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In this video I give you my review on the new Oxyshred Energy drinks and take you through a full leg workout!

What’s good welcome back to another video today we’re going to be training legs i haven’t recorded a leg workout in a little minute so i decided i’m going to bring you guys along on a leg workout and i’m excited for that but i’m definitely going to need to stretch and do a lot of mobility because yesterday i had a flag football game and i played basketball after

That so my body does feel a little bit beat up but we’re still gonna get this leg workout in and have a good session but i want to show you guys something real quick in my hand is the new oxy shred ready to drink in a can pina colada flavor and sadly this is my last one that i have right now i’m definitely gonna have to re-up and get some more but these are

Definitely amazing so if you guys know whenever i’m doing like competitions or prepping which i’m not competition prepping right now but when i do i use oxy stretch from hp labs and it’s basically like a thermogenic fat burner all right so you have three different oxy trays you have the non-stem which has no caffeine then you have the one that’s next up is the

Regular oxy shred and then you have the oxy shred hardcore if you feel a little bit hardcore you know i’m saying so those are the three oxy treads and this is the canned drinks that they came out with which is definitely amazing and it was a great idea and these taste great so it has 180 milligrams caffeine which isn’t too crazy like your typical energy drink has

About like 200 you know with caffeine in there and this seems to get me going through my workouts and the first time i had it like i had an amazing workout i was sweating for sure when i was in gym i don’t know if it was just hot the gym or you know the oxygen but i was in there sweating but this stuff has been really good and the pina colada tastes just like

Pina colada so if you’re a big fan of pina colada like pineapple stuff definitely recommend that you give this a try and yeah these are amazing it comes in a pack of 12. and yeah the can design is really nice it’s like a sleek you know give y’all 360 of the can that’s what the can looks like boom so yeah if you guys are looking for a great like energy boost a

Little bit of caffeine nothing too crazy doesn’t give you that jittery antsy feeling as well and it doesn’t make you crash with into your workouts like i feel great throughout the day after i drink these and it’s really smooth subtle and this is a carbonated drink by the way as well i like carbonated energy drinks because i feel like it reminds you of a soda and

It’s kind of similar in a sense you know what i’m saying but yeah we got this oxy shred ultra energy this is pina colada like i said highly recommend really really good 9 out of 10 on this really amazing so you guys check it out use my code malik star to support me i’d really appreciate it it’ll save you money on getting you some of these hear the fizz that’s

The carbonation whoa good stuff good stuff the first sip always hits different like that first tip anybody agree whenever you open a carbonated drink you take that first sip it’s just like i’m really sad this is my last one though i’m not gonna lie i gotta get some more i do but yeah i’m gonna go ahead and start drinking this before i head to the gym and i’m also

Going to show you some new pickups that i got from jed north before i head to the gym so you guys stay tuned don’t go anywhere all right so here we have this box got some stuff from north empty that out just like that all right so first up we got this acid wash t-shirt and a size large i want to say this is an oversized tee so usually when i get oversized tees i

Get in the large because xl seems to be a little bit too big for me so this is a size large really nice design i like the color right here it feels really good and it’s really stylish if like where this in the gym and outside the gym so really nice shirt with this one and then we’re going to move over to this tie dye i’m not a huge fan of tie dye shirts but this

Is what was in the box so we’re gonna make it rock so this is like a pink and white as well colorway um i don’t have a lot of pink stuff so this is a new one in my collection got the gen north logo there this is a size large and then when you flip it to the back you got like this this cotton like line on the back which i think is a pretty nice design as well so

Yeah that’s that and then we also have it in like a grayish colorway and i actually kind of like this one because it’s like it’s low-key tie-dye but it’s not like majorly tie-dye so you got the jet north logo there as well and then when you flip it on the back you have the gray mining there as well so that’s really really nice and then we’re going to move on

To my favorite pieces right here so you got these like sweats from jed north really nice sweats you got the logo right there on these you got the jaw strings right there and then to match we got this jet north hoodie so the joggers are size large and the hoodie is the size xl you got the jet north right there embroidered on the front which is really nice

You got the pockets down here and this is just going to be a nice cozy fit i’m going to put together definitely going to take some pictures in it real soon so yeah guys be sure to check out jet north as well i also have a code i’ll look down in the description malik 15 if you want to get some nice clothes for the gym from jet north check them out they got some

Really nice stuff they also have this in a different color they got this gray colorway like a charcoal gray and then they have the black colorway and then they have like a beige colorway which is really nice so check it out go to the site and get you some nice drip for the gym all right so i started with a little bit of abs and i did some mobility a little bit

Of stretching and then the first exercise that you guys saw me do was adductors and abductors so i did three sets of 15 to 20 reps on each of those making sure that you control the reps don’t go too fast control it feel the burn and that was the first exercise so now we’re moving over to the hack squat so right here i have this band attachment so this is just

Like a green band that they had so if you have a hack squat and you’re trying to add like a resistance attachment just put this on there so basically it makes it heavier at the top and when you get to the bottom it’s a little bit lighter so i got this green band you just attach it with like one of these clips that’s used on the cable and that’s pretty much how i

Do that and i just put it in the center so that it’s even so put that in the center and then adjust the hack squats all right so i am back home that workout was brutal i’m exhausted so i’m about to get a protein shake i’ll show you guys what i’m using so let’s see where it’s at boom all right so if you’ve been on the channel you already know and if you don’t

You bout to know so we have iso pet from ehp labs gonna be using that to make a protein shake and yeah it’s gonna be two scoops of this with some creatine and i’m probably gonna add like oats and all that good stuff to it as well i’m probably gonna make a video on like the shake that i make so you guys can know because i’m currently lean bulking so i’m putting

On size and i think it would be helpful to you guys so yeah i’m gonna be getting some of that in protein by the shower get ready for work and just get the rest of the day going so i hope you guys enjoyed this video i tried my best to explain you know the workout and everything like that and just get back on the youtube grind and get a video out gonna be trying to

Get more videos out staying consistent on that part and you know just tracking my journey of training and things like that so you guys stay tuned make sure you subscribe if you’re not subscribed to the channel and i will catch you guys in the next video

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