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Philips Sonicare 4300 Electric Toothbrush Opening & Hands On Review

Flora Couper opens and reviews the Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4300 Electric Toothbrush.

Hi i’m flo um i’m a dental hygienist and i am a big huge fan of sonicare toothbrushes i’ve recommended them to my patients ever since they came out which must be um 15 20 years ago now i’m guessing um and there’s been lots of changes and advancements um in them so um i’m so excited to have received my sonic hair toothbrush which is actually a pink colored

Toothbrush so that’s definitely a great advancement on what was originally offered which they were they were all quite one of the main reasons that i love sonicare and the reason that i fell in love with it is because it works in a very very very similar way to one of the tools that we use in the dental practice called an ultrasonic scaler and an ultrasonic

Scaler uses thousands of vibrations that come over a metal tip and are delivered into the gum area and what they do is they break up the bacterial cell wall and they deliver oxygen in there so it really helps to sort of oxygenate all the gum area and bacteria that cause gum disease do not like oxygen now one of the the sonicare toothbrush works in a very very

Similar way to that except there is no metal tip you’ll be glad to hear and it’s a nice soft brush a bristle brush just like a normal toothbrush and and the vibrations are much less but what the what the sonicare one here is telling us the one that i’m just about to open actually is telling us that there are 31 000 brush strokes per minute okay so that’s a lot

Of vibrations and a lot of attack of the bacteria and staining and on your teeth so what we’re going to do is i’m going to now go ahead and open the box let’s have a look inside it’s always very exciting opening boxes this may be the consumer junkie that i am okay so a nice little neatly packaged box what i’m really pleased to see is um what i’m really pleased

To see is the box is just basic cards really good for recycling the we’ve got instructions here and then the toothbrush comes in a nice easy like egg carton type box and again really good for the environment so well done sonic hair i’m really pleased to see to see that so what do we have inside so we’ve got our lovely pink toothbrush how nice is that really

Nice so with the um you could see there just a button to press on and off and here’s the indicators at the bottom but i’ll show you those when we’ve got it all set up a really nice and it actually feels really good it feels quite nice in in your hand so that’s the the um the the toothbrush main part okay and then we’ve got this um toothbrush and i’ll tell you

A little bit about the toothbrush as well i’ve got a little bit of plastic packaging around that okay so here’s the toothbrush it comes with um a cover um and this is really good for if you’re traveling okay these things are always great for when you’re traveling so that this is not in your toiletry bag and things and when you’re using your toothbrush though

Please keep this and keep the satin and leave it to dry in the air because that’s much much much better and to keep the brush clean but however we’ll keep this on just now so really simply this just clicks into place really simple and that’s attached to the toothbrush okay so we also have um the charger so we will have to charge this up so we’ve got the charger

And i always love when companies think ahead and we’ve got a little case here so this is a really great compact case for when you’re traveling or when we’re allowed to travel again actually so what i’m going to do is um charge up the electric toothbrush and then i’m going to demonstrate how you use this brush and how to position this little brush against the gum

So that you get a really really nice clean and that real wow feeling after you’ve brushed your teeth so i now have the brush ready to be charged the next thing i need to do is put some toothpaste on usually manufacturers will tell you to put water on the brush first and then the toothpaste in my experience of electric toothbrushes the vibrations do stimulate

A bit more salivary flow so i tend not to put any water on and you’ll notice that as i’m going around i’ve got a less need to be constantly spitting out which means that i’m getting much more of the concentration of the toothpaste on my teeth where it needs to be instead of doing the same query often usually it’s so we’re just going to put some toothpaste on

Here we’ll pop a pea size amount on i’m going to before i switch the brush on i am going to place it in my mouth or else that would be quite a big spray okay so we’re going to start up at the back and then i’m going to come round to the front and then i’ll stop so okay so i’ve cleaned this side which i must say does feel pretty incredible it’s amazing even

As a dental hygienist imagine the difference between one side to another side which was this morning since i brush my teeth i highly recommend the philips sonicare toothbrush this brush will remove plaque efficiently it will help to buffer off staining as it’s developing leaving you with a brighter fresher smile

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Philips Sonicare 4300 Electric Toothbrush Opening & Hands On Review By Defacto Dentists