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RoC Retinol Correxion. Best Eye Cream. Over 40 / Eye Cream Review. Anti aging.

Eye cream review.Retinol.Dark circles under eyes.Puffiness.Anti aging.Fine lines and wrinkles.

Are you tired trying to find the perfect eye cream to combat dark circles puffiness and anti-aging so was i but i think i found a solution stay tuned to find out why good man guden tag hola and hello my name is ann grit and welcome to my channel and today we are doing rock retinol correction eye cream review so i just wanted to cover a few things that i

Never said in the next clip you’re going to see where i’m applying it and talking about the actual cream i’ve been using this for two months as i said now the first thing i want to address is i never said in the video how much you should use you should use like a p drop amount and then you simply apply it little dots around the eye area you smooth and going from

Another outer and you put a little bit up here not way down just over the top there so i was actually blown away by this eye cream believe it or not i’ve been i’m just going to say 25 plus years in the beauty industry the spa industry you know not going to give too much away here about the age you know they’re getting on a bit but the reason why i’m so blown

Away with this is because i have used on clients obviously within my career as a therapist and used on myself in eye creams ones that have been very high end you name it a hundred dollars two hundred dollars three hundred and i’ve consistently looked for an eye cream that delivers for me hydration is is basic i wanted something that can address my issues which

Is dark circles i don’t really get puffy under the eyes as dark circles and i want something that’s anti-aging retinol yeah it’s not just a buzzword it actually works because it’s been proven explain it’s a derivative of vitamin e we can’t get it the body doesn’t produce it we can only get it through diet and through creams that are applied topically so yeah

I was very impressed because um i have never believed and the fluff and the hype about a cream could actually take away you know dark shadows under here but honestly this works unbelievable there is affordable it’s hypoallergenic it’s non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested so yes just been a fantastic all-rounder and i’ve been seriously impressed with the

Results and i apologize there’s no documentation over the past two months of you know results week by week but i never knew you’re gonna start youtube video two months ago so that’s the reason being but hopefully um you’ll have faith in me as you see more videos that i produce with my favorite subject which is skin care and you’ll see many more um reviews about

Retinol let me tell you why i love this eye cream from rock okay first of all retinol which is proven very effective in anti-aging because it stimulates collagen production that’s what gives your skin elasticity the youth because retinol does have the ability to reach the dermal layer okay so why do i love this many reasons i’ve been on the lookout for many

Years for the perfect eye cream being a therapist i’ve had the privilege of actually using very expensive um skin care and eye care creams on clients plus i’ve been able to use them myself without putting any outlay financially but i’ve had irritation results were very disappointing and was just constantly on the lookout for the perfect eye cream this one by rock

Is extremely affordable and yeah believe it or not after all the eye creams i have used over the many years 25 years in the spy industry this is the one that is definitely a keeper my dark circles have improved which i never thought was possible and the fine lines okay let’s get real it’s not going to totally take them away but yeah i love it for the texture

It’s in between it’s not too thin and it’s not too thick it’s like it’s more like a serum texture it’s perfect under makeup and doesn’t interfere with that the dry down time doesn’t take too long but it keeps the moisture in there and the most important factor of all it does not irritate my eyes because many eye creams in the past have like caused my eyes to have

Swelling and really bad irritation etc etc so yeah definitely you should invest in a retinal eye cream because if any eye cream is going to work it’s going to have retinol as an ingredient trust me okay i’m going to have the link down below how you can actually get 25 off with my affiliate code i’m not using this because i get a huge discount or anything like

That i tried this because i was desperate to try an eye cream that would actually work and after two months definitely the russells are here you have to give a retinal cream that’s not a prescription one patience is a virtue it takes longer to see the results because the retinal percentage is obviously not as high as a prescription one so please patience is a

Virtue and you’ll definitely see the results and that’s what i have to say on this eye cream thank you for watching

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RoC Retinol Correxion. Best Eye Cream. Over 40 / Eye Cream Review. Anti aging. By Annbritts Skin Mix