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Review Revlon one step hair dryer on 4c hair


Hey guys welcome to my channel my name is lydney and today we have a brand new video for you guys where we’ll be talking about hair and i’m going to be trying a new product it’s a revlon all-in-one like dryer and straightener and i’m going to be trying on to see how well it worked for me so this is the box of the product so i’m gonna put a link down below so

You guys can get it wherever you are like i purchased it from amazon it was like 55 something canadian dollars this is what it looked like it’s pretty cute and kind of big but really like um not heavy at all like it’s very light but it’s pretty big and as you can see i have 4c hair i just washed them and this is what they are looking like so i’m gonna show you

Like the product that i use to wash my hair so um i right now i’ve been trying a new product it’s by pattern those are the again i’ve been trying it for like a year now almost those products this is like the conditioning that i use and the shampoo is already finished so i use this it’s a uggs as you can see you see properly shampoo so with no sulfate that’s

Pretty much it and i’m gonna be um using some product for my hair so before putting the heat on my hair i’ll be using this product it have sulfate on it but i couldn’t find something else and i’ve used this before so i’m gonna hope that it’s gonna work for me so it’s testing me a five and one heat spray and i’m gonna be also okay so i’m gonna be using this

Castor oil it’s a german jamaican guy so i’ve been using this type of quality of haitian castor oil also it’s called uh and crayola uh really mascara tea so this one is a little bit like less intense than the one that we have in haiti so i’m gonna be using a little bit of it on my hair also so i’m just gonna show you my hair so right now i just wash it as you

Can see it’s all very like soft and yeah so i’m gonna be using the cold this is like the cold setting and then okay so i’m gonna section my hair and then do so it’s with the cool setting to see how it’s going and i think it’s working so i’m gonna so do so this is how it look like with the low setting so my hair is kind of dry and my hands

Are not cool make sure that there was nothing in my hair now i’m gonna try with the high setting to see how it goes so oh so this is basically one section with the high i didn’t stay long as you can see it was like a 30 second thing but it still was like pretty straight i mean for my hair i didn’t take those parts but like but that was all taken

Or straight that’s how it was i’m gonna put my full hair cause i’m not gonna show you every section and i’m gonna so guys this is it as you can see it’s not as different like for my normal hair i guess we can take a look at it no more hair so this is it this is how it look i mean i didn’t straighten it too much because i didn’t want my hair to feel like it’s

Been worked and then i’m going to straighten all of my hair i just wanted to like blow dry it putting a little bit of castor oil all over my hair this been like my go-to hairdos so yeah we’ll do something like that i could go out i just washed my hair and it could give me that style so it’s pretty amazing i just wanted to share with you a bit of advice about

The hair to really get your hair like really on tango first because that way you’ll have not as much shedding as i did because i have a lot of shedding i feel like but it was my first time using it and i’m gonna like say that’s why because i feel like that’s a lot of hair because like washing my hair my hair fall out and then straighten it all of this fall out i

Feel like yeah it’s a lot of hair so take this into consideration if you’re trying to do the same style of your hair i’ll put like i said the link of the product that i use down below and let me know what you think did it work well for me or do you think like it’s cause you feel like it’s a blow dryer and a straight and i like to basically get your hair combed

Out but it’s not like a straight enough so it’s not going to straighten your hair if you want to straighten your hair by one so yeah thank you for watching guys and see you next time oh yeah don’t forget to like subscribe and leave a comment if you feel like it and yeah see you next time

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Review Revlon one step hair dryer on 4c hair By Trucs en vrac