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Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush (Experiment Review)

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Hey guys welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to be doing another teeth related video you may have seen my toothpaste one where i compared different brands of toothpaste it was an oral b sensodyne and green people which is a natural toothpaste and this is kind of like a follow-on from that so instead of toothpaste today’s topic is going to be focused on

Toothbrushes so i usually use a manual brush this little fella over here i’ve still got these surface stains on my teeth mainly down here and on the inside of my teeth as well because i drink a lot of tea so what i did is i brought a new toothbrush um i brought an electric one and i’ve never used an electric one before so i’m really curious of how it’s going to be

And how it’s going to turn out this one was quite expensive i think it’s quite expensive for a toothbrush definitely but some of these some of these electric toothbrushes are really really expensive so i guess you know the one i brought was uh the oral b genius 9900 and so this one it’s got a few features on it i think it’s got bluetooth on it so you can connect

It to an app it’s got a two minute timer which is quite cool to make sure that you’re brushing for the right amount of time and it’s also got a position detection just to make sure that you’re positioning the toothbrush right and this is how it looks this is it so i haven’t used it yet and i’m really really curious on the front it’s got two buttons so it’s got

This button i don’t know oh there you go it turns the lights on this bottom bar here is the battery and this one is the bluetooth symbol showing you that it’s got bluetooth anyway so turn it on and it actually moves so fast that you can’t even see it moving it’s crazy i’m gonna use this toothbrush for one week i’m going to lower my sugar intake and my caffeine

Again just to make it a fair test to see if it actually is better because supposedly electric toothbrushes um get rid of 100 more plaque than a manual brush so let’s see if this is true you guys can come along with me on the experiment and we’ll see how it works this is on it whiter teeth starting from day one up to 100 more plaque removal and healthier gums so

You can download the oral b app for a daily monitoring of your habits and personalized brushing routines it’s all a bit crazy to me it just seems just completely crazy this is a duo pack i got one for me and one for sadie because if you buy them singly this one works out at 120 pounds each or if you buy it as a duo it works out at 80 pounds each brush so it’s

160 pounds for these two toothbrushes which to me is crazy for a toothbrush but hopefully it’s good and hopefully it gets rid of those stains on the inside of my teeth and on the bottom bit as well so each box comes with a travel case for the toothbrush a smartphone holder two toothbrushes and a charging station and four brush heads it has six cleaning modes

Daily clean gum care sensitive whitening tongue clean and pro clean mode for an extraordinary clean feeling has 12 days of battery life oral b’s longest lasting rechargeable battery and it comes with a two-year warranty so over the next week i’ll be doing some updates and you’ll see my teeth now and you’ll see my teeth then so quickly let’s just take a look around

My teeth just so that you get to see the difference for yourself so as you can see they’re definitely yellow so yeah that’s inside my teeth i’ll see you guys soon with an update so this is my first time using this toothbrush let’s see how it goes oh what’s going on here oh that’s gentle setting isn’t it oh the toothpaste is literally vibrating off it oh uh

Oh god it just hurt a little bit didn’t it yeah why general i think maybe you please yeah yeah i’m not my head feels a bit funny so how was that then because you’ve done it as well so how did you find it first to be honest it just feels really weird oh looking for red white right it’s so it just feels really weird didn’t it it’s like a really weird sensation

I don’t think i’ll do my tongue i think it might be gag right guys i’m really sorry if i start like is that the tongue one huh that one yeah um what does it mean when it goes red and what does it mean when it keeps shaking i don’t know he’s asking me like i know i do feel like it cleans it a lot better than a manual toothbrush definitely i can see why people

Recommend them yeah i have done way longer than two minutes but honestly i think actually they feel so much cleaner they still got a bit of staining over the course of a week i think even i’m gonna see some good results with this and i do feel a lot cleaner which is obviously the important thing as well if you’re old school when you’re still using a manual brush

Go and get yourself one of these electric toothbrushes remember right i’ll be back with some results next week so i’ve been using this toothbrush for one week and here are the results i’ll put a comparison right now so you can see before and after right next to each other i don’t know if they look any better but they definitely feel cleaner so i just want to break

It down for you guys if you want to buy this toothbrush the link is in the description and i’m just going to talk now quickly about what i liked about the toothbrush and what i didn’t like so the battery on this it took a whole day for me to charge and the battery is meant to last 12 days but it only lasted about four days for me maybe i’ll brush my teeth for

Too long or something it came with a two pin plug which was a bit of an issue but luckily enough we have one of those ports so it plugs into this 240 volt not everyone has one of them shaving plugs if you don’t have one and you do get this toothbrush you will need a two pin to free pin adapter if you live in england so a pro is that it leaves your teeth feeling

Really clean and i thought that it got rid of a lot of plaque but i’m not sure please do let me know in the comments what you think of my teeth do they look better now thank you so much for watching if you like this video hit that subscribe button and i’ll see you soon you

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Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush (Experiment Review) By Carved Culture