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Stamina X Magnetic Rower Review *Unboxing, Assembly, First Impressions

Stamina X Magnetic Rower: // Learn how Stamina ships its products, the assembly process, and the unique features of this rowing machine.

We are taking this to the kitty room because it’s going to be the kitty room slash home gym this is going to be my first stamina x magnetic rower review we’re going to cover the unboxing the assembly the first impressions and take it for a little test drive and then later like later later i will upload some updated

Reviews plural maybe depends i’m excited to unbox because from what i can tell it shipped perfectly i see no gashes in the cardboard there’s a lot of tape there’s always a lot of tape and i really do appreciate see they’re not zip ties that serial oh look at how they packaged the hardware it’s all organized for you look

Look at it they actually built a size chart into the manual oh my gosh i have kitty cats so right now i kind of want they will chew up the styrofoam now i’m not mad that they use styrofoam i feel like it was what oh my gosh i match my rowing machine it’s you can see the handlebar is very high quality it’s very well

Padded for me a delicate flower is smooth texture not porous so it’s a lot easier to disinfect because if it is porosity holy then a lot of bacteria gets in that and and falls apart on you the foot pedals are huge so i guess this is definitely a unisex machine they do not discriminate against anybody here and

The seat pad is actually padded like actually like when i read that in the description i was like okay i know it’s going to be molded plastic no you like you can squish it down like it is thick patty there is also a holder and you’re thinking okay it’s for your drink or your phone no both between the bolts and

The floor lubricate the handlebar with a small amount of liquid soap where’s the vaseline when you need it i got the grip on and it only took 30 minutes and a lot of forearm strength but we love arm day no we do not like arm day so now i’m trying bougiest part of the row machine as a heads up okay so at one

Point they’re going to have you adjust a screw right here and it’s a little if you turn your iphone light on you can look deep into the tunnel and there is a screw right in there took a few attempts and then i realized jam it in there and open her up to kind of like wedge it you know and it worked but like

Comment down below if you have a better way but i think my way’s the best way i gotta attach the foot petals by inserting this metal rod do i speed this up do i jump cut i don’t know part of me wants to just keep you around and talk about my feelings the only feeling i have right now is like a little bit of tiredness

It’s like three in the morning but also like i’m a night owl so i chose to start this late at night um i’m also a very slow mover in general so i’m telling you the assembly is not ridiculously long these are greasy number 60 is a little slip and slide can i get it on my nose okay little heads up i haven’t had

Anything greasy yet but it makes you might want to try to do both at the same time because this metal rod is cut exactly you’re gonna soon see that you can’t fully tighten either side because it’s just gonna twirl on you and do it at the same time we are on the last step so this requires two double-a batteries and

Look at this look at it i made this happen with my own two hands and it seemed like the biggest complaint and than one person said that they have tiny feet petals i am a size six and that’s pretty small i successfully have strapped myself in but i think i know where the problem is the left is wrong the right is

Right if you point your toe like this you have a better handle on it to line it up the difference and not only does it look better the left one is way looser than the right one you see how nice and snug i am in there now the seat should be a very smooth glide you don’t want it slippery so like don’t grease it

You’re also going to hear some if the monitor annoys you just don’t install it okay machines they are a low impact full body workout and depending on how you incorporate a rowing machine into your workout routine this can be and all of that depends on like your speed but at least once you come up with the plan

Most rowing machines like this one have a built-in monitor to track your progress it targets the legs ladies it does not target the glutes i know it was low impact it’s more universally acceptable for old people people with bad joints sensitive people like me who complain way too much look trashy the rowing technique

Is actually a three-step pattern push with the legs lean back handle bar to chest then you reverse it releasing the arms and then the core and then the legs keep practicing the technique and then you’re gonna move on from there and get to go faster and harder i know that i am rusty so i gotta keep practicing this

Again and again as you practice i recommend watching yourself whether it’s with a mirror or a viewfinder and again it’s hard to hurt yourself with a row machine however you do have to look out for the wrists and your back your wrist should be straight not like this or like that it’s hard for me to tell you guys because

I’m double jointed protect your back you should never be reaching don’t be throwing yourself forward lunging muscles because that’s just not gonna work sure you’re using 60 of your legs i’m sorry but i love appreciating a big bag like when i go to kohl’s and they give me the big bag i’m like

Can and save like two pennies you know and so to throw a house party now and when people just treat my house like trash and they litter it with beer cans i can put it all in this bag that’s exactly what i do because it would just be with the big bag and then i got everything

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Stamina X Magnetic Rower Review 🧲 *Unboxing, Assembly, First Impressions By Lesley Rowland