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Review of the Bodyguard Travel Umbrella

This is a pretty neat umrealla. I have not been a umbrella person. So I am not sure about umbrellas but this one not only opens but it power close!

Hello i received this a few weeks back an umbrella the bodyguard and i’ve been waiting for it to rain i’m in fort worth texas no rain i’m not sure when it’s going to rain i lived in miami for about five years and the only difference down there between summer and winter is during this summer in the afternoon for 30 minutes or an hour every day it rains i’m in texas

Here ok i just pulled this out i’m not i never was an umbrella person i don’t maybe i thought it wasn’t masculine or something to have an umbrella kind of stupid i got wet a lot and i think the only umbrella of i brought it i bought an umbrella here because i was down at walgreens and i don’t have a car i was in walgreens ready to come home and it was pouring

Buckets of water down so i bought one there wasn’t a bad umbrella still have it so in my life i i really haven’t owned maybe that’s the first i think i might heaven you know i’m 74 years old excuse me i might have had a i just not a number on a person so i don’t know how unusual this is but this umbrella not only opens itself but you press a button and it closes

Itself now i just not took this out for the first time so we’re going to find out my grandmother is going to have she’s passed away of course but i was always told never open an umbrella in the house wow that really opened and this is a big umbrella and it’s nice it’s only twenty dollars i think i paid 10 or 15 maybe more for that cheap umbrella okay now i should

Be able to press this button and it will close wow that is neat now i haven’t read the instructions on i guess you pull it down like this whoops almost put your eye out didn’t i that thing is powerful whoops there we go and it comes in a nice case you can put it in a i’m impressed that’s pretty neat oh for 30 years as law with the hospital security officer i was

Out in the rain a lot parking lots and everything else this thing is so small and especially when i was using a patrol car and i was small town police officer for a while and even as depending on the security post i was working on you know you have a patrol car and you have your bag there that you have maybe some snacks in pencil pen report forms all that mean this

Would be great i don’t know how many times i’ve out you know jump-starting somebody’s car or they locked themselves out of the car or taking a report on something or putting out parking cones or doing you know doing all kinds of stuff this would be really neat to have pretty neat i don’t think there’s much wall okay let me show you this here’s the case there’s the

Umbrella there’s the umbrella there’s umbrella there is the but in the case i’m not sure what that bag is like it maybe that’s something actually you can buy your at amazon look at the there’s a dimensions weighs 13 ounces and they tell you all about here metal super steel etc etc don’t think i need to go in on you can look at the amazon site here and i see they

Have different colors and they’re all well the black one apparently is 2459 you know of course the price has changed from time to time here’s a red one or maybe it’s maroon item i’m not one on colors 2299 here’s one looks maybe a little blue or something and 2399 i recommend it so i waited so long to do the review i was hoping to go out into a rainstorm and do it

Like i said i’m in texas i’m not sure when we’ll have a rainstorm thanks very much for watching this review i think you have the opportunity to hear to say you like to review or recommend it or something please do that it helps me move up in the standing of reviewers or something

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Review of the Bodyguard Travel Umbrella By Jim Howard