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Review/ Resenha Nose Frida Aspirador Nasal – Nasal Aspirator

Conheça agora o Nose Frida, o aspirador nasal sueco que faz o maior sucesso no mundo todo.

Hello little friends we love 14 gilson andré

Barbarr efe today’s product is a product that at first glance looks a little disgusting it seems a little strange to use but i guarantee it’s a success i’m talking about the new frida it’s a swedish product and a different nasal aspirator than the one we used in the maternity ward when i was born, for example that little ball that you have to squeeze and suck the villain is

Not hygienic it is difficult to clean the snow and this one does not know if it really got everything out there because in my resignation they are not transparent, right rejecting the sending of videos of people who cut the middle when the band everything moldy everything that mold black for really very fun different impact souza daughter and it’s totally transparent there’s

No way you can leave dirt in here all this here it is washable you can see all this and it is the only part that did not approve everything is disposable that this little sponge here the first one to get ours head is as if i think that my mouth is inside the neptune of the baby’s nose and consequently it will swallow all his poop no it won’t swallow because precisely this

Filter holds everything that comes from inside you get in here so you won’t have anything left for your mouth you will draw air and the interesting thing about it is that you can control the intensity besides a simpler kitchen to pull this one requires a little more strength so with your mouth you suck in the intensity you need as i said with the good side of exposin the

Shitty one bad side obviously this has to end up buying many refugees mainly brave not causing several times a day right what i found bad about it is that the book for example was born very small her neighbor obviously is very small this opening here is over its size being a little big so the first months a little complicated to get a place the amec is deeper but today

And on the day it calmly doesn’t bother much i think it would bother more but it’s the one done well there’s no problem at all it doesn’t hurt the baby it’s generic easy to use the only thing i do i’ve already done 1 and saw about the product i use our lino buns because sometimes they aren’t dry it’s dry then yes it can hurt right so i leave it well modified with what you

Did in christmas and after that i use our daughter and it’s excellent it costs r 15 and 20 more the reffis reviews it comes with 56 already inside the box and after buying the bulk i highly recommend our winter season especially since there is no 5th peter you can’t get a right and it has already saved my life many times very nice it’s a reliable swede you can use do not

Forget to leave the book for me is your opinion do you have pros and cons about this product or another both on the website and abroad also do not forget to subscribe to a youtube channel this channel italian now to always be able to watch my videos and learn more about the products a kiss and see you next time

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Review/ Resenha Nose Frida Aspirador Nasal – Nasal Aspirator By Mama \u0026 Papa Reviews