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Pucchimon Evolves + Gammamon Evolving to Mega Soon | Digimon Ghost Game Episode 50 Review

This week, we finally get to find out how Pucchimon evolves and maybe we get to see Gammamon evolve to Mega soon.

Hello everyone and welcome to the digimon ghost game video this time i’m going to be going over the most recent episode of the series which is episode 50 payback now this episode had another instance of the month of the week being creepily obsessed with the human of the week in the same way that we had in the ajao taraman episode so the mod of the week is pujimon

And this episode focuses around another schoolmate of kyoshiro and hiro called briku now riku is a little bit lonely because his friends have just gone away and this attracts the attention of a lonely poochimon who starts doing favors in helping riku out in social situations however each time poochimon wants the exact in return he won’t accept just like oh i’ll

Buy you some extra chocolate in return as like a thanks he wants the exact same thing or or something that’s exact enough when riku can’t provide for each of this bit of payback poochimon starts counting each instance of this happening and then at some point he actually evolves now this evolution was mentioned in the synopsis a few weeks ago in the episode guide

Listings so that’s why i’m kind of mentioning in the thumbnail i’m mentioning it in the title otherwise i probably wouldn’t or try not to as many people have tried to tell me in the comments below about how to avoid spoilers better but i’m not counting this one because it was said in the synopsis many weeks ago so if you weren’t aware of that my apologies but any

Case the evolution itself all the pretty what he evolves to is actually a surprise now when i originally read the synopsis i thought that it would just be hoochimon evolving to the green variant of pokemon so i sort of kind of dampened my expectations for that however i was actually really surprised when pokemon actually evolved to may crackmon this was surprising

I would never have predicted that to happen as an evolution as far as i’m aware put him on and may crackmon don’t have anything to do with each other other than both being kind of related to digimon adventure with poochimon being the armor form of wormon and may crackmon obviously being makumon from digimon adventure try but that’s basically the only connection

That these characters have so in a case we have pokemon evolving into my crackmon huge surprise i do like when digimon surprised me with the evolutions i’m a big fan of when digimon do evolutions that are surprising because evolutions in this franchise haven’t always been some completely linear especially the virtual pets when for example on the version 2 we have

Gabumon evolve into angelmon they’re not always super linear they don’t have to always follow some sort of theme when they’re evolving so i don’t mind this evolution it’s kind of creepy as well i’m glad they went with a really creepy form rather than just changing it to be the green variant of pokemon i’m glad that it was an actual evolution to a digimon rather

Than just like oh he changed colors i guess but in any case that’s what happens so may crack one continues to kind of try to help riku out but riku starts to get more and more creeped out by mccrackmon’s affections and intentions especially when he can’t actually repay may crackmon in the same way that she wants for example she makes him a freshly squeezed juice

With an apple and then wants an immediate repayment for this so riku goes to the vending machine and gets her a can of apple juice which she says isn’t the same because she wants the exact same thing riku then explains to her that because he’s a human and she’s a digimon they’re different so they can’t always provide the same sort of thing may crackmon takes this

As a reason to start making riku look more like may crackmon by making him sharpen his fingernails so she so he can have claws like her and pulling on the ears so ricky can have ears like her so it gets kind of creepy real fast rooku clearly doesn’t like this because who honestly would and leaves which attracts the attention of kyoshiro and hiro who end up going

To save riku and then explaining to me crackmon again that digimon and humans are different so they can have different sort of things but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends however may crackmon still gets offended by this and ends up telling riku that she hates him and they don’t want to doesn’t be friends with him anymore and then leaves and just a quick

Bit to edit in when i was sort of compiling my thoughts and later on when i was discussing them on the podcast recording for this week’s episode i did come up with a few points that i didn’t end up mentioning in my super quick video which is the one that you’re watching at the moment and that’s the fact that i actually did like parts of the episode especially the

Portrayal of pokemon being basically just a bad friend and a fairly realistic bad friend as well despite the fact that there are digimon in this episode the fact the pokemon views favors and helping out a friend as a transaction rather than just something you do because you’re a good friend is very realistic and did hit home for me because i have had friends who

Want to help but only so they can get something out of it so they do something and they’re like okay what are you gonna do for me in return and if you thank them in your own way like how ricky did in this episode he said hey have some chocolates i’ve had friends who say that’s not enough this is what i did for you what are you going to do to make up to it well

You need to make up to me somehow because i helped you in this way and that’s something i realized in the podcast that’s not something i really addressed in my actual video which is as i said the one you’re watching now which makes this episode rather emotional and something that i didn’t think of until i was formulating my notes for the podcast so i just thought

It would be good for me to just quickly interject my own thoughts of something that i realized after doing this video because it’s an important fact it’s an important thing and i’m wondering if because this is a kids show if this will help out any kids realizing that they have friends who may not be the best friends that they could possibly have which yeah as i

Said this this is a human fear and it’s except for the fact that we did him on this episode it is something that’s realistic this is something that humans can do this is what humans do do there’s a lot of humans who are like this where they will help you but only for their own benefit they won’t do something out of the goodness of their heart they’ll just do it

For themselves and that’s something that put your mom was doing in this episode and i think why i may have been more negative about this is because i was sad this episode made me feel something and sometimes when a show makes you feel something i may say oh i don’t like that feeling so that was bad but then and the same sort of thing happened to the ajat hormone

Episode after i’ve thought about it a bit i realized oh no i was meant the writers wanted me to feel that way i felt bad because i was sympathetic to the character and i was sympathetic to riku because i’ve had friends that have treated me like that in the past where they don’t help you to help you they help you to either have leverage over you or because they want

Something over it and and that’s just that’s not a good friend and i really actually appreciated how they portrayed that bad friend type in this episode and i i guess that those are my additional thoughts and on to the rest of my thoughts in this video enjoy you know i should probably formulate my thoughts better because about five seconds after i finish that last

Recording i was like oh no no i have another thought so my last and hopefully final thought before i can actually let you get on to the rest of this video is that i did appreciate how the end of the episode showed that sometimes you can’t just talk out your problems you can’t just like convince someone that they’re in the wrong you can’t just say hey that’s not

How you act and have the person or in this case digimon go oh okay my bad i’ll be good now sometimes characters can’t just improve like that and i do appreciate that that the show finally said hey look he’s a character who is not going to be convinced otherwise may pretend that they’re okay with it and then just go nah i’m awful and i do appreciate that and ghost

Game has done that a few times but it’s done it i felt like it was done more in a better way in this episode and i think those are my thoughts ah so i guess hopefully um i’ll put you on to the video that i recorded hours ago now instead of just me from like five seconds later with headphones on because i’m editing and uh yeah so uh enjoy the rest of the video and

Hopefully i won’t have any more future thoughts for the recording from hours ago so we have another instance of a digimon that doesn’t die doesn’t get befriended and just kind of leaves at the end of the episode to go be evil or go be creepy somewhere else in the same way that we have for lesmont or zazamon for example who were months of the week who didn’t get

Reformed at the end of the episode didn’t get befriended and didn’t get murderized so or sent back the digital world i guess which is another option so then may crackmon is at large for a future episode which brings me to my next point is that i believe we’re going to be going into more of a climax and i know whenever i say that it ends badly but when i say this

I don’t mean ending the next few weeks i’m saying that it’s going to start showing plot related things happening in this series maybe not for an ending the next few months but i definitely feel like it’s going to be going somewhere in terms of plot in one way i know that i have a feeling that gamamon will be reaching his mega form soon on the basis that december’s

Issue of psycho jump which is coming out in early december will have a promo card with gamamon’s mega form which is cyrusmon who we previously knew about from the vital abrasive ve information so there’s that thing that we do have that promo card coming out in early december so we’re now in like early november so in about a month i’m expecting us to have a mega

Form of gamamorn which has to have some formal plot to go along with it or at least i’m expecting it to i’m hoping it does maybe not a huge amount of plot because it’s just ghost game ghost game is episodic with just slight hints of plot now and then but i’m expecting another bit of plot maybe something bigger than what privacy had i’m not expecting this in the

Next week because when we saw the preview for next week’s episode and i actually it’s pretty vague anything could happen but i don’t feel like that looks like it’s going to be a plot heavy episode looks like it’s going to be a weird like horror episode with some ghosts which looks cool we’re doing the actual ghosts finally in ghost game but i don’t feel like we’re

Going to be doing much plot in that episode and i don’t feel like we’re going to be doing any evolutions unless they that’s what they want us to think which could be entirely possible we didn’t get many shots of gammon in the preview for example but that could very well be on purpose they could be kind of just making us think something else it wouldn’t be the first

Time the ghost game has tried to mislead our thoughts so yes i’m expecting us to have serous mon by the end of the year i don’t know why but i feel like that would be a good christmas episode um i’m not sure if it’s because he looks vaguely christmassy and by vaguely christmassy i mean he has some white and red uh he could look vaguely like father christmas um i

Don’t know that could just it could just be me let me know in the comments if i’ve just gone crazy if the heat is finally getting to me or if he’s just vaguely father christmasy and i feel like that’ll be a good christmas episode because we didn’t get one last year mainly because the episode came out the day after christmas and oh no i feel like we’re still i feel

Like i i feel like it could be a christmas episode so maybe by christmas we get a serious gammon so that could be exciting a new evolution for gamamon and we finally get some mega forms and hopefully maybe a little bit of plot as a christmas treat but any case those are my thoughts and predictions in relation to ghost game for this week let me know your thoughts

Predictions and tell me i’m crazy in the comments below like this video if you think i’m crazy or whatever and subscribe if you haven’t already because i have covered a lot of digimon videos and if you like this video chances are you’ll probably like my other videos where i also talk about digimon go figure it’s a digimon channel but uh yes so thanks for watching

Like comment subscribe i know i already said that but just as a reminder and of course i’ll see the next video bye foreign

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