttons to turn the page so we move forward or backward in the reading by clicking

On the right or left side of the touch screen in terms of the user interface at the top we find the shortcuts to start back configuration where we find the most used settings in terms of connectivity, synchronization or lighting and store where we have access to an immense catalog of books that the amazon store offers us, and if we read a lot, we also have the option of

Subscribing to kindle unlimited, which has been the netflix of books that through a subscription we will have unlimited access to the entire catalog of books from amazon on the main screen we have access to our library and also the last three books that we have opened appear erto or we are reading we can also create a reading list with the books we want to read and at the

Bottom we find recommendations that amazon makes us based on the books we are reading that we have read and others we also have a very cool function that is to to be able to put the cover of the book we are reading on the lock screen but this can only be done in the version without advertising that costs 10 euros more since the version of this kindle with advertising appears

By default amazon ads so have this in addition to downloading books from the amazon store, we can also load books on our kindle by connecting it directly to our computer with the usb-c cable and copying the files of the books in its internal storage , but be careful because this can only be done with books that they are in certain compatible formats that are the ones that

Amazon specifies on its website and what if we want to load books with form at first they are not compatible, such as the popular epub, because in that case we can also do it, but we will have to use a third-party program to make a format conversion, this can be done with the free caliber program, of which i leave the link. in the description of the video thanks to which we

Can transfer any electronic book that we have downloaded from other sources to our kindle in a few seconds a very simple to use and super useful program in summary i think we are facing the ereader of amazon and the market in general more balanced in terms of performance and price, and as i said, it is a device that i love and that i highly recommend to any regular reader

And even more so if you have never tried an electronic book, i think the experience is really good until this video if you liked it let me know with a good like of course if you have any questions you can leave it in comments and if you have not done it yet subscribe to the channel for more videos like this just for today i say goodbye to all of you a hug and until the next video

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NUEVO Kindle Paperwhite 2022 ¿Vale la pena? | Review en Español By DanieloTech