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Review & How To Setup Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e Reader

Unboxing how to turn on and setup for first time. Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8″ display and adjustable warm light How to log into your account. How does it looks and how fast is it. what software update does it come with.

Hello everyone this is just a dad today i’m gonna do a review and show you how to set up and do an unboxing on this kindle paper white it’s eight gigabytes so let’s turn around this is the box that comes in we’re gonna open it up we’re gonna break this seal right here it’s got this little thing we’re gonna pull across and we’ll see exactly what comes in the brand

New box so it looks like it’s got this tab you’re going to pull out okay there’s the kindle put it off the side we’ll see what comes in the box looks like we get a cable and that’s it no charger no wall charger but it is a usbc cable to usb-a looks like it feels very nice i like that it’s kind of slick but yet flexible and kind of sturdy so yeah that’s very

Nice okay we’re going to take this off all right not sure if there’s a piece of plastic on there not sure if that’s a piece of plastic but let’s go ahead and turn it on oh that was not a piece of plastic wow i probably would have like tried to get that off or something but that was not a piece of plastic interesting wow so it looks like it’s just thinking

I’m not touching anything okay so now we’re at a startup screen looks like okay so let’s pick english click next united states next all right looks like it’s doing something so it’s going to need a charger that you plug into the wall this is an old iphone charger but it’s going to need usb a output a lot of the new chargers have usb c but you’re going to

Need usba okay so i ordered this off amazon it looks like it says it says hi tom if that’s not you use a different account but if it is click next but i want to show you it came with 54 battery and i think it already connected to my wi-fi because it’s where i’ve had previous amazon devices set up okay so now it wants me to get the kindle app on my phone and right

Below there it says enter your mobile number to get the kindle app next you can make a kid friendly and no kid friendly good reads create an account using an amazon login or sign in with a different email so i already have an amazon login i’m going to click that okay so i clicked the next it kind of walked me through a couple tutorials that was very simple um

I am very impressed with how quickly that yeah it’s very responsive okay so let’s go into settings and click those three little dots right there and go into settings it brings up this little menu then click settings right there yeah so under wi-fi this was it already had my wi-fi username and password so it automatically connected to my wi-fi okay so under device

Options i was seeing if it had the latest update click on device info so there’s the firmware comes with 5.14 okay so under device options you really don’t see it but if you swipe up you’ve got advanced so click on advanced here we see storage and management so out of that eight gigabytes we’ve got 5.69 free let’s check update your kindle click ok ok looks like

It went to this screen again and it’s starting up looks like it might take a few minutes i went ahead and plugged it into a charger okay so it powered down powered back up now this is displaying so this has taken about eight minutes so far okay so now we’ve got five point one four point three point zero point one okay so when it’s charging you got a little charge

Icon up there so this thing is really skinny really lightweight press the button so that’s kind of like the off mode like it does have ads the back of it’s very kind of grippy there’s the two it’s got usbc and that’s the power button and nothing else wow nothing else no speaker no volume no nothing press the button one more time and swipe to unlock okay okay

So if we swipe down from the top it gives us some more options we can turn it into airplane mode sync dark mode let’s go to dark mode okay that’s pretty cool we can go brightness warmth yeah that changes the color we can schedule that warmth to come on so say like six o’clock at night when you start using it you can have the warmth change colors so yeah pretty

Neat okay so i went to my library clicked on it it cued it it took only about maybe 30 seconds and now it looks like it’s opening it so it has to download it first and then open it so you just tap the screen to go to next it’s very easy to read very easy to hold swipe down that’s about half darkness let’s swipe down let’s go to dark mode okay so completely

Changes it when you go to dark mode all the way bright let’s go warm yeah this thing’s pretty neat how it works yep and then you just touch it when you want to go to the next page wow this thing’s really nice so if i pinch and zoom it does zoom in kind of tells me the location the percentage of the book that i’m into very responsive so i hope this video helps

Looks like a very nice kindle thanks everybody for watching

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Review & How To Setup Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e Reader By Just A Dad Tips