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SEEKWAY water shoes unboxing and review

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Hello everyone so so boxing here is all the secret and this video is sponsored by secret any movie that i earn from the sponsorship deal well half of it probably going to charlie so let’s get stop indian let’s get started here i will pack these shoes i’ve been told are pretty big sellers on amazon shoes these ones are gonna be for the camera person they can follow

Me so i’ll try these you can see how flexible they are they’re supposed to these are gonna be great for obviously water events and stuff tran them on here and jump back to this case so the salon here is gonna be estimate on some sharp stones and i don’t mean just walking i’m gonna give them a bit of a good vigorous tasting and the reason for that is because later

On in the video i’m gonna be testing them guten proper underwater and if if they’re full of feel i’d rather they feel deny than half a mile away from my house and then feeling underwater and getting the cut man away from home so i wanted to give them a good taste what i’m doing here to ensure that they wouldn’t pierce and this is their the camera person my wife

Who will be supporting the weights equations do you actually think they look pretty nice as well yes she’s a much better food model than myself so i’ll be added in her own as much as possible as i want to be the star of the show of course but yeah definitely think that the black ones and the weight seek my shoes look good and again the way it’s just giving them a

Bit of a tear stayed and see how comfortable she feel is as well as like i said later on the video we’re gonna give them a good test on their water so gonna go for but a half a mile walk maybe a bit more to lick its supposin heart comfortable they have felt for us on the road and how much they actually allow your feet the breeze they feel half socks on underneath

For the minute but feel very fresh and you can feel good air flow through the material almost at the lock nina and gonna test this equations under the water and see how practical they are how comfortable they are and how the feet so we’re here this is the lockni it’s the biggest lock and our contain and as the big one has pointed right there so this is actually

Where we get all our posture so let’s stretch from this look pretty cold water but wasn’t expecting it to be really warm as it is no one to be a school doll oh emily but yeah so my thoughts were that we wanted to test it on the water with me on the way here and we wanted to see what it felt like grip plays and comfort and sugar filled with our feet our lab didn’t

Feel anything any objects really and so far so good they felt pretty good and i will sum up all that at the end so that’s us on our way back so another half of a walk with them all and feeling great so far while i was a say it’s cold but it’s amazing feet feet warm night in back full reveal them that they’re definitely comfortable they’re flexible give you a state

Fit they’re easy on and off just not even fan click tile is this very easy to take on off it’s still actually nice and snug look at loose as well tips on them nude and surprising me the water was absolutely freezing that we’re testing them in and it’s paisley in the feet felt betrayed one coming back out let’s there’s a good thing but the benefits of them they’re

Late they’re comfortable and if you wanted to back up our hagun shoes and these would easily fit in your your bag or for captain jerry can david easily fit in your bag maybe it not take up any room you can roll them right up oh roll right up and then we play ball so you’ll be able to store them easily and the actually feeder still a wee bit wet after welcome back

With hoffa main but they’re not none of that is my treasures so that they do dry it quick so if you were hagen and you had to cross a river you could take your socks and shoes off stick them all across the river and take them off putter you’re more hard worn shoes on if you wanted and these will change quicker pseudo than probably their soul daphne is good you

See me jumping and stuff but you cannot feel you can’t feel the ground can’t feel anything sharp which is good that would have been a bad thing if obviously something she loved this aid okay that’s all any more than what i’m gonna love about jesus man the restrictions all gone and now the typing at the beach it’s gonna be brilliant or feazell i don’t know egg burn

Goodies on the beach trainers or boots and you come around i hang with metal on them so these will be good for an amount protector and again they’re gonna be easily washed so sound in them and then we’re getting wet they’re gonna dry crack and stuff as well so that’s gonna be pregnant can’t see anything they’re definitely gonna be great for your water sports jet

Skis not sure efficient because you made have waiters on for fishing but i can’t if it’s really warm and you know they still want to have the protection of the soul walking about a riverbed or at a beach this is pregnant because nothing’s gonna penetrate the sole with food and you’ve got some good protection and again if your monthly filled up the muscles near the

Egg review didn’t want to be wearing these more often i think because they’re more flexible you’ll build up the muscles of your legs more having more efficient i’ll give you a bit more of a workout stuff and you can run in them and walk in them as well and but definitely felt good they’re really dry pretty good case oh yeah all the links will be in the description

If you’re interested if you’re a person that has a jet ski or a boat you know you may want to leave here if stuff on a bag in your car and stick the m1 okay so you have diced ofcom come back to these will be gripped and make a set still give it a protection on the soviet

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