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Onyxs Newest Reader with SD + Buttons | Boox Leaf 2 Review

Yes, an ACTUAL e-Reader WITH physical page turn buttons.

The onyx books leaf 2 is a drastic change from the first gen gone away is the cookie cutter slate layout and is now employing more of a copycat approach that a lot of companies in the industry have been doing yes this looks like an oasis and actually even more like an eye reader ocean but imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery however what is different is

That this unit even though it is being billed as an ebook reader is fully loaded it’s got stereo speakers physical page turn buttons android 11 with google play and an sd card slot which is becoming a thing of the past so let’s dive into this latest release bionics books starting with the ui first thing first if you didn’t believe us that it looks like an eye

Reader that looks identical to an eye reader more so than the oasis actually but the thing i appreciate about the onyx is that it’s completely squared off which is really nice because a lot of companies i read are included that tried to emulate the oasis always do this weird kind of bump thing it does make the unit nice and thin but it adds this gigantic bulk at

The back of the unit that a lot of people don’t actually like this is the home screen on bigger onyx products they put this navigation bar on the side they put it at the bottom here because it just makes the most sense if you drop the top down you get the control center and the front light and that’s the first two thirds and that’s the one-third at the bottom i

Would like to see them expand that a little bit more because there’s about a full inch of wasted space on the bottom but that’s neither here nor there we will turn the glow lights off for now and show you that a little bit later on now this is said as we said at the beginning to be their ebook reader you might be thinking the poke and the poke four and the poke

3 is kind of an ebook reader but it’s not that’s just a micro tablet this one actually they’ve gone away from the peripheral case they’ve added the physical patreon buttons to the unit itself they are intending for this to be an ebook reader so that’s where this kind of stands if you click the store you’re going to go over to the store we’ll connect the wi-fi

In a second if you go storage this is going to be your device hard drive so to speak where all your images and documents and music is going to be you have apps which yes you do have google play however unlike the tab ultra and the nova air 2 this does not have out of the box google play it does have google play but you have to go to app management you have to go

Down here to enable google play click on the gsf id bind it to your account sign in wait a day and then you get google play does it work absolutely you get google play no problem but there is a huge work around and it’s not out of the box like the later onyx stuff like the big me stuff etc this is your settings menu where you have a bunch of stuff here we’re not

Going to go over everything it’s just kind of business as usual things system display password accounts etc gesture settings however is something we’re going to go over because there’s no buttons on onyx devices for the most part there’s physical patreon buttons here but most often than not onyx products don’t have physical buttons not even a home button anymore

Since the nova 3 color so how do you do things well you can turn these off or on respectively side offer on or bottom offer on bottom you can do ink center down there you can do back home down there and back down there like that i’ve touched a screen by accident if you swipe the edge one centimeter on that side it’ll do the volume the edge one centimeter on this

Side it’ll do the warm light that’s really cool and you need to know that because there’s no home button and even though this has physical patient buttons neither of them go home so that’s kind of what happens with that you can actually change the side buttons and this one that says side key settings will only be on the leaf too because it’s the only one that

They designed this menu for you can say nothing if you want long press and you can do the short presses to be page turn or volume so you would turn this to volume if you’re using something like youtube shorts or instagram stories or something like that something you really want a lot more instant volume access you can use the side gesture but this is more tactile

And they’re there and they’re assignable you can assign them to do different things well there sure is santa claus ain’t any note-taking on this unit so let’s look at the reading experience we can turn pages with our finger by swiping or tapping and we have yes the physical page turn buttons finally on the leaf one they had an add-on case that gave you a magnet

Snap to a rail that added the physical page turn buttons via a peripheral case this one does not this one has them on board you cannot do any long press to speed through the book unfortunately it doesn’t have any rapid page system and when you double tap it just goes the two pages it doesn’t actually jump to the next chapter like barnes and noble does overall

It’s a very good reading experience it looks great and you don’t have any worry about functionality in terms of speed or settings because onyx has you covered not only is their reading experience very robust they give you google play which means you can download anything you can download aldico moon plus reader you can download the amazon kindle app and if this

Or any of those aren’t fast enough for you you go over to the e-ink center to speed everything up which we’ll show you in a little bit because the reading experience actually has their own set of refresh information if you go over here you can click on refresh now this takes you kind of beyond the regular x mode speed mode a2 you actually get normal regal

And then the icon for speed mode so this is all going to be just a different set of parameters and you can change the refresh rate here and do full refresh or a deep refresh and that’s if you have a lot of picture elements you can also drag to refresh full refresh after three seconds speed mode there’s a lot going on here and a lot kind of contradicting each

Other because you have normal mode with a speed and then you have don’t refresh and you can counteract that with a refresh rate it takes just a lot of kind of tinkering if you want it to work just right so it’s nice that they give you the options but it’s a little convoluted and it’s kind of complicated and you don’t really have to worry about any of that if

You use the amazon app because if you use another application for example we go home and then we go down to the drop down and clicking center you just get your regular refresh modes you get speed a2 and x mode anything south of a 10.3 inch which is legally a five paper you don’t necessarily want to use pdfs why because it’s terrible it’s so small it’s a small

Experience in fact if i grab my smartphone put it in frame you’ll see that it’s shorter than my smartphone which you know dimensions splitting hairs aside it’s a small experience and typically if you’re using pdfs or using them for a reason so you can display large canvases of information with different picture elements and text elements well all that goes away

When you have a small screen look at this my hands are bigger than this now can it do it yes absolutely it can does it do it well it looks great and the page turns are so wonderful to have a lot of people bash on page turn buttons why do you need them just swipe the page there’s a reason countless manufacturers from every line from different corners of the globe

Pocketbook who swears by them still have page turn buttons there is a distinct reason because of the convenience the familiarity the lack of a learning experience you might argue that a swipe isn’t that much of a learning experience but that’s not the point it’s all those reasons and more to have these beautiful buttons just on the side and the other side as well

Or like this if you’re in landscape there’s so much fun to it it adds personality and it just pushes you out of the realm of making a cookie cutter slab with a black bezel it just changes things up and that’s why you have them that’s the biggest draw about this product is the expandable storage the physical page turn buttons i mean if it wasn’t for that there’d

Be no reason not to get anova air or a poke4 there’s all these overlaps in the industry in each individual manufacturer’s line of devices there’s the kindle basic encroaching on paperwhite territory there’s this looking like basically everything else in the industry so you need things that pop away from just the norm to change it up because there is a changed

Landscape we’re dealing with in the world of e-readers and it certainly is more competitive than it’s ever been for manga it’s gonna depend on the way your file is formatted neo reader does a decent job at formatting it’s just a little bit weird it doesn’t pin it to the corners quite as well as other applications might but that’s why they give you google play

That’s why they give you the onyx store so you can really just make this what you want it make it into whatever you want it does have pinch and zoom but it is actually off from factory typically you have to go to the settings menu to reading settings and then turn pinch and mode pinch and zoom mode on because a lot of people actually don’t know it’s over here

In the settings menu and the settings menu does have a lot of settings for example look at touch settings look at all the layouts where you can have the touch screen you can have this weird prioritized l shape so you can touch here here or here for a page turn you can have just the top bar you can make your own there’s so much about an onyx books that leaves it

Up to you to do everything that we can’t cover it in 10 videos the overall manga experience is is good it’s gonna be what you make of it what the app you’re gonna download but overall the quality is really high you don’t really need to pinch and zoom on manga because typically it is meant to be around the seven inch screen size so it’s fine in that regard same

With ebook reading pdf’s a different story but overall the manga reading experience is going to be fine it’s going to be comfortable they have this wide bezel on the side so your fingers don’t encroach on the actual inner bezel aka this one surrounding the screen or the screen itself we thank onyx for their app store of course it’s great that it’s there but

There’s no reason it should be here for this aside you have google play which has millions of applications this one has 45. now there is a benefit to the note-taking devices in that they have certain apps like onenote that works really well with the latency of the pen but on an ebook reader all that goes away there’s no real reason to have this here other than

Maybe you don’t need to sign in to use it but even then you don’t get to take advantage of all that google play gives you like using your account constant updates there’s not really a big reason to use the app store however what does make sense is they have a store store which is a bookstore that’s really cool because you can go into here and you can get a lot

Of public domain books and this is nice because if you don’t know how to start reading at least they give you a step in the right direction what confuses me is that it’s one of the five main things at the bottom which i kind of feel that it shouldn’t be because it’s such a kind of basic edition stepping stone into reading where as if they wanted they could put

Some of a little more note like the browser there because for it to be one of the five things you’re meant to go here but all you get is really just these kind of public domain copyright free books in which case it’s just like bible stuff and religious stuff and books made 100 years ago it’s nice that it’s there is it all that necessary that leaves it up to

Interpretation something we never really talk about on onyx products is the system display and since we don’t have note-taking to worry about we can squeeze this in they allow you to change the entire system layout essentially from the font size to the font style you can change it from various various styles even chinese text you can do a full fresh frequency

It’ll be every five taps it’ll refresh every one tap the screen will flash you can set it to never that you would only rely on you resetting it yourself you can change the custom home screen to be whatever you want out of these five here you can go back and you can do only display icons of function tabs so if you click on that you have no more of the actual words

You’ll just have the icons which is kind of taking a little bit of a different approach and you can expand the top bar by pulling down so there’s a lot you can actually do and it doesn’t stop there there’s things like servers there’s protection there’s gesture settings the user manual there’s network settings a ton of power settings as well in fact to the point

Where you actually have to scroll to get more stuff there is a large scale level of customization on just about every part of this unit all right that looks blue that’s because it is blue it looks terrible but that’s the inherent nature of glow lights in general and that’s why warm light is so absolutely necessary in today’s age you can go like that and turn it

White and that’s that solves the problem and it most definitely does you can even turn it down and go orange if you want to save your eyes and honestly that is way easier on your eyes i’m just looking at it right now while doing this and it’s so nice on your eyes it’s such a big difference in that blue light there’s some contestion as to whether blue light is

Really bad well the less intense the light the better it is for you regardless of what you think about the whole melatonin melanin thing it’s just it’s way better if you want to you can actually link these as well to get an even spread of light and all you would have to do is worry about the intensity so glow lights if you don’t know are no longer really front

Light they’re leds built into either the top bottom left or right or combinations of them that shoot into a gel layer we’ve proven this on tear downs i mean that’s how it works it’s not a secret it shoots into a gel layer so the gel layer has no choice of its own to just simply illuminate properly and perfectly so you don’t have to worry about those old days of

The nook simple touch glow light where you get this weird dull smudge in the middle with all these dark puffy edges and tears in the screen glow light technology has come a long way this looks fantastic there’s no issues whatsoever you have full control over it not really much else to say in the onyx lineup they actually don’t advertise any of their units as

Ebook readers rather as tablets running e-paper screens this definitely hits all the right notes for being a capable e-reader not only that it can do everything else under the sun we’ve seen much overlap in the onyx lineup over the past couple generations but this one stands out just a little bit more than the others for this is peter foreign

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Onyx's Newest Reader with SD + Buttons | Boox Leaf 2 Review By Good e-Reader