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Sunny Health & Fitness: Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer Review

The Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the hottest selling workout machines of 2020! The commercials make it look amazing! So, I decided to test it out for myself to see if it was too good to be true or if it really was the beat squat and up-right row machine. Let me know what you think. :o)

You pull it and you push down with your legs at the same time okay maybe i will take one of these i know okay hey y’all my name is christina louise the feistyfit yogi on facebook and instagram and today i’m back with another tv stuff review be sure to like this video subscribe to our channel and click the bell in the corner that way you’ll get notifications each

Time we post a new video so you never miss a thing today i’m going to be reviewing the sunny health and fitness squat assist row and ride trainer for squat exercises and glute workouts i know that’s a mouthful but let’s open it up and check it out all right so i went ahead and i took everything out of the box i have all the pieces and all the parts laying here

On the ground you have the two petals we have that owner’s manual definitely make sure you read through this prior to putting anything together or before using the device itself and here is going to be the little display the little monitor it does come with a couple little tools the battery um and an extra screw both of the leg pieces the handlebars an extension

Arm and then the main part is right there so we’re just gonna go ahead and start putting it together do go so so even when you feel low you can still go even when you feel slow you can still go even when there’s no hope you can still go i never answer the know man i still go go moves till i’m buried okay i can adjust it and then what i just pull

You pull it you push down with your legs at the same time i will take one of these out i know okay try it right now try it there you go okay well i mean it’s hard right i can see the rowing aspect of it and i guess yeah over time i could feel it being like a squat and working this is my hammies and my glutes yeah yeah yeah makes me so tall so do i have one

Off okay yeah you’ve got one off there’s only two on right now so i weigh 104 pounds and i did have to take one of these little would that be a resistance band yeah rubber band resistance band take one of the bands off otherwise like you guys saw nothing happened i didn’t go anywhere so we have it all assembled and put together now we’re just going to go through

Removing the resistance band changing the seat adjusting the seat tube and then also as you already saw you can also change the handlebars up and down so to adjust the seat we’re just going to loosen the knob directly underneath the seat cushion and then there’s just there’s five different holes right there that you can kind of line it up in okay so now

Apparently you are able to fold this up so it’s a little bit easier to find somewhere to store it in between workouts it says to make sure that the handlebars are at their lowest setting also make sure that the seat is at its lowest setting it doesn’t say whether or not their resistance bands need to be on or off just states lowest setting lowest setting hold

The handlebars and fold the product and there you go so it would probably fit maybe under your bed not quite sure actually with the handlebars but you might just be able to take this part off um and then that would chop that part off so it wouldn’t be quite as high then maybe it would fit under your bed or under your couch otherwise this definitely makes it a

Little bit easier to just kind of push off to the side in a room stand up in a closet somewhere or put out in the garage and that is how you fold it down and then to open it back up we’re just going to do the same thing just stand it back up we’re gonna pull this leg out until it locks right there into place and there we go and all of the resistance bands actually

Came off in the process of it being taken down so i’m just gonna put those back on there right now actually i’m gonna leave that one off because i can’t use it if all three of them are on there so one more time real quick this is the lowest setting i do have the handlebars at the lowest setting and the seat i believe is as far forward as it can go for me i am just

Shy of five two so i am a little bit on the short side and then all the way up and back down it is a little rough on your feet so you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you have shoes or at least socks on and there you have it so here is that little digital monitor you can just hold this button for a few seconds and that will clear it out and reset it

After you’ve been using it and then from there every time we push the red button it’s going to change where this little arrow is pointing to indicating if it’s displaying the calories or the total or the time or the scan and you can just alternate through that list of options well you take a band off for me so i can try it show me where we began back in 95.

I do like i like the rowing motions in the childish minds we had okay okay so i’m all done reviewing the upright row and right exerciser as you guys saw this can sort of be used to do squats during your workout um you can not only um increase and decrease the intensity with those resistance bands but you can also adjust the seat setting as well from 30

60 to 90 degrees it was really easy to put together which was pretty cool that little digital display is really easy to navigate through and read all those different options there on that display i did not like that it was a little hard to change out those resistance bands especially when it was on the 90 degree angle setting and as you saw with all three bands on

I didn’t go anywhere i weigh 104 pounds might not be a lot but i don’t think it’s a little either so i was hoping to at least be able to use the machine but as you saw i did have to at least take it down to two bands or one band and then it just seems so easy like i’m not really getting a workout i’m sure over time it’s still gonna do something for me but i think

I’ll just stick with my traditional squats i like being able to switch things up do a variation of different stances and also incorporate some weights from time to time so i think i’ll just stick with that but i would love to hear what you guys are doing while stuck in quarantine are you doing at home workouts are you going hiking riding your bike going for runs

Playing with the kids tell me all about it in the comments down below i give this upright rhone ride exerciser 3 out of 5 stars make sure that you like this video subscribe to our channel and even click the little bell in the corner that way you’ll get new notifications each time we post a new video and you’ll never miss a thing until next time stay safe stay

Healthy and stay connected bye y’all you

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