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Review Mini Waffle Maker from Amazon

Welcome to another video with a #review of the #miniwafflemaker from #amazon suoer cute and super easy to use and clean. When I bought it, it was just $9.99 but now i think is double if not triple the price for this color (turquoise) for other colors I believe is the same price. Take a look and see if you might want one too.. I have it for over 2 months already and we love it.

Hey everybody welcome to today’s video today’s video is going to be a review and try on of the dash mini maker waffle and i’m going to show you uh how this works and if it works and if i like it or if not remember i do these kinds of videos to show you and to help you what kind of little items i got it that you might want to get ah let’s get to the unboxing

And trying and all that goodness remember to click subscribe like and comment okay so i already have taken it out of the box because i did try it yesterday whether to make all the troubleshooting beforehand so this is actually showing you how to use it and just to show you right i like that the cord is pretty damn big for what it is it’s very small it is the

Mini maker waffle look at my hand covers it completely i love the color teal um i did get this recommended from leanne um liance’s channel she did a amazon favorites and i had seen it on her vlogs so i got it for 9.99 over in amazon but till now it has gotten unavailable for this color and it’s a little bit expensier i think it was 14.99 the last time i saw

They also have white and other colors but anywho this is how it looks you open it and then you get your waffle print here and it says it’s nonstick so it came in this tiny little box and the box includes nothing but a little instructional thing so once we opened it and of course this came in a little baggy it had this which is just like a little barcode you

Can take little things check here and there and then it has this little kind of look like a cd-rom envelope if you know what i mean if you guys know what a seated rom is so it included our little manual and um you can see there’s a red one too that is nice and then important safe cars remember to wash it and all that goodness before you do anything to it and

Here comes the goodie parts right here this light indicator it says that this is a light indicator this will turn on uh whenever you plug it in and it will turn off whenever it’s hot enough for you to use it and you’re able to put pouring your waffle mix right in here this is the handle this is the cover and it says non-stick feet so it has this little rubbery

Things just on the front feet right here and then inside is the cooking surface like that it says it’s nonstick but in the instructions to put it that they save to use it um it says to use a spray a what do you call it spray for cooking cooking spray right in here it says that you don’t supposed to open it like this because it does get super hot and you don’t

Supposed to open it from here either because it is super hard because when you open it like this if you know what i mean if you open it from here all the hotness is going to be in your arm and you’re going to get burnt so it’s to open it from a side like this don’t grab it like this because it’s hot grab it from the handle and open it i’m going to use an oven

Mitt just because it is very hot so i do do recommend for you to use that so we’re gonna go ahead and get started to use it um it the little book also included a mini maker waffle recipe book and and it has classic waffles it has chocolate waffles it has waffle biscuit pizza yum it has cinnamon roll waffle so you can put your waffles your cinnamon rolls in

There and make a waffle yum and it also has recipe ideas with measurements and such besides those other ones and if you need help customer support and so on and so on i find this thing very helpful so let’s go get it and try it okay so we’re gonna plug it and you can see you have your light right there on and i already have my batter here from my waffles that

I did some yesterday and i got leftover i also have a silicone spatula because i recommend you to use one of these instead of a fork or something else and i’m going to use my oven mitt because yes i do not want to get burnt gotta wait till that light turns off and so we are able to use it our light has turned off already so we’re gonna go ahead and remember

To open it from my side and open it from the lid so i’m gonna do that i’m going to get my spray and make waffles don’t put a lot just a little bit these because i didn’t pour it in a thing and do not pour a lot that is going to be like making a mess you want to do it from the center as soon as you see that you have grabbed all of the crevices on the side and

It has gone all the way out you close it and nothing’s coming out of the sides at all nothing’s coming out from any side this is really hot so please do not touch it from the sides and it’s very very hot okay can you see all the fumes here it’s getting done yummy yummy i’m gonna move it so you can see that it’s very clean nothing’s happening i’m gonna

Keep it to a side to remember to open it from the side the light has turned off and to me the first time i did it it was an indicator for me that it was done look at that of course if you want it a little bit more you can close it back up and then wait a little longer get your spatula click it and and it’s done look at that we can turn it over so you see

The other side yep and let’s get doing some more so so i have here my waffles we’re going to add some of our maple syrup and jemima honey however you want to call it and we’re going to pray put some fresh raspberries that i just cut from my garden this means fresh barely cut them cut and cut and cut them fresh raspberries and we’re just gonna put a few

On the top just like that raspberries raspberries are delicious and that is my waffles for today yeah yeah i give it a 5 out of 5 stars for this mini waffle maker they get done very quick it is very hot and it’s very delicious so there you go thank you guys so much for watching this video comment down below if you have already bought it if you got leanne says

Recommendation already at your home get to eating and subscribe and i’ll see you next time goodbye

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Review Mini Waffle Maker from Amazon By Nena’s Bubble