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Review of 30oz Blue Tumbler Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Mug with Straw and Lid

Hope you like the product and you can get it from amazon through the link below.

Hi today i wanted to show you this really cute vacuum tumbler that i got um this is going to be perfect for me to take hot and cold drinks on the go it comes in a really cute white box pretty simple um the box says that it can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours hot for up to six hours it can hold 30 ounces of liquid and it is sweat free which is super super

Important because i hate when my cups sweat and they get wet on the outside um the cup does come with straws and a straw cleaner so that’s super nice and then out of the package this is what the tumbler looks like it is super big like i said 30 ounces so it really can pack a punch this is the color it’s a nice like matte um sort of light blue color and um the lid

Is really really cool it has a lot of different features this one is for a straw holder so you can close that if you’re not using a straw but if you are using the straw you can open that up take out one of the straws that it comes with and that goes right in the center so it’s perfect for straws that um you could really just like take that on the go the straws

Come with two different kinds there’s a bent one like this but if you prefer the straight straws it also comes with one of those so you can have your choice whichever one you prefer and then if you’re not using the straw like i said you can just close it up there because there’s also this silicone mouthpiece that comes open seal here um and the seal is going to

Be perfect for when you’re not drinking out of the typical cup so um this has a really nice area for that and then the cup also has a little toggle so that you can open it it has a really nice rubberized seal here and that’s going to give it that vacuum seal that will keep your drinks hot and cold and then the inside is just a plain steel colored interior so

I’ll go ahead and fill this up and show you what it looks like so i just wanted to show exactly how much liquid this can hold so i’ve got 500 milliliters here that i’m gonna pour in so two cups of liquid looks just like this in the cup um so it’s a good height plenty of room to add more so a little less than 900 milliliters is 30 ounces and this holds exactly

That um so when it’s filled up to the top it is right at 30 um ounces or a little under the um 900 milliliters and then you can just pop the top on there i’m going to use the straw you could just put that in there and drink away and enjoy when you’re ready to clean and reuse your straw you can always use the straw cleaner that comes with it this is perfect

To go in really clean out all the gunk that might be living in your straws so super nice to have that as well overall i absolutely love this cup i love the functionality this could fit into my cup holder and my car and it’s the perfect size for me to hold while i’m walking around so i hope that you guys enjoy this as much as i do thanks

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Review of 30oz Blue Tumbler Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Mug with Straw and Lid By What We Recommend?