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Hello Lovelies,

Oh hey welcome back to my channel i am coming to you once again with an amazing product that i am super stoked to be talking guys about and if you are new to my channel and you haven’t seen the product review from back in february then definitely go watch that today is a similar video but a different brand and i’m just excited to show you guys honestly

They have sold me over i used to be a manual toothbrush person yes i know no longer am i that person i am all about the electronic toothbrush and after i talk to you guys about this a little bit you will be sold too so if you’re new to my channel please make sure you subscribe like this video as it does help my channel and without further ado let’s get into the

Video alright so the product is the affiliate sonic electronic toothbrush again back in february i made a similar review on another electronic toothbrush that i still currently use i’m super excited to use this one it has an added feature which is the whitening feature and i’m super excited to see how that works because i’m on social media and god knows i need

My teeth white so i’m definitely super excited to try this out and give you guys my review on it before i actually go do that i want to give you my first impression i just opened the box and look at this beauty okay first of all it’s black you can’t go wrong with that it can be a perfect gift for anybody and it has a nice little cover i really am digging that

I did not have that in the last product and i really like that feature because if you’re going somewhere you’re traveling this is perfect for that it doesn’t rub against anything you don’t need to take your whole box you can just take the toothbrush and the charger and you are good to go so first impression i love it so this is awesome it has the modes right

Here this is super beautiful and you basically just pull it off like that when you need to switch them they come with the replacements and honestly what i love is that you can charge it for three hours and it will last you 60 days that’s two whole months of not even needing to charge your toothbrush okay what more could you ask for not to mention with eight

Dupont heads that will last you two years i mean come on how often do you buy a manual toothbrush exactly my point so it has that it has a 40 000 pm high vibration and a two minute smart timer so once the two minutes are up you know that you have brushed your teeth for the amount of time that is necessary to properly brush your teeth it also has five cleaning

Modes that i explained to you in the beginning of the video and a power reminder so guys i mean the proof is in the pudding right so let’s go ahead now that you have seen the product you have heard a little bit about the product oh let me not forget this cute little charger that i stated a little while ago once you charge it again it is similar to the other one

You get your main base from your phone charger or what have you you connect it in there and then you connect your toothbrush like so and you’re good to go once it’s charged and then it lasts you 60 days you can’t ask for anything else once it’s done you can disconnect the charger and put it away for two months not have to worry about it again all right let’s go

Into the restroom and get these teeth whites here we are look at that beauty all right let me get some toothpaste on here i’m ready all right let’s do this not sure about these mo jam maybe i should have waited to put toothpaste but we’re gonna do it people what do you think are they completely white did it do the magic all right so first impression i

Love it so let me just go ahead and explain the different modes this little leaf looking thing is the sensitive mode the next one is the cleaning mode it has like little bubbles over the tooth the next one is the whitening mode there you go and then we have the polish mode there you go and then finally this is the massage mode okay the massage one always

Feels quite funny but i love it i would recommend that if you buy this you try every single mode your first time if you have very sensitive teeth i really like this mode because as you can hear it has just one stationary vibration and i think that will be perfect for your teeth so that you don’t feel the awkwardness of the vibration or anything like that i

Myself have very sensitive teeth but i can handle all of them so if i can i’m sure you can trust me so first impression i absolutely love it i definitely recommend this product and you can get it off of amazon i can provide the link down below if you’re interested also i wanted to make sure to mention that this is waterproof and i love that feature because you

Can brush your teeth in the shower with no problem it gets wet perfect that’s fine nothing’s gonna happen to it literally gonna show you now see that there’s water all over it nothing is gonna happen to your toothbrush it’s not gonna affect it in any bad way and it doesn’t affect the battery because it is waterproof so you are good to go brush brush your teeth

In the in the pool if you want brush your teeth in a jacuzzi brush your teeth in the ocean wherever you want to brush your dang teeth just do it just do it you guys all right i hope you enjoyed this video this product review and i absolutely love doing these because i will never do you guys wrong i try these products and if i believe in it and i use it myself

And i love it why not share it with you guys right so again thanks for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it i hope you learned something out of it if you have any questions about the product please message me down below and i will be happy to answer it and with that said i hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed day love you guys so hard have a great

Day see you in my next video bye

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PHYLIAN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH: Product Review/Unboxing By Gloria’s Vlog Life