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Sample Saturday!! Kerastase, Korres, Origins & more!! Reviews the Size of the Products!!

We all get beauty samples, but how often do you ever use them?! I was inspired by Tiffany Dawn’s Sample Sunday series and Finding My Tiara’s Sample Monday series (links to them below!). Looking through the things I’ve collected from gifts with purchase and subscription boxes I realized I had too many samples that I never used! So this series looks at the samples I use each week and I give mini reviews of those products. I hope you enjoy my perfume reviews, makeup reviews, skincare reviews, hair care reviews, and body care reviews!

Hi guys and welcome to the channel thank you so much for stopping by i really do appreciate it so very much if you hear a gentle rainfall it is because it is raining and i film in a sunroom so i have like sun whatever they’re called above me so they’re making a little bit of noise i’m sorry i’m just trying to film before it gets dark so today is sample saturday

I haven’t had a sample saturday in quite a while it feels like i have several weeks stacked up so i have lots to talk about i’m going to film two weeks today so you’re going to see this look again next saturday but that’s just because i’m trying to get through them so that i can start recycling some of these let’s start right away the first one is caristas i

Think that’s how you pronounce the name i have a conditioner and i also have a shampoo this is their fortifying treatment or their fortifying formula and i did like these it annoyed me that the conditioner was smaller than the shampoo though because i use more conditioner than i do shampoo maybe that’s just because i have long hair but it has kind of a pleasant

Semi-medicinal scent to it but i did like them i feel like i liked the shampoo maybe just a little bit more than the conditioner i do have another set of these so i’m excited to try them again later on down the road but i didn’t think these are good i don’t think they’re probably worse worth the money though because they are very expensive so that’s that’s something

So that’s the reason why i want to purchase them again next up i have a korres body wash this is the scent ginger lime and this was a really nice scent um it does it smells more gingery than lime to me like i get a strong ginger if you’ve ever had like a ginger beer not like a ginger ale those are very weak but like a ginger beer from like australia or the uk

That’s what this kind of smells like i don’t really get a lime in it at all i did like this this lasted me quite a while too i got several washes out of it which is unusual for me usually like this type of body wash three is usually about what i go for but i got like four or i got more than four i think i got five or six so i was actually really impressed with

That i do like their body washes and if i find them on sale i probably would purchase them again i did three of these these are the gill crest and some cleansing talent and these were fine i used them for swatches i had some swatches that i was trying to go through all of my highlighters and see like which ones really don’t flatter my uh complexion and so i use

Those to clean those up and glad to get them out those are just something that i pick up at hotels over the years then i have this guy i found this one i started using it and then i realized i had some older lotions so i stopped using this one and started using some of my older lotions this is vanilla bean noel by bath and body works oh my gosh this smells so good

It smells like vanilla which is just lovely i know it has other notes in it too it doesn’t say on the small bottles unfortunately usually bath body works is good about putting all the notes but it’s kind of like you have the vanilla but it’s like a slightly spiced vanilla i really like this one this is one that i have picked up time and time again this scent over

The years so it’s a good one next up is a mask from origins and this is the ginseng peel off mask to refine and refresh this was basically just a one time use in here it was a crazy kind of coppery color i can’t i don’t know if you can see that color but that’s what the color was it worked really well like it dried really evenly which is unusual because i feel

Like peel-off masks usually they like get patchy and part of it will be dry but part of it will still be wet this one worked really well i don’t do a lot of peel-off masks and i have way too many masks that i probably will never get through at this point thinking about it so i’m not going to purchase that one but i did really like it i thought it was good for a

Peel-off mask the last item is la thierry de vulcans paris this is a mask exfoliate or mask scrub i used it as a scrub a face scrub it was it was good it has like an earthy scent to it nothing but like a perfumed earthy scent to it i really liked this actually i felt like this was a really good scrub and you could leave it on for two minutes so kind of what i did

Was i put it on my face neck and chest in the shower and then like did my body scrub and then rinsed it off and it really worked really well i liked it it is something that if i found came across it i would probably purchase it because i did really enjoy it so those are my samples for this first week let me know if you have tried any of these what your thoughts

And opinions are and please don’t forget to like comment and subscribe if you have not already subscribed i hope you’re all having a fantastic day have a wonderful weekend and i’ll talk to you guys on monday bye

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Sample Saturday!! Kerastase, Korres, Origins & more!! Reviews the Size of the Products!! By EnglishProfStyle