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Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Review

Ang taray may pa product review tayo! 🙂 Please enjoy watching and hope this helps you decide just in case you’ve already heard of this product and been contemplating on using it or never heard of this product but in search of hair repair system! Please enjoy watching. Do not forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel and welcome back to me because it’s been a while and if you are new here it’s nice having you and i hope that you will like this video and consider subscribing sooner alright today’s video i am going to try this my coworker would like me to try this product oh it calls ola ola plants it is available in salons and also

In support so it says here that i apply a generous amount from roots to ends on a unwashed towel dry hair and leave it minimum of 10 minutes or more and then for damaged hair you can repeat putting some more but you don’t have to paint it just add more than it give it another 10 minutes so i thought of filming this so that way you get to know if it’s effective

Or name something later guys so right now guys we are in a shower – what my hair with my hair and probably dry it work so guys were done traveling dry my hair or are here whatever and it will begin applying the product that my coworker gave me a sample amount will give this for ten minutes or more so maybe see you in 15 minutes i went over 15 minutes is almost

30 minutes and now i’m going to shower and then you later shall i go i have to cover your eyes don’t we – our guys we’re gonna blow dryer our hair and then let’s see and feel hello guys were down to our final review about the brand allah bless all the blood okay i got so interested guys let me show you what i have read in the internet so the brand story all

The plates is the inventor manufacturer of the world’s first in the column tono silla pollen world’s first and only patented hair system hair repair system semana mean hair deeper system medina man we’ve heard it not marrow repair repair system even shampoo repair night but the word patented says allah meaning they are protecting something good they don’t want to

Be happy that says enough to me and then what it’s promised prepare and protect repair protect and strengthen number three treatment noticeably repairs extreme damage turned dry brittle hair into soft shiny and more resilient hair in just one use thank you for saying that in just one use revitalize your hair under 10 minutes with all objects by the way guys do i

Need to say any little sponsor sponsored to nanaka working against an example because he seen up near the fair protect insect so i’m thinking huh he covered without ever abuse pop up at 400 you go the hill trip prepare pala and protect and strengthen in just one use you cannot deliver them paris in opinion soft and shiny in just one use i think a my review with all

The flags they have delivered that promise even when i’m shampooing i have felt the silkiness and the softness and after blow-drying as i think you can see cause if i’m gonna go blow dryer oh i still feel felt dryness in my hair shampoo blow dry at night right turn in there i think you can see that it’s silky silky and there so develop a trust like moo honestly

Son not trust go on all of that to go further with a prada and get what the most beneficial because shiny and then softness is just a physical appearance but what i wanted to get because in deena ho i can’t live without coloring my hair now let us say divine i’m old and merriman and like gray hair like almost money i need to root touch-up chemicals so i want to

Get these benefits repair damaged hair strengthens and protection structure restores healthy appearance and texture so because all the flex delivers the the watches in just one use it makes me it and beyond pandavas opinion it makes me because it delivers in for the first toughest judges that the jockey so use in it delivers the promise of in just one use so it

Makes me want to try further because you trust not build i’m emma gonna go no possible but haha i will try it guys because i felt the difference in my hair in just one use so that makes me team it can be it’s not an ordinary conditioner the patented by the way guys if you also want to try it it is available in amazon for 36 and 20 cents but it says friendship man

But i doubt because amazon you have to have extra staff like purchasing this and that before you avail the free shipment while in sephora i think it’s worth trying and getting it from sephora because it’s just two dollars difference thirty-eight dollars actually less than two dollars thirteen and then you get the product on on hand right away and try it right away

So that’s it guys i hope you liked this video give me thumbs up and comment down below if you have already tried it or you want it to try it if you love your crowning glory we always take care of our skin but i guess we shouldn’t neglect our hair because that’s the glory then give me a like right i have read said that consider subscribing hit the notification bell

That way you will be updated with my next upload thank you for watching i’ll see in my next one or please consider watching and see me in this video have an amazing day be grateful be blessed and be a blessing see ya you

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Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Review By LuisaMolina