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ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Hi everyone my name is aaron and welcome to micro novelty today we’re going to be looking at the roidmi eve plus this is an automated cleaner and collection system which is designed to fit seamlessly in your home so let’s just dive straight in and put this thing through its paces while i talk about design features and functionality let’s just throw it straight

Into some work why don’t we for now though let’s just focus on picking up all of that dirt we’re going to be laying down the usual assortment of household mess some dust some hair some ash some cat litter okay time to get dirty roid me eve pluses suction device has an intake of 2700 pa and easily collects everything we’ve put in its path even when it gets to a

Carpeted area of your home using its sensors it will be able to recognize that the surface beneath has changed and it will increase the amount of suction to make sure that all of the dirt in between the fibers can be collected efficiently which is pretty cool to make sure dirt is collected roidmi eve plus uses a combination of sidewall scanning and free rotating

Brushes that come out of the side to collect any dirt in tough to reach places this alongside the main underbrush allows it to successfully gather everything in its path roidmi eve plus is designed to suck up and clean the dirt from your floor but unlike other cleaners it can also remove stains by deploying its automated mopping feature ah what a day oh can’t

Wait to get home my my shoes but ah the mopping mode can be activated via the dedicated app you can choose both dirt collection mopping or both depending on the severity of the stain on your floor you can increase the amount of water deployed during mopping and the intensity to make sure that any stain is removed what differentiates roidmi eve plus from similar

Products is that you both collect dirt and mop most other smart cleaners only have the tech on board for one of these functions also i can adjust to the mopping level of water i can go from no water to the full amount of water the mopping pads can be easily removed and connected for washing and then easily reapplied so let’s call the next part of this video

The navigation part how does roidmi eve plus do when navigating around your house if you let roy me eve plus navigate around by herself she might be a little rough and move things out of the way however within the app there are plenty of settings you can choose to control the roidmi e plus uses over 18 sensors including a lidar scanner to create a custom map

Of your home think of them as virtual no-go zones so we have been here with the roidme eve plus trying to get it over this lip in between this bedroom and the stairway there is a small drop and we’ve been trying to push it towards the edge so it falls over for about 20 minutes and each time we get it close towards the edge it actually pushes back against me or

It tries to turn away so it goes to show that the the the radar system here the lidar is very good at detecting its surrounding and what’s underneath it and it’s actually stopping the robot from falling down any dip and potentially leading to falling downstairs and crashing and breaking itself it’s really cool to see that technology in action however roidmi eve

Plus also doesn’t mind a challenging environment entrances to different rooms in a home sometimes have a bump or a lip connecting the two rooms roidmi eve plus can deal with this easily by adjusting its height and lifting its body up then using a small burst of power to make sure that it crosses into the next room roidmi eve plus uses lidar the same technology

Found on tesla’s self-driving cars to operate it at night when there is little light and with greater accuracy roidmi eve plus can stay out cleaning for up to 250 minutes which is very handy if you have a large home or you wish roidmi eve plus to make several laps of your various rooms when roidmi eve plus does run out of battery or it’s finished its cleaning

Run it will automatically travel back to the home hub where it can recharge and deposit its load into the dust bag once docked it will start recharging immediately and you can actually see its charging status on the led touch screen the roidmi eve plus also comes with extra bags that will last you several months and can be easily attached to the lid these bags

Feel very durable so they won’t rip or tear or anything like that like i said earlier roidmi eve plus uses its lidar scanner to make a virtual map of your home which you can view on the roidme app but what’s great about the map is that you can interact with it for example if you don’t want roidmi eve plus to get close to a valuable item inside of your home you

Can draw a virtual wall around it and the roidmi e plus will avoid that area in the future what’s great about this app is that all of the mapping tech is in real time so that you can view roidmi eve plus movements even when you are not at home roidmi e plus can cover a whopping 250 square meters and as i said earlier it can last over 250 minutes before it will

Need to charge the water tank inside used for deploying water when mopping can hold up to milliliters roidmi eve plus also comes with multiple dust bags mop heads and buffers as well as a full manual that can also be downloaded directly to your mobile phone by scanning the qr code so thank you guys for watching that has been our review of the roidmi eve plus

What are your thoughts about this robot can you imagine it going around your house and cleaning make sure to comment in the comment section below if you have any other questions leave them down in the comments and i will try my best to answer them thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you next time in a new video

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ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review By MicroNovelty