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Rockstar Xdurance Pre-Workout Energy Drink Review | The Best Underrated Energy Drink in 2021?

This is the Rockstar Xdurance Pre-Workout Energy Drink Review!

All right guys welcome to the video so uh today me and adam we’re going to heb and we’re kind of just doing some grocery shopping and we went through the energy drink island we found that that rockstar actually makes um i guess an endurance drink or a pre-workout drink if you want to call it that um right now there’s a lot of like competition there’s a bang

Everybody seems to have a drink nowadays so we thought you know we might try this out and see especially with the price so these are actually only a dollar 46 at our local grocery store compared to the dollar 96 of rain and dollar 98 of bang um so we’re actually going to give this a try and see if it’s worth 1.46 or if it’s kind of bogus all right so real

Quickly lifting off the ingredients um they’re actually both uh considered to have zero calories each and this is their sour apple uh basically flavor and then this one they call it super sours green apple so um but yeah i mean they’re pretty much they’re pretty much neck and neck with one another other than the price i mean this is significantly cheaper than

The rain so um we figured why not try it but uh yeah another thing that i really like about the rockstar is that it actually lists like specifically what each micronutrient on there and how much it has so real quickly i’ll list that off on the rockstar it’s got 78 milligrams of potassium which is two percent of your daily value the next four are 100 of the

Daily value and that’s vitamin b3 b5 b6 and b12 and then it has eight milligrams of magnesium in there and that’s the two percent of your daily value as well in terms of the rain um it’s only really got b6 and b12 and niacin which is vitamin b3 and they only have it at 50 of your daily value so i mean just to highlight over the general you know ingredients

In here i mean rockstar seems to have more of their micronutrients in here as opposed to the ring of course these are both they both have the aminos in there as well as the electrolytes the coq10 um but uh yeah just going back on the the bang conversation they both don’t have creatine in these cans and that’s due to the fact that like we said in our other

Video which i’ll link in the description box below it basically creatine can be water soluble and it’s it doesn’t last a long time so they actually both did put it in here and of course uh it’s got its 300 milligrams caffeine and then on the very very bottom it actually lists the exact amount of aminos it has so it has 200 milligrams of leucine 50 milligrams

Of isoleucine and then 50 milligrams of valene and then 4 milligrams of coq10 so this actually lists the rockstar list the specific amount of essential amino acids in the can so what we’ll basically do is go through our day we’ll try the rockstar first i’ve gotta actually drive to austin and pick up my brother from the airport so um before that drive i’ll

Drink the rockstar and kind of give my review of the taste of it and i’ll make sure to do that before i actually take off so but yeah i’ll try that and then tomorrow we’ll try the rain either as a coffee alternative or a afternoon pick-me-up so all right y’all so we’re on to the tasting part of this episode um this is the rockstar endurance and yeah again

This is just their sour green apple flavor i’m gonna try it and tell you how i feel on my way up to austin so initial taste you know not too bad um hint of sweetness a hint of sour you know it’s not too bad i think that it’s not too overpowering in flavor as well it’s got a good balance of both the sweet and the sour as well not overpowering on the sweetness

I typically don’t like too sweet of tasting drinks and this is pretty good i mean i think it’s an excellent option for people considering um you know in terms of flavor but uh yeah 300 milligrams of caffeine so we’ll see how i feel here in the next couple of hours or so and i’ll provide that update here in about a second all right guys so i just actually

Finished up the drink um sitting here at the austin airport um yeah i mean honestly i’m very surprised the drink was very very good it was delicious um the energy factor is there i feel great i don’t think it’s overpowering i don’t think it’s underpowering you know i think it’s right where it needs to be um you know especially as an afternoon pick-me-up i’m

Not disappointed at all um but yeah i think you know you can’t really knock it there’s really not much to say i do like the fact that it shows the aminos and everything on there coq10 the vitamins uh you know micronutrients on here i man i’m actually pretty surprised um and all at a 1.46 but um yeah we’ll see how this fares out compared to the rain and give

You an update on that here in about a second man the myth the legend what’s up all right so today we’re going to be trying the brain as a coffee alternative this is their sour apple flavor so we’re really going to determine whether or not we feel the same energy between the two cans as well as the taste um you know this isn’t just like a energy video it

Is a taste video these things gonna taste good in order for people to drink them so um and again this is their sour apple flavor um we’re gonna work out around probably 10 ish so uh in the next three hours so we’ll update you after drinking them for about 30 to 45 minutes and kind of give you an idea of how we feel with the energy on this can as well as the

Taste all right so honestly i was expecting this to taste better than the rockstar 100 but after tasting the rockstar yesterday and drinking this the initial tasting of this tastes like like sour green apple tastes good but when it like once it like you swallowed everything it gives like this weird aftertaste it’s super strange man i mean honestly they kind of

Hit the sour a lot more on this there’s really not a lot of sweetness but yeah i kind of man i don’t know it’s like a it’s like it’s like sour apple at first and then like just sour right at the end it kind of just like smacks you right in the face smacks you right in the face it’s really weird i don’t know and then it kind of like falls off into this weird

Like non-sour apple flavor i don’t really know what it is weird void yeah it’s like something else i really don’t know what it is all right guys so we finished the drink um it’s been about an hour since we started it um i actually felt okay i felt all right i feel like uh compared to the rockstar it didn’t have the amount of energy but it didn’t feel bad

It felt okay nothing too crazy all right so yeah we just about finished up with the rain and again you know it’s a great product it really is you know as opposed to the bang i do prefer the rain and we did talk about that and why we chose the rain as opposed to the bang in our other video um but you know i really really cannot you know talk any bad things

About rockstar i mean honestly it’s actually a really really good flavored drink i thought the sour apple hit a lot better than the sour apple for the rain because it did have that kind of weird aftertaste on it um you know they’re pretty much identical i mean of course it’s going to really differ between the person and what they think and and you know other

People’s taste buds are different so it just kind of sort of depends on what people prefer but for me i really did think the rockstar hit and you know at a dollar 46 as opposed to the other drinks and the prices of other drinks i mean i don’t see a reason why people wouldn’t purchase it um the only thing i really don’t like about it is that again it’s i don’t

Know why they don’t refrigerate it so i mean if you get the can it’s probably more than likely not going to be refrigerated so you have to refrigerate it yourself and then drink it later um besides that of course i mean that’s just our local grocery store and what i’ve seen recently but yeah i mean i don’t see why i wouldn’t continue to start buying those

Especially since they’re almost nearly 50 cents cheaper or 60 cents cheaper as opposed to the bang i think they’re great i really hope that they actually extend more options i think they’re actually coming up with an updated uh can as well so they’re updating the look of the can everything like that to kind of compete with other energy drinks in its sector

So yeah i mean i think overall it’s pretty much i i’d label it like a four point five out of five um if not a five out of five i mean that’s top tier but you know i think the flavor is great we’ll probably go through um the flavors amongst the cans themselves here later on but uh yeah i mean that’s pretty much our review for for today so um yeah appreciate

Y’all watching um we got a lot more coming soon let us know what else we should review we have a pretty good one coming out this upcoming friday so stay tuned for that we’ll let you know what that looks like so appreciate y’all for tuning in guys

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