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PRA7 Reviews Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

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Hey everyone this is andrew with pra seven reviews and we just got this so this is a fitness reality 1000 rowing machine so it looks like the model number is 26 36 walk around the box i think the shipping weight of it was like 78 pounds did a lot of research and this one had probably the best reviews and we will take it out of the box put together and see what we

Think alright so have the box open and then i will get a shot with all the pieces and then we will assemble it alright so we got the foot straps manual with batteries this is what’s inside the box so we will put it together alright so let’s take a look so here’s the seat obviously that’s the front it feels really nice it’s the rowers different screws the main rail

This would be there back leg needs actually flip at some point so i haven’t upside down right now but these would allow you to do like kind of chin-ups or something so it allows you to hold the machine down and use this bar and rather than doing the rowing you can actually pull it up then this is the main unit here it’s got a nice screen this degrees peeling off

But again it looks really nice i didn’t see a power cord so i don’t know if it can just run off the back piece i guess some of the tension it’s already said it the lowest so let’s get it together and we’ll try it out alright so we got the manual right here got some of the tools alright use some of the first step things so this does sync with an app called my club

Fitness night i’ve installed it but i haven’t tried it yet it also looks like they have a rowing instructors i’m not sure quite go that far and then they will think you think so what we’ve done so far first step was to put the seat on now a this wasn’t on air yet and just a word of caution when you’re putting the seat on over this end don’t have your fingers in

There smash them so learn from my mistakes so then this definitely glides really nice so first step was to screw this stop on right here right and matches the one up there and then put these legs on as you can see there’s a cord up there and then this tap just goes in here so then that parts done i’ll show you the manual real quick and all your parts just that’s

Just exploded view so it does list every single part and then this is the step 1 step 2 and then this is where i am right now so i’m about to put the step so i guess on the front and then i’ll be back alright so i’m putting this part on and so how do you use this tool which is a little bit this is the larger allen wrench there’s a little bit smaller it’s only

Has a screw driver now in theory you would think when you’re putting it on especially when you can only use that end you would you know spin it around this way but if they had made it just a little bit shorter you spin all the way around without having to take it out it’s not a big deal but i’m just going and then what it is under here tight these are the stand

On when you’re in a standing position pulling the thing but also you can have they slip forward and if you pair the rollers on it so you can roll the device around so anyway that’s that and i will go on to the next step all right so that really took no time at all to put together so here’s the completed item it’s got the footsteps so i was talking about so you

Would put your feet here you can pull the bar this way and actually do exercises that way or and this is really nice nicely padded everything feels solid so the foot rests wiggle they strap in and there’s a bolt down there to keep from going too far so you have the seat get the back legs and here you have the adjustment different bar so you can pop this out remove

This and this will fold up and then so i guess as i’m moving it’s already counting i’m not even doing a thing so you can hold it down and reset it and then it’ll automatically power off after 20 minutes and that’s it so i’m gonna try it out again i don’t have it on a very they started on the initial setting but i mean it feels like really nice quality uhm smells

Plasticky but then this just popped out and then came with the batteries you put the batteries in there and then somehow and i haven’t messed with that yet it had is there happen and you can set a phone or an ipad or something brightness little holder so if you do one of these you’ll have something to look at but it’ll also a little track your makes it work out

Your activity so i’ll try it out i installed the app i haven’t obviously don’t make sort of sank or anything yet but free health everything is a nice finish you just turn that and it supposedly gives it out makes a little bit more tricky so i mess with it and let some thanks alright so i think for the price point this assembled well it looks really nice it feels

Nice i tried a few the little exercises and that all seems pretty nice as well so i’ll have a follow-up video at some point once we use it a little bit and try it out i guess it does have adjustments right there on the back but uh so farm pleased so i’ll have a link below the video to this device so you can buy one yourself or shop around but again this had really

Good ratings it was in a really nice price category yeah there are a lot fancier ones there’s the water ones but they tend to be double the price so we’ll have a follow up please subscribe and give us a like and if you have any questions let me know i try and be really good about answering questions as quick as i can and then they cast like it too so thanks have a great day

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PRA7 Reviews Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine By PRA7 Reviews