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Olaplex 3 Review with Before and After Results

Review of Olaplex 3:

No 3 deep conditioning treatment. so if you have damaged hair frizzy hair split hair ends bleached hair um it’s highly recommended that you use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week for healthy hair now i’m a big fan of using cheap hair products when possible but i’ll tell you that this is one item where you

Actually don’t want to skimp i’ve tried using a cheaper magic restorative hair mask and it did squat of the olaplex number three i’m going to use it and then show you the before after results as well before getting too far please subscribe to my channel below it encourages me to make new videos okay so

First let’s show you a complete before olaplex number three so my hair is not bad it actually looks good in this youtube video but i will tell you in person especially smooth like i want it to be so i’ll turn hopefully that works and then i’ll try to show you the back where it’s really bad is right feels looks okay

But olaplex number three is going to fix it so this is what it looks like i’ll include a link below on amazon to buy it this stuff to my hair do not apply it to dry hair you can but then you’ll have to use a lot of this product and this stuff is about 30 for it so i’m going to quickly go in the shower

Conditioner which is what olaplex recommends it towel dry it and then i’m going to apply this stuff and show it to you guys so i’ll be back okay so i am back with my towel dried hair and now i’m going to apply the elaplex number three treatment so i’m just going to apply on damp towel hair apply a generous amount from

Scalp to ends until hair is thoroughly saturated okay so let’s put this on and olaplex using the word saturated out of this stuff because i use it a lot or actually i take that back i planned on using a lot i haven’t used it in a while okay so i’m just going to apply it and i’m focusing right here on the crown

Of my head because that’s where my hair is the most damaged i want to do from the top to the end so i’m basically going to use up this whole bottle so like i mentioned all plex number three is not cheap it’s about thirty hair treatments i’ve tried basically every product at tj maxx for um deep conditioning hair

Treatments i’ve tried the stuff at the dollar tree which works decently as a deep conditioner but not like a hair treatment so i will say if you have damaged hair as much as i would love to give you something that’s ten dollars that works wonders thirty dollar stuff is the only thing i’ve found that actually works

Um so that’s kind of a giveaway i’m going to tell you at the end of this review that all plex number three is wonderful so technically you could stop this video right now because that’s what i’m going to tell you okay so i basically have now put all of olaplex number three into my hair now olaplex says that you can

Leave this on for 10 minutes but they also say you can leave it on for 30 minutes or 60 minutes or even 90 minutes so i’m going to leave it on to do and let it work it’s complete magic now after i’m done this is key you need to rinse out olaplex with shampoo and conditioner you need to use the shampoo first not

Just rinse it out you actually need to wash this stuff out so when you’re used going to use it plan on washing your hair afterwards because you need to do it a little ponytail let’s work its magic and the after results as part of this ulaplex number three review i’ll be back hey guys i’m back so i put the

Olaplex number three in my hair for 30 minutes not 60 which is probably more realistic is nice soft and smooth where it was frizzy right here before it’s completely gone and it just feels really good so i’ll do a little quick turn so you can see the complete after result in this review so like i mentioned before

All plex number three is expensive but it’s really the best deep conditioning treatment out there and please subscribe to this channel thanks guys

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Olaplex 3 Review with Before and After Results By Very Easy Makeup