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“If you had asked us six months ago, we would have said that basic black leggings were as tight as possible (especially the thin kind that goes see-through after a few washes). We could have never guessed that TikTok would bring us an even more revealing version of what feels like the most form-fitting clothing item we own. But they have. The so-called “TikTok leggings” that have been blowing up on the platform are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The booty-lifting, curve-sculpting high-cut leggings show off every inch–in the best way possible.”- Justine Schwartz , We Never Expected To See Leggings THIS Tight—But Now It’s A Huge Trend, Shefinds

So i’ve seen multiple videos on these leggings because everybody says they make your butt look bomb so i bought them and i’m going to see if it’s true so just to give a comparison these are lulu’s not my favorite and these are the oh my god okay please go buy these like what hello oh okay so i bought those leggings and i’m gonna try them on and see if preston

Likes them i’m gonna be in like a dramatic pose though so maybe it like makes it look big you know this is my drama post okay stop laughing stop laughing i’m being sexy you can if you laugh right now i swear to god i’ll hurt you okay you better not laugh okay i’m sexy puss god damn that’s really good yeah yeah you look good that’s awesome you like them yeah

I see the seam up the crack is yeah chef’s kiss get a pair of those yeah yeah ladies get a pair if you’re sniffing another or if you’re trying to find one they’re good come here damn they’re good you like them they got me some tick-tock leggings you guys have no idea how excited i am so this is some leggings if you guys don’t know what they are my husband

Surprised me with them for christmas yesterday and i’m gonna try the one and try and get his reaction all right babe i’m gonna try them one are you ready i’m ready gosh they look so good close your eyes all right what mom billy hey look yeah hey hey these are pretty nice so i’ve seen everybody talking about these leggings on tick tock and i was like let me get

Up here and see what it really is about so i did and oh my gosh if you girls haven’t got a pair you should look at this oh my gosh i’m in love with these go grab your pair oh my god okay please go buy these so i got the leggings that everyone’s been going crazy about right now not the crisscross ones like the netted ones all right i’m gonna try them on this is

Before kind of like what i look like and then we’re gonna do an after okay these are kind of crazy like can we can we they’re just like a net um little see-through just like a little bit but we’re nude underwear and you’ll be completely fine got them for 20 bucks they’re on amazon prime they come in different colors love it i’m gonna put the name of the leggings

Down below go buy them merry christmas how crazy we love so amazing damn shorty you got big old butt josh you guys three things i bought the leggings also bought shoes on target the other day online when they were half off you ready to see what i got shoe number one nice are you ready for this one look at these bad boys anyways i’m gonna put the pants on do the

Whole show the husband thing see what happens you should be home soon so here we go hey baby god finally after 936 days you’re cleaning the dishes but shut up look at that booty take me nothing i know i’m just observing so you know those tick tock leggings make your butt look nice i had to get them i had to check it ever since i started doing tick tocks and

All that i have spent so much money but check this out though yo the do you know i’m saying like get you some so i broke down about to see some leggings girl look at my ass like damn damn i got the viral tick tock leggings and we’re gonna see how my boyfriend reacts he just got home he’s coming damn wagon what i said damn wagon that’s so funny they

Didn’t see it yeah they’re not going to see it they see your reaction yeah wagon blazing anyways girl don’t do it it’s not worth it i’m not gonna do it girl i was just thinking about it i’m not gonna do it i did it

Transcribed from video