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Review Snack Temptations – Sobat Anabul (Kucing) Camel

Review snack temptations dengan 3 varian : creamy dairy flavour, tasty chicken flavour & Tempting Tuna Flavour

Hello hello assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh introduce my name gea how are you friends anabul kamil throughout indonesia and wherever you are okay today i will discuss about cat snacks cat snacks this time i will discuss the tenfiction brand, yes, if in indonesia maybe or in a normal place i just bought it, there are three kinds, there is this man, there is a

Small yellow one, like this for yellow and salted egg blue, well, there are all kinds of tastes, why did he make this with this temptation guy , what do we have in indonesia? for thailand, that’s how it’s imported from malaysia, so the three variants are called the ones that feel classic, so they’re still the usual ones. actually, there ‘s something that tastes mixed,

But if there isn’t one here, for example, if you’ve already invested in canada, they already have the mix. for example, this, for example, is purple. this purple tastes like cream. dairi milk. well, there’s a sign of it itself, so it’s a bit clinical, so the shape is also very good. have you seen watching him eat, he doesn’t really like it all this time, for example,

If you have to rarely, so give it to the second. oh yes , the second one is a chicken recipe with chicken flavor. the milk but if it’s not like ordinary cat food but the others don’t smell good it doesn’t look quite small it’s really hard to move on the same shape but it’s a darker color oh it falls boneng too no one is streaming love it’s a bit lighter so this feels this

Tuna has the same taste and the color is also darker because the light is salted egg blue it’s almost the same as the one that’s quite cold, if i look at the composition, it’s almost the same, it’s all really cold, it’s cream. yes, it’s really milky, this is tuna, apart from the chicken, and it’s on average, the composition is all the same, i can’t see any difference,

I’m very happy hi, so yes, the one that’s already the same, often maybe the taste and smell of the husband is different, this will be different. my cat is anabola, camel fusion, he doesn’t like this one. he likes to sing, yes, the tni is about a month after i give this. if i am at least once a day or don’t want to be taught to eat while sitting, then i want to teach him

To stand up, anyway, for training he is i give him three times a week, yes three times a week and give me two girlfriends like that. below two cal, for example, thank you, i have given this 20% per cal, or if it’s from calories per day, for example, if rika is 280 per day, you have to give 20 percent, yes, 1 bowl is a lot, don’t be okay. that’s enough for the review of the anabul snack.

Transcribed from video
Review Snack Temptations – Sobat Anabul (Kucing) Camel By Ghalapulla Reena