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Snot Sucker Review (Fridababy Nosefrida)

I think this is the best invention ever! It seems gross but i promise as long as you have a filter in it you will be fine!

What’s going on guys your boy cool dad jenny and nova and then i know it’s been a while that we haven’t posted how long has it been i’m coming with you at a follow me faith can you get a challenge last video you got some exciting news nola has a stuffy nose say that not exciting dan it’s not exciting but what is exciting is a product that i’m sure many of you have

Been hearing about and if you have it you must live under a rock or you just don’t have kids it is called nose freedom snot sarka snot sucker singing kit mm-hmm this at me saline is like the solution that you put in their nose / there’s two parts one part is that you can spray their nose first and then suck it out if it’s like really congested but i don’t think

She needs the sailing right i’m gonna try this out it’s no point that this morning when she woke up it sounded like she she was so congested i fro so bad for his little girl this is gonna be kind of like a product review right let’s buy a company called thread up baby create a baby frida baby i don’t know how to read today it’s not sucker and what comes inside is

A spray us not spray and 10 filters that kind of look it looks like legos am i gonna be the one yeah he knows that you i’m gonna be the one sucking boogers up guys i’m sorry if i keep looking all you probably like what is he looking at i’m looking at a monitor and it keeps distracting why is this so big her on us huh ok so this filter wasn’t there then i can suck

Up this nut yeah oh my right nola this is gonna be gross oh this is super weird hot mama all right you ready no game nobody any mouth oh daddy’s gonna do it to help okay oh i think i taste dumping oh damn burgers yes oh there’s not i don’t know you can see wall is wow you aint me uses an awesome hey hey please i’m trying this is this is an amazing invention ready

It doesn’t say nose frieda is bootleg return it well we got a fair amount of boogers bigger is this my sis this might seem gross to you guys and it seems more gross you guys cuz it’s not your child you guys can relate those that do have kids there’s really nothing to gross when it’s your child right now it just looks like spit i so want to try this on myself when

I was stuffing off no please don’t that’s so wrong so we view what do you think well i’ve used it before my life how did you use it what maybe a movie that’s how i know about it oh i could just came out like last month it’s been around ah alright see is my first time ever really hearing about this toy nighttime product overall what do i think about this i think

It’s a must buy em it’s a must buy well it’s my channel it’s cool dad so therefore kun dad approves i approve this product why because it’s really simple you definitely want to make sure you have a filter now and cost around how much did this cost twelve bucks all right let me guess how much this is worth in charlie’s done uh this right here the cost to make this

Is probably 60 cents 1499 yeah if you just get that with the saline it’s 20 but why you get at the ceiling because it’s good if they need their mucus to be loosened up then that’s pointing product in a child’s body and we’re organic is this organic same vision is like this one hey is this organic no we can’t use this if this is not working at the ingredients is

Natural sea salt and water in the state in solution and though in the saline solution what do you think about this nova are you talking of course she’s not improve this is going up her nose she hates this thing i approve for you soon-to-be parents or parents that don’t own the knows frida snot sucker definitely go out and buy it cool dad approves and we are out

Actually you know what i did post a video i post a video a thorn all in the air so yeah has it been that long guys i’m sorry i thought it’s been weeks i forget how much i upload lies the greenish ah alright guys this is cool dad this is jenny and baby know the grace and we’re out by the way i don’t know why i said look if you guys ever ask yourself why is i just

Think it looks cool so i’m just trying to be cool um yeah all right i’m up

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Snot Sucker Review (Fridababy Nosefrida) By KOOLDAD