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Review & Demo ~ it Cosmetics CC Cream Your Skin But Better

Style, Beauty, Anti-Aging, & Health for Women in Their Hot-Flash Years!

Hey everybody its angie and welcome to hot and flashy i am so excited to show you the makeup that i am wearing right now it is all from it cosmetics and they sent me a care package so nice of them i wrote to their customer service and said hey i do videos and reviews and i would love to review your products so if you’d like to send me some please do and they sent

Me the greatest little care package with three different products to sample but in a couple of colors each so let me show you what they sent the one that i’m most excited about is their cc cream so they sent me two vials of cc cream one in the light and one in the medium color so i have the medium on now and i’ll tell you about that in a minute they also sent

Me this really interesting mascara called tight line that has a tiny tiny little wand and you press it so tight up to your skin at your lash line that it does your tight lining while you’re putting on your mascara and anything that can save me a step i think is genius and they also sent me three lip glosses and these are anti-aging lip glosses so i am way into

This because oh my gosh the ingredients in these are unbelievable so let me tell you about each product individually and then i’m going to rush to the video where i show you as usual me applying the product so you can see what it looks like going on and what i look like before and after and then i’ll tell you i wear this all day and i’ll come back and i’ll tell

You how it wore at the end of the day it cosmetics stands for innovative technology cosmetics and the company was started by a woman named jamie kern and she develops all the project all the products in conjunction with plastic surgeons now let me tell you about the cc cream first here is what their marketing materials say about it your skin but better cc cream

This full-coverage cc cream is infused with an anti-aging hydrating serum plus spf 50 broad-spectrum uva uv uv be non chemical physical only sunscreen they completely original in a that truly merges high-performance skincare with the benefits of color correcting makeup the innovative formula is chock-full of anti-aging peptides nice and algae vitamins a c b and

E hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen plus it’s infused with a host of antioxidants and exotic natural botanicals and extracts including vitamin c licorice root avocado grapefruit lime and lemon peel oils for long term natural brightening and color correcting benefits additionally ingredients including aloe jojoba chamomile colloidal oatmeal and flour waters

Soothe and comfort even the most stressed and sensitive skin which mine is paraben free talc free cruelty free available in five shades fair light medium tan and rich using clinical instrumentation testing 100% showed a clinically measured increase in hydration of 79% after just 10 minutes and 100% showed a clinically measured increase in skin barrier repair of 48

Percent after 10 minutes so i love clinical stuff $38 available exclusively on qvc and let me just tell you a little bit about these cc creams so i was so psyched about these i actually had written saying that i was doing the the under eye concealer video and i wanted to try their under-eye concealer because it gets great reviews everywhere unfortunately

They didn’t send me that but you can’t look to look at gift horse in the mouth right so i’m just going with what they sent me but looking at the ingredients label on these they’re really interesting this is chock full of stuff i even see how you can fit this much stuff in a product but this is how much did you get in here you go just over an ounce 1.08 flew in

Ounces and as i said that’s $38 now check out the ingredient label on this here it are the active ingredients which is your sunblock most products that have a sunblock in them it contains like a 3% or a 5% or 3.5% of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide this one has 9% titanium dioxide and 6.3 percent zinc oxide so that’s why they’re able to label it as a 50 plus and

Of course you have to put on enough so the you get a nice you know relatively thick coating that’ll set up before you go out into the sun to get the whole 50 plus which is great now other ingredients in this now the first ingredient is water as it is with most things but the second one is snail secretion filtrate so this has some kind of i don’t want to call it

Snail slime but some kind of a snail secretion as the second ingredient which is you know fine with me i’m not sure what it does for your skin but hey if it makes the stuff go on nicely and glide over my skin then i am all for it then there is the standard bunch of try method cones and i’m out the cones here’s the rest of the ingredients label let’s see if i can

Get my camera to focus okay so here’s all the stuff and then it’s continued on this side of the package and look at all this stuff so everything that they say in the marketing that’s in there is really in there it does have the licorice root it does have the hobo oil and the grapefruit oil and all that other stuff so this is packed full of stuff let me show you

The video right now of me applying it and then i’ll come back and i’ll tell you how it wore for a full day and my thoughts on it overall your skin but better cc cream in medium now it has a air tight pump dispenser which is awesome really about 3/4 of a pump this has a very light light light light almost no scent at all but a little bit of a citrusy scent and

Feel is very much like a creamy so i’m a creamy moisturizer it doesn’t feel overly slippery like it has a million silicones in it and has a really nice you know sort of like a heavier moisturizer not a super light moisturizer feel but creamy and smooth alright so there it is all on its own my first impression of this is that i love the coverage it really did

A great job of applying smoothly with just my fingers didn’t have to use a brush or a sponge to get it to go on nicely it’s not blotchy it’s not streaky it’s not polka dotty where it’s sitting in my pores and i think the like i said the coverage is really excellent my redness through here is completely covered up i needed to put on a little bit extra for these

Giant zits that i have over here but in general everything else on my age spots and everything were covered in the first coat which as you saw i use less than one full pump so from the coverage standpoint this is awesome i like the feel of it because it doesn’t feel overly silicone ii and it doesn’t feel overly thick and greasy either it just has a really nice

Creamy texture now that i have it on it’s not like i can smell it on my face i could smell it when i first put it on my hands and now i can’t smell it at all the finish i think is really quite nice and skin like it is you know slightly light reflective like a satin or velvet kind of finished it’s not completely matte but it’s not shiny and luminous either and it

Doesn’t have any sparkle to it which is awesome at my age so all in all i am so far really happy with it of course i have to wear it all day to see how it goes i’m just going to put a little bit of blush and some setting powder over this i actually like this color on me this is the medium it’s a little bit warmer and it’s nice so it warms up my face and it’s

A really good match for my skintone i’m gonna say i’m so glad that they sent this to me because i didn’t know that it was out there on the market it seems terrific it’s one of the first bb or cc creams that i have actually liked on first application alright so as you could see in the video i was very pleased with the application it went on really smoothly i

Think it looks really good the medium is a great match for my skin tone it feels nice it feels weightless i can’t feel it on there it’s dry to the touch i wore it all day a few days ago and i have to tell you that it lasted all day i did have just a slight amount of breakthrough in my t-zone and shininess so around i probably put it on at nine or ten o’clock in

The morning around 6 in the afternoon i was a little shiny so i just used a blotting paper and that was it and that worked fine but i wasn’t like a complete shiny mess like i am with most of the bb creams that i’ve tried and i didn’t have to reapply the powder all day this stayed in place it sets up to a nice dry finish so it i don’t feel like it’s coming off all

Day on tissues and my phone or my hands all day so that was great so i this is one of the very first cc creams if you’ve watched any of my other videos you know the hunt that i’ve been on between tinted moisturizers bb creams cc creams for something i could just put on that would even out my skin tone and look great all day and this is it it’s fantastic and i’m

Not just saying that because they send it to me for free you know i tell it like it is i’ve gotten two other things for free that i hate it so let me just show you the two colors they sent me the light and the medium now for me the light was a little bit greyish and you know so if you have more of a neutral undertone that might be better for you so here i just

Wanted to swatch it on my hand to show you it has a really nice pump dispenser so it’s great because all the anti-aging ingredients that are in here are now sealed and airtight so therefore more stable and then it’s nice that this is a tube so you don’t end up wasting a ton of it when you’re down to the bottom of the pump which i really like and i you know it’s

Nice and sleek it’ll stand up in my cabinet and not take up a lot of room so here is the light in the swatch and let me just rub it in and you can see the color that it comes out on me i don’t know if you can tell on the video it’s just a little grayish i’ll put the medium down here so we can compare them right next to each other so can you see a difference between

The top and the bottom this is the light and this is the medium so see that’s a little bit of a grayish cast on me and where the medium is just a little bit warmer it went better with my skin tone so that is pretty much everything i had to say about it i love it i’m gonna keep using it so i have to say a big thank you to it cosmetics for sending me the cc cream

Because you don’t solve my search my search can be over now i will use this and but don’t worry i will buy it in the future so i hope this was helpful and as always take care and thanks for watching i’ll see you next time bye bye

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Review & Demo ~ it Cosmetics CC Cream Your Skin But Better By HotandFlashy