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Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Review & Demo | Rosie Eva Millard

In this video, I test the popular Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector! I filmed a demo on how to apply it, show a before and after of my hair, and also give you my first impression and review…

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new in this video i’m gonna be testing out the olaplex number three hair perfector so i’m gonna show you a before and after of my hair i’m gonna also show you how i apply it also talk through what the product is and how to use it and then i’m gonna give you my first impressions and thoughts at the end

Now i am going to be doing this after just one use of the product but naturally the more you use it i imagine the better the results will be so just bear that in mind that this is only going to be after one application so this is what i’m going to be trying out the odoplex number three hair perfector this particular treatment is to repair and strengthen all hair

Types so i guess i’ll start by just explaining what this actually is and how to use it so i’m going to read a bit from the olaplex website first is to repair protect and strengthen your hair it’s a global bestseller and it’s an at-home treatment that helps to reduce breakage and visibly strengthen hair and it’s for weekly use i bought this from my hairdresser and i

Paid 22 pounds but i think it usually retails around 26 pounds so it says to use before shampooing it is not a conditioner it’s a bond builder so it helps to repair any damages or breakages in your hair but it’s not a conditioner as such it’s like a treatment it also says to use once per week and if your hair is really damaged then two to three times a week apply

On damp towel dried hair apply a generous amount from scalp to ends until hair is thoroughly saturated it also says to leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes and longer if desired and then it says to rinse from hair and then shampoo and condition as usual so it’s just a pre-wash treatment this particular product comes in a 100ml bottle but i think it also does come

In a super sized bottle as well so to give you a bit of information about my hair then so this is my hair it is completely natural there’s no extensions or anything in it as you can see it is quite long i actually had about three to four inches cut off maybe two or three weeks ago and a lot of the damage and split ends of my hair were cut off in that process my

Hair is naturally blonde the top bit as you can see up here this is my natural color and then at the bottom it is balayage so obviously you can see the difference there so i’m going to be using this treatment as a prep for my hair before i have the balayage again and also to repair any damage from the previous balayage so this is my hair in its natural form it’s

Got a slight kink in it here where i slept with it up other than that my hair is naturally very straight so i don’t use straighteners i don’t blow dry at all i let it dry naturally so i’m mainly using this treatment to fix any damage from the bleach and color so i’m not actually going to use the olaplex treatment today because i only washed my hair yesterday and

I want to leave it at least another two or three days before washing it again so the next time you see me i’ll be trying out the olaplex hello it has now been three days since i filmed those last clips which means it’s now been four days since i last washed my hair so today is hair wash day when it comes to using olaplex it is recommended that you use it on clean

Damp hair because my hair gets greasy so quickly i have been using dry shampoo so because of that i now have a product build up in my hair now any sort of product whether that’s hair spray or dry shampoo anything like that can cause a barrier between the olaplex and your actual hair so because of that what i’m going to do is i’m going to give it a quick wash with a

Clarifying shampoo just to remove any product buildup and oil to get the best results possible from the olaplex now if you haven’t used any products or anything in your hair you probably could get away with just dampening it and then straight away using the olaplex but because i’ve got dry shampoo in mind i just want to make sure that i get all of that out before

I apply this so i’m just going to go and quickly wash my hair and i’ll be right back so i’ve just shampooed my hair and i’ve got it up in a towel ready to go usually once i’ve shampooed my hair i then finish it with a conditioner and then before i put it up in a towel i usually apply a hair oil to the ends of my hair and also a detangling spray before i brush it

Through obviously because i can’t have anything in it before i apply the olaplex i need to leave it completely as it is so i’m not sure exactly how it’s going to brush out but we will try so you need to apply the olaplex to damp towel dried hair so that is what we’ve got so as you can see my hair looks a little bit knotty so i’m just gonna brush it through before

I apply the olaplex it is definitely not as easy to brush through without a conditioner or without hair oil without a detangling spray as you can probably hear because my hair dries quite quickly it is still very damp but i have got a little spray bottle as well i’m just going to quickly put some more water on it okay so i think that is probably the best i’m

Going to get for brushing my hair through so now i’m going to apply the olaplex so it says to apply on damp towel dried hair which it is so all i’m going to do is i’m actually going to section it off to make sure that i cover everywhere so i’m now going to apply this through my hair now as i’ve never done this i’m not sure how quickly this comes out or how much

To use i don’t want to use too much it smells really nice smells like hairdresser products that smells really nice so with the olaplex you do want to apply it all the way through the hair not just at the end so you want to go right up to the roots as well it does also say to apply a generous amount i just don’t want to apply too much and then run out quickly

Because my hair is actually quite long even though i’ve had a fair bit cut off recently it is still very long okay so that is that bottom layer done so i’m just gonna release a bit more hair again my hair is drying way too quickly i would recommend sectioning your hair but obviously you don’t have to do it the same way that i have i just find it easier to tie up

The bits of hair that i’m not using just to keep it out of the way and so i know that i’ve covered everywhere i’m using about this much at a time on one section of the hair i’m not sure if that’s enough but you can always add more it’s better to put a little bit on to begin with and then add to it if you need it rather than putting too much on in one go i think

That is that layer done i’m gonna release the top part of my hair and add a little bit more water but my first impression so far is that it is really easy to apply i find that it’s working into my hair really well i’m not having to really tug on my hair or pull it through you’ve got to make sure that you get everywhere i’m just going to sort of massage it into

My head give myself a little head massage at the same time now looking at the bottle i don’t know how well you can see this it barely looks like i’ve used anything so now i’m wondering have i not used enough i feel like i’ve covered everywhere but i’m just gonna apply a little bit more to make sure it definitely helps if you’ve got all the knots out of your hair

Beforehand because trying to run your fingers through your hair if it’s knotty is not fun at the best of times but when you’re trying to apply something like this you want your hair to be as easy to manage and work with as possible i think that is everywhere now covered so what i’m gonna do is first of all show you how much i use so there’s not an awful lot i’m

Not sure how well you can see it in fact looking at it myself i’ve probably used to about there which i guess for my length hair is all right i don’t know if i’ve not used enough but i don’t want to go a bit too crazy on the first go i feel like i’ve covered everywhere and it’s starting to dry so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to leave it on for an hour

So i’m going to set my timer and just wipe my hands okay my one hour timer has started so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to leave it like this for the next hour and then i will come back and show you what it’s like before i rinse it off and then i will rinse it off and show you the final result and that has been a full hour as you can see the lighting is

Starting to change in this room so i do apologize about that at first i wasn’t entirely sure that i’d maybe put enough olaplex on but by now my hair would have completely dried and it definitely feels like i’ve got product in it so i’m hoping that i have put enough in so the next step is to completely rinse this out and then shampoo and condition so that is what

I’m gonna do and then i’ll come back and show you the final result so i’ve just showered and rinsed out the olaplex and also shampooed and conditioned as normal i then didn’t put on a hair oil or detangling spray just to see what it’s actually like without that so i’m just gonna unravel my towel i have also pulled my curtains across in the hope that the glare from

The sun won’t be as strong seems to be doing a job so far so i’m gonna try again to brush my hair without any detangling spray in fact it was probably easier to brush through this time after putting the odoplex on than before it’s not as naughty which is good i will need to wait until my hair is fully dry before i can give you my full opinion on the olaplex but

To begin with my first impressions is that it’s really easy to put on and i actually didn’t use that much in fact it’s about here that i use so i didn’t need to use too much of the olaplex which is good because i want it to last as long as it can especially for the price tag i feel like it has made such a difference already even though my hair isn’t dry so i can’t

Properly tell yet so what i think i’m gonna do now is just let it dry naturally which hopefully won’t take too long and then once it’s completely dry i will come back and give you my final thoughts but my opinion so far is that it was really easy to apply very easy to get out in the shower it ran out before i even applied the shampoo and conditioner i felt like

Most of it come out which is really good it’s very very soft and smooth and yeah i’m excited to see what it’s like when it’s dry it’s now been half an hour i guess since i last spoke to you and my hair is now completely dry as you can see it is so easy to brush through it is incredibly soft and shiny and oh my goodness this is exactly what it’s like when i come

Out of a salon when i’ve had a hair treatment done this is what it looks like and it’s because they use olaplex i wasn’t entirely sure what kind of results i was gonna get from home because as you saw from the start my hair wasn’t overly damaged because i have had it cut recently and a lot of that damage was cut off in the process so my hair wasn’t really that bad

To begin with so i wasn’t sure if i’d noticed that many results from the odoplex but i can definitely see a result even just running my fingers through it like that like it is so easy sometimes when i do that my fingers get caught in my hair but it’s not it’s absolutely amazing it is so soft and silky and shiny and it smells amazing i just love the smell and

I feel like i’m going to get really good results from this using it over and over again so this is the result from leaving on for just one hour which i think was pretty sufficient time really considering that most people only leave it on for like 10 to 30 minutes but i’m so impressed with how it looks and feels so my overall thoughts then it is really quick and

Easy to use you don’t need to leave it on for long at all to get maximum results and the results really are visible from just one use and they’re only going to get better with more uses so i’m really glad that i bought this and tried it out for myself i would definitely recommend that you do the same if you have slightly more damaged hair then it may take a couple

More uses to really see the benefits but even from just that one wash it definitely helps so that brings me to the end of this video i really hope you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up if you did and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel leave a comment down below and let me know if you’ve ever tried olaplex number three or any of the other products in

Their range because i’d love to know your thoughts on those too so thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in my next video

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Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Review & Demo | Rosie Eva Millard By Rosie Eva Millard