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Philips Sonicare Kids (HX6311/17) Electric Toothbrush Review

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This is the philips sonicare for kids electric toothbrush i’m here to give you my thoughts feedback and opinion having been using this for a few weeks now so the first thing to note that there is a full written review that accompanies this video see the link in the description for that it goes into a lot more detail but i’ll give you a good overview of this electric

Toothbrush in this video of course i’m not a kid but we did seek the opinion of children in reviewing this electric toothbrush to try and give you as parents and guardians good honest use of feedback on this electric toothbrush so sigh care have a great reputation in the electric toothbrush market and this one designed specifically for kids is very good as well as

You would expect the first thing you’ll probably notice about it is the bold design and that’s what stands out firstly you’ve got this kind of aqua green colored grip that runs primarily on the back and the sides of the handle there’s loads of raised contour grips make it easy for children small hands to grip on to there’s also this clever little ridge here it means

That when the brush is laid down it doesn’t roll about it stays flat and you’ll see that this front panels got this kind of bold colored design on it this is actually a sticker you got eight stickers included in the pack that allow your kids to customize it you can buy spares as well so depending on their taste they can kind of change this and basically encourages

Them to brush their teeth a little bit more now this is designed for children aged three years and a buff you shouldn’t use for children younger than that use a manual brush that you get supplied with one interchangeable brush head this is a compact brush head designed for the sort of small amounts of say children three six seven years old what’s particularly nice

About this is the back of the brush head is actually coated in rubber rather than the gloss plastic you tend to see on adult brushes making it softer on children’s mouths unfortunate is no indicator bristles on this brush head so you’ve kind of got to remember roughly when the brush head was first fitted because you should change the brush head every three months

As you’ll probably aware and those indicator bristles available on some brushes can be quite helpful so the brush offers up to 31,000 movements minute you’ve got this single power button on the front here which actually turns the brush on you’ve got a little led on here which gives you information about the battery status and to show that the brush is actually

Running and then you have another button down here which allows you to choose between essentially what are two kind of intensities or cleaning modes if you like so you’ve got extra gentle and gentle depending on the child so you can have it a little bit more sensitive or a little bit more of an invigorating clean if you want that deeper cleaning for your child

Now it’s recommended you generally supervise your child when brushing their teeth but what this brush does is to help encourage and educate kids not only is it bold and interactive the brush has a built-in timer and pacer so as you’re probably aware you should clean your teeth for two minutes twice a day so a timer kicks in as soon as you press that power button

On and it counts down at 30-second intervals the pacer kicks in and gives a pause in the motion to encourage you to change quadrants so you get even brushing across your child’s mouth at the end of the two minutes the brush will automatically power off to signal the end of the claim and also conserve battery life as well so you actually get a three-week usage time

From the battery this brassy it’s a lithium ion battery really good solid performance the brush handle itself is water resistant and there’s a two-year warranty on offer from sonicare as well when you do need to recharge it you use the supplied charging stand that comes in the box that charging stand has a two pin plug that connects to sockets in bathrooms here

In the uk works on 110 to 240 volts so if you travel all you need is a plug adapter so that the brush simply sits on there to recharge the battery and you get status information via the led on this power button about the condition of the battery life now to the price of this electric toothbrush now sonicare do often command a premium and that’s the same with this

Child’s electric toothbrush the retail price of this is actually 52 pounds which is lower than i’d anticipated the typical selling price depending on where and when you buy is somewhere around about thirty pounds when you price that over three years as we like to do here at electric teeth including the cost of replacement brush heads it works out around about 10

Pence per day which i think is very good value given the features that this brush offers the encouragement that you get from your children from the bright colors it’s a little bit more fun and interactive for them to use so overall it’s a very good electric toothbrush but i would also urge you to consider looking at the next model up the philips sonicare for kids

Konnected that has bluetooth connectivity is a premium price to be paid for that but there are some advantages to be had in terms of the extra coat encouragement and engagement that the child has so as a full written review as i say that accompanies this video check the link in the description but until next time thanks for watching

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Philips Sonicare Kids (HX6311/17) Electric Toothbrush Review By Electric Teeth