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QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Care – Day & Night Eye Cream | Review

What, is, up, every, body, SO… We tested the QMS Eye Cream today……….. My thoughts? Also see February BoxyCharm linked below! xo – I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Make sure to like this video so I know what kind of content you guys want to see, leave a comment so we can talk, subscribe if you want to watch more & hit the notification bell to be notified of when I post next!

What is up everybody so i wanted to come on here and start talking about this product that i received in february zoster if you haven’t seen february’s box charm i’ll have the link down below and i’ll have a little information right here so you can check it out i got this little guy right here ich ums many cosmetics intensive i care day and night eye cream this

Little bad boy retails for a hundred and thirty two dollars one hundred and thirty two i’m making this video because i’m gonna test this every week i’m gonna come on here and tell you guys my thoughts for four weeks i’m gonna test it out for the first time tonight obviously i’m not gonna have thoughts but i’m gonna test it out and i’ll tell you guys how i feel

About like how it feels on my face and blah blah blah we’ll see what i think of this guy and if it’s worth $132 let’s find out alright guys so i went ahead and washed my face but truth be told when i do this for tina or probably apply this first so that’s why i’m following it as i normally think that i would and i’m applying it first if it changes i’ll let you know

But fresh wash face my face is already getting tight because it has no products on it and i’m gonna start by applying this but firstly i want to open it up so little tiny jar firstly this lid feels cheap it does have a protective cover i was gonna say if there’s no protective cover this is this is already not worth it but it does i’m gonna take the product off of

The little cap first let’s just let’s jump right in shall we okay i already applied a little too much when i just go to my other eye this is a quite like in-between consistency like it’s not too thick and it’s not thin but it just applies very very well that i will say so far okay so far that actually feels really nice um the biggest thing obviously i can’t tell

About anti-aging bla bla bla bla bla dark circles because it’s only the first night but right away my under eyes feel entirely hydrated like they feel good but i’m not gonna spend a hundred and thirty two dollars just because my under eyes feel hydrated i need to see a different i’m even bringing it down because this area here we tend to be a little more rough

With so i’m bringing it all the way down that’s just using a little dip from the cap that’s it didn’t even touch what’s in the jar yet so far one application i’m noticing that my eyes are really hydrated i took before pictures so i can compare if there’s a difference in my skin after four weeks and i’m gonna take one every week on the sunday so this is what we

Have right now i’m gonna go put on the rest of my skincare and i’ll touch base with you guys next week now i am gonna be using this morning and night i didn’t mention that i’ll be using this morning at night with my morning routine my night routine before anything goes in my face this is what i’m gonna do unless i notice that i want to change it but i’ll let you

Guys know next week how’s it going guys okay so before i look at the picture i took last week yes my voice is a little and that you know beautiful anyways i don’t notice anything different i noticed that my eyes are a lot more hydrated definitely but i don’t notice anything like in terms of how my skin looks around the eye anything like that so i’m not too sure

What’s happening i mean they make a lot of claims on their product about fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration whether that be redness or dark circles or they make a lot of claims and i’m not seeing too much i think my eyes look the same but maybe that’s just me i think my eyes look fairly the same well let’s take a look at the picture i took last week yeah

I don’t think i looked at different and if i’m being honest i don’t think my eyes look that different i think i still have the same little lines right in here maybe see it’s kind of gone down just the tiniest bit actually no but i’m looking at it maybe the darkness is going down to what now that i’m actually looking i did have a little bit of darkness on my lid

I think i still have that darkness honestly but honestly i’m kind of looking at it now and i think maybe a little bit of the darkness run away yeah i’m looking closer now and i think it’s the same guys i think everything looks the same like i said no real up right now except for the hydration i think honestly it hydrates my eyes very well but i’m not gonna pay

A hundred and thirty two dollars just for hydration under my eyes sorry not sorry i can find another product for maybe ten dollars so does that i’m not gonna spend a hundred thirty two dollars for that so so far i’m not saying it’s a bad product i’m just saying i’m not seeing it now i am younger this might work different on differently aged skin i don’t know but

This isn’t really doing much for me at this point now it’s only been a week i’m pretty much at my same thought that i was in the first day of using it using it not using i will touch base with you guys next week because unfortunately i don’t have much more to say okay you guys it is now two weeks after the start date all i’m really noticing is the hydration so i’m

Gonna take another picture so i can compare again i’m just gonna look back on the picture i took before now honestly guys there isn’t not much of a difference yeah i’m looking and there really isn’t that much of a difference so again the hydration is great but for 132 dollars u.s. i can go out and get something free maybe from five dollars that would give me the

Same amount of hydration if not more it might even actually do something for the darkness or something like that this is not doing anything for darkness to me in my opinion this is not going well like that but it’s not doing anything cuz again it hydrates and i feel the hydration i feel it’s nice again like i don’t know like i do think it’s important to have an

Eye cream because you pull out your eyes in your eyes such a delicate area so having something that does that for my eyes like i do like it and i probably would go get something afterwards but not this cuz it’s not doing anything else and for a hundred and thirty two dollars it better work magic in which it’s not i can’t i can’t justify spending a hundred thirty

Two dollars of it just hydrates me like a hint so again it’s been two week i have another two weeks to go so i’ll keep you guys updated but that’s about it i’ll see you guys in a week okay guys this is my four week update i didn’t do the three week update just because i wasn’t seeing any difference and i wasn’t gonna be repetitive and keep on telling you guys the

Same thing over and over again so this is gonna be my final update i don’t notice that this did anything at all that’s my personal opinion it keeps me hydrated which again i’ve mentioned i enjoy but besides that i don’t notice anything at all is it because i have young skin and it’s meant to be more corrective for a more problematic skin maybe i’m gonna continue

Using it because the price point i mean honestly if i have it i’m gonna use it and there’s nobody else i know that would use it so i’m not gonna bother getting rid of it so i’m gonna continue to use it just because if i have the hydrating really does its job that’s the only thing though so i’m just gonna continue to use it until i have no more of it do i think it’s

Worth to buy for someone in my age group no i can’t speak for older skin or more pama matic skins so you can definitely try it but for the price point you can find something that definitely will work for your skin based on reviews that is a fraction of the cost so i wouldn’t spend the money on it to be perfectly honest with you i don’t think it’s worth it just

For hydration again i can’t speak on the other factors that they’ve claimed but i don’t think it’s worth it at all those are my thoughts i just want to clarify that these are my thoughts and my thoughts only you do not need to follow my thoughts if you don’t want to you don’t these are just my thoughts and opinions based off of my four weeks of using the product

And i haven’t been using it once a week i use it every day morning and night for four weeks 28 days i’ve been using this so i’m not i’m not fully satisfied with it so i’m just giving you guys my opinion if you stuck around for this video thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed and got some sort of feedback from this video all my soldiers are always link

Down below for you guys make sure to like comment subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to see when i post next and all that being said thank you guys once again so much for watching i hope you enjoyed and until next time i will see you all in the next video that guys

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QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Care – Day & Night Eye Cream | Review By Linda Alyss