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Review of Mini Exercise Bike for Under Desk

Wakeman Portable Fitness Pedal Stationary Under Desk Indoor Exercise Machine Bike for Arms, Legs, Physical Therapy with LCD Display Calorie Counter

So this is a review of this under desk bike it is the link for it is gonna be on beneath the video it’s an excellent mini exercise bike pedal and i work at my desk as you can see i work out my desk all day long making calls doing all that so i wanted something that would help me get exercise while i’m sitting at my desk so as you can see desk right underneath my

Desk is up a little bit higher which i prefer so i literally this is what i do just slide your feet in and i wear flip-flops sometimes right go barefoot or i wear tennis shoes and you just start peddling so i’m a little bit far away but as you can see it’s gonna tell you there’s a couple different settings that it has um that i’ll go through in a video but you just

Pedal and i can sit up here type do whatnot um so here’s a what’s the different settings are so you have exercise time distance count tea count and calories burned and the display is great on here so i can see it up there and there’s times when i’m you know working away and i will get a really high strike pedal and then other times when i’m just you know pedaling

Casually working pedaling pedaling casually i highly recommend this it’s a great product great item it’s great if you sit at a desk all day now you can even use this if you’re at work say you you know you work in an office this is great for that too all you need is a desk and a chair to set underneath it i have a lot of friends who are teachers and you know one

Of my friends commented on the facebook video oh my gosh we need this and i can’t think of a better way to go out get exercise while you’re sitting at your desk all day and i’m gonna keep you know posting about this bike and i’ll give you an update in a couple weeks we’ll see you know what you know what the calorie count is and what the distance and all that is

And you can really see real-time you know how much i’m using it and you know what it’s doing for me so i highly recommend it check the picture in the comments below you’ll see the link for it and head to amazon i mean is a prime item i only do i only operate with prime because i find that it works best for me because i’m a very you know i like things to show up

Right away and i like things to be there promptly and who loves no shipping cost so if we don’t have amazon prime definitely sign up for it but here is a review it works great back pedal front pedal i have had another one of these and it didn’t work the best it was a little bit on the cheaper side for my first one so i recommend this one it’s about if you’re in

The uk it’s 32 pounds if you’re in the u.s. it is going to be 45 99 so i will post the link below otherwise happy paddling and getting some exercise while at work thanks so much

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Review of Mini Exercise Bike for Under Desk By Hope O Baker