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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Review

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If you are you’re always thinking about working out one of the things that happens over the winter here as i unbox what i’ve got here is that it’s hard to get outside i have to push yourself and you know a lot of the equipment that you’ll have at your house is great but it’s kind of more of a sustained type of activity you know treadmills bikes things like that

My buddy was telling me exercise piece of equipment that will get your heart rate up really quickly he’s like one of the great things to do that is actually rowing and you want to really do it for minutes at full speed so really wear yourself out and get a good breathless exercising so i picked this up because it is the cheapest run i could find so i’ve got the

Wrong machine unbox here and i’ve got a lot of pieces and one of the nice things is there’s no a lot of styrofoam in the box either because so a lot of times i’ve got that stuff all over the place so i run through the instructions that i think it’s gonna be pretty straightforward put this thing together i will say it does come with a little box that is marked

Computer so you man that it doesn’t come with a little bit of a toolkit and batteries for the computer here because you’re going on this gruesel nuts and bolt and then it comes with two straps and these are for putting onto the pedals the way four feet down so the first thing you’re gonna do here on the back is you have this rear lifting bar here so you’re gonna

Unscrew the handle here for adjustment knob you’re gonna lift this up to man you’re going to reattach it through the back here that’s gonna hold it vertically in this bag bracket and then if we go ahead and flip this over what you think you set the seat it’s on a roller and that’s really they’re kind of rowing and push yourself your own body weight up now what

You want to do here is you want to lift this sucker up and you want to put this hydraulic into this little bracket here so that’s where your toolkits gonna come into play and this is a locking nut on the side to take so now that you have it back on what you’re going to want to do is attach these handles and your two bolts here on the top on your bar which you’re

Going to want to remove and again you’ll use this allen key to remove these because then you’ll use these two bolts to pass through the handle these two bolts in there you’re gonna tape middle’s down it’s kind of nice you’ve got some foam pads for handles here i feel like as your hands twist those you’re kind of pulling it towards you these things might get worn

Out so it could be a candidate for wrapping up in some sort of like athletic tape or something like that so cut that down so now i’m going to take the computer here put in the two batteries two double-a batteries there’s a little bracket here i’m just gonna slide it on this metal bracket and then there’s a little table that will plug into this plug right here and

Lastly we’re going to take these two nylon straps with velcro and we are going to run them through the little slots on the bottom of the pads here now i’m running these through here with the sticky side of the velcro down and i’m facing the floor because when i pull it up here i’m gonna run this through this little loop then it’s gonna fold over and stick on the

Velcro outside here now i can honestly tell you that this was one of the easiest piece of exercise equipment setups i have ever done i guess there’s just not a lot of parts and it comes so well assembled out of the box that you don’t have to do much it’s just that quick honestly and in fact i don’t know if you didn’t put the foot straps on and just put the leg

On and the handle bars on you’d probably be good to go but it’s just nice to have all the safety equipment here as i said this big wide see tears what slide and part of what you’re pulling on and pushing against is this cylinder here but then also because it’s at a slight incline you’re also using your body weight to get that extra resistance so i just want to

Quit demo it here and sit down and feed in here pedals do move a little bit and then you can just flush whoa that’s really tight there is a knob here on the top of this cylinder so you can adjust it i’m going to go all the way to three since it was on 12 and wow that is way easier at that level then knocking myself around a little bit here i would put this on a

Floor that’s different like than this and maybe you wanted those kind of workout pads or a rubber pad or something but you get to do this and get a little workout arms shoulders legs and like i said if you really dial it in here turn it up you could really force yourself to get a good workout and everything and then find a buddy dave is right you do this right

Really push yourself with some resistance you can get breathless pretty quick exhausted pretty quick and it’s a great way i think to kind of get yourself almost level of failure without spending a lot of time right for those of you that do distance running you know you can run a long time and not really wear yourself out but even for people in pretty good shape

A rowing machine is pretty good now the best thing about this is the price point like i said i looked at some and seemed like a lot where in the few hundred dollar range and they seemed fine but this is a pretty nice piece of equipment for $75 i’ll be honest maybe my best fitness investment for so five bucks easy to set up – i will put a link to this this one

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