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SUNSCREEN REVIEW EltaMD UV Facial Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ | Skincare Research

The EltaMD UV facial SPF 30 sunscreen is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains a mix of the sunscreen filters zinc oxide (UVA1 and UVA2) and octinoxate (UVB). This combination sunscreen also contains hyaluronic acid, making the product very moisturizing. The white cast with this mineral sunscreen is minimal but can obviously vary depending on skin prototype. Overall, I appreciate this EltaMD sunscreen, given that the SPF is 30+, it’s highly moisturizing, and the white cast is minimal.

Hi everyone it’s me brandon i hope you’re doing well thank you for joining me today for another skincare vlog i’m just getting my props together right now i’m doing kind of like a mini elta indie haul in this video i hope you enjoy so my name is brandon i am a medical writer i’ve written over 800 medical articles all of which you can find freely on the web most

Of which are focused in the field of skin care dermatology research i’ll leave a link down below so you can check them out but today i’m going to be doing a review of one of my favorite sunscreen brands they actually have other skin care products if i i believe but i have only purchased their sunscreens because i really i really highly trust the quality of these

Sunscreens but this review other than just like showing you the sunscreens that i have from that brand um is really going to be focused on the uv facial broad spectrum spf 30 plus the combination transparent zinc oxide octanoxy sunscreen and in this video i’ll go do a brief overview of the ingredients the research behind the ingredients i’ll apply it to my face

Too so you can see what it looks like on my skin and i’ll briefly compare them with the other ltnd sunscreens that i own the other mineral sunscreens that i own but before i begin please hit the like button down below it really helps me to grow my channel and reach more people and i really appreciate it and if you’re into skincare sunscreen anti-aging research

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Skincare research community here on youtube okay so like i said i love the ltmd sunscreens i have probably i think two sunscreen reviews from l to md on this channel the first one that i did was the lightly tinted spf 41 and this is the same it’s in the same bottle size three ounce bottle um it is a pure mineral sunscreen 100 zinc oxide titanium dioxide and it’s

Tinted so it’s very lightly tinted it kind of just smooths out and blemishes and kind of provides an overall coverage cosmetic coverage on your skin but it has iron oxides in here that help to protect again potentially protect against blue light or visible light from our devices from our tv screens as well as from the sun as well there’s some there’s increasing

Evidence that in addition to uv or ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun blue light visible light may also contribute to the production of reactive oxygen species in the skin oxidation free radicals that also contribute to skin aging and blue light also contributes to hyperpigmentation particularly in people with darker deeper skin tones so there is

Evidence to suggest that wearing a tinted mineral sunscreen can help reduce gradually reduce hyperpigmentation but also possibly improve the anti-aging benefits of sunscreen in that it can help to reduce the free radical damage associated with that blue light with that with the visible light so yeah i really love that sunscreen i’ve been using it for probably a

Couple of years now maybe since 2018 or 2019 probably since 2019 actually and the other sunscreen review from ltmd that i have is the uv elements broad spectrum spf 44 with hyaluronic acid this is also a purely zinc oxide titanium dioxide sunscreen purely mineral sunscreen this one is about an ounce less in size than the lightly tinted sunscreen but it provides

A deeper deeper skin tone coverage uh in my opinion i mean it’s definitely darker than my skin tone which is sort of on the pale with yellowish undertones and i like both of them i tend to use the lightly tinted more so for my skin type again because the elements is is a little bit darker i think it’s probably best suited for deeper skin tones if you go past to

My other videos that i will leave a link down below and also put in cards above you can see me swatch the sunscreens those tinted ones as well as you can see me applying them and comparing them side by side but in this new sunscreen that i’ve been using by ltmd that i’m really loving it is a combination sunscreen is the spf 30 plus it has zinc oxide in it as well

As octanoxy it kind of reminds me of the dermatology spf 45 combination sunscreen which is also a combination of zinc oxide and octanoxide and these filters oh by the way and the dermatology except for the dermatology sunscreen it kind of smells like pool water for some reason i’m not sure why but the combination of zinc oxide and octanoxy really helps to just

Cut down on the white cast that’s associated with a lot of sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide zinc oxide is a really robust filter blocking agent of uv particularly uva uva1 and uva2 not so much uvb that’s really the responsibility of titanium dioxide which also protects against uva2 but to cut down on that white cast associated with mineral

Sunscreens a lot of manufacturers like ltmd dermatology will use a combination of zinc oxide to cover uva uva 1 uva2 and something like octanoxy or octochrome to provide that uvb coverage ultraviolet radiation b is the type of radiation of the sun that contributes to a skin burning or a sunburn but also uvb in addition to uva definitely drive the free radical

Damage of the skin dna mutations and contribute overall to the risk of skin cancer yeah i personally try to stay away from chemical sunscreens for my face just because my not my skin is still my skin is very sensitive but my eyes are probably even more sensitive i mean they will turn red just thinking red i think i have allergies or something but i also think

I just have really sensitive eyes i mean if i put a chemical sunscreen on my face and it’s just pure chemical chemicals with like and not not a japanese sunscreen or european sunscreen but it’s something with like ava benzone and octagolan and optin oxide and i put all these like mix of chemicals on my skin on my face they invariably get into my eyes and i am

Not capable of being in the world for two to three hours because i cannot get them out of my eyes i am my eyes are burning they’re red they’re i’m crying literally crying tears and also somehow i don’t know gets into my eyes and also gets into my nasal passages and i’m just like having almost like an allergic reaction to those chemicals i don’t know if i have an

Allergy or if it’s just an interaction that’s happening with my eyes and my my nasal passages for some reason but i cannot i just can’t handle chemical sunscreens on my face octane oxalate tends to be a chemical that i can handle better especially if it’s combined with a mineral filter minerals are a lot better for sensitive skin skin and sensitive eyes they don’t

Burn around the eyes they tend not to burn on the skin and i don’t know octonoxae in comparison to octocolin if you actually look at the word octagolan it has the word cry in it so i i tend to stay away from that not just because of that but because i mean that is definitely an indicator because because whenever i do use it i tend to cry but octanox say i don’t

Tend to have that reaction um and it’s just one filter in the ltmd sunscreen combined with the mineral sunscreen that’s or the mineral filter blocking agent that’s actually going to really cut down on the the reaction that i have with chemical filters anyway this is a non-tinted sunscreen and compared with the other elta md sunscreens this really doesn’t have a

Lot of it doesn’t have any anti-added antioxidants i know with the lightly tinted oh with the lightly tinted spf 41 delta md sunscreen this actually has i think bercetin curacao quercetin in it um as well as uh ala which is alpha lipoic acid these are antioxidants that may potentially have a role in reducing skin aging and have antioxidant benefits and and just

Really boost the overall protection of the sunscreen because uv from the sun contributes to the generation again of free radicals and having antioxidants topical antioxidants theoretically can help to just really reduce that that free radical damage so anyway yeah the spf 30 the non-tinted combination sunscreen that i’m reviewing today doesn’t seem to have any

Added antioxidants i don’t even know if it has hyaluronic acid let me actually refer to the box i tend to keep the boxes that my sons my skincare come in i don’t know why but this has oh okay so this is actually a very hydrating sunscreen and it actually says that on the on the bottle it says moisturizing facial sunscreen but in terms of the inactive ingredients

Outside of water it also has petrolatum in it so that’s the second ingredient behind water and petrolatum is basically petroleum jelly or vaseline it is a really good emollient as well as occlusive agents so by emollient i just mean anything that’s going to smooth out your skin your skin cells it’s just going to smooth out your your overall appearance and make it

Look hydrated think of oil think of like an oil basically like if you’re slathering an oil that’s what it’s going to kind of make it look like but petrolatum is it doesn’t clog the pores whether or not contributes to acne kind of depends on the person and petrolatum also is a great occlusive agent so whenever you apply it to wet damp skin you trap that water in

Your skin and you help keep your skin hydrated longer basically it doesn’t evaporate if you remember back to my trans epidermal water loss video where i explained how water can evaporate from the skin and lead to a dryness petrolatum really cuts down on that and is fantastic it leads to significant water retention and reduction in trans epidermal water loss or

Dehydrated skin i mean other than that there’s not really any sort of antioxidants or noble skincare ingredients to speak of but really when it comes to sunscreen all you really need are those filters the zinc oxide titanium dioxide octanoxy tennis or you know you name it that’s really what’s going to provide the anti-aging benefit that’s really what’s going to

Provide the benefit the evidence-based benefit that’s been demonstrated in studies consistently to date now i’m just going to go ahead and show you what the sunscreen looks like first on my hand and then i will i mean it’s basically just your average white sunscreen i mean it’s nothing exciting but like i said this kind of reminds me of the dermatology sunscreen

Both in kind of both in feel and appearance i think the dermatology is a little bit more moisturizing because it’s kind of it’s marketed as a lotion but this one if you just rub it in the back of your hand it disappears you can’t see it so that’s good um yeah and i think that whenever i apply it to my face as you will see in just a minute it also tends to

Disappear rather quickly i find swatching on the back of your hand versus your face doesn’t really provide you a good demonstration because it tends to differ i find at least on my skin my hand my facial skin are two different beings almost okay so i just learned of one method and you probably are thinking that i’m really behind the times but there’s this one

Method like the two-finger method of measuring sunscreen to know that you have have had enough i never measure my sunscreen i don’t use teaspoons or half a teaspoon or anything like that i just put it on my skin but i learned that if you put a line on two fingers like this that will give you a good view of how much sunscreen you need i feel like i need more i’m

Pretty heavy-handed when it comes to sunscreen as i did in my under that three-in-one total eye by color science people everyone in that video was saying that i was applying too much under my eye and that’s why i didn’t like it but i’m just going to go ahead and use this two finger method and then the dot method to apply this to my skin so you can see how it goes

On and how it just sort of evens out and disappears despite having zinc oxide in it it really really blends into my skin tone and doesn’t leave a significant cast of anything i feel like it actually kind of blurs any imperfections and smooths out my skin because not only does it have that zinc oxide to blur the imperfections but it also is very moisturizing with

The the water and the petrolatum in it so that i love while providing spf 30 plus what is what does that even mean spf 30 plus is it just like a ring like a range or why can’t they come with a conclude with a conclusive spf i don’t understand okay i feel like i probably need more i don’t know am i am i really that heavy-handed let’s just go ahead and apply this

Out and see what this looks like so as you can see it goes on pretty white now i’m not going to apply this on my eyelids because i just cannot put any sort of chemical on my eyelids even under my eye is really dangerous because i just don’t want to risk it i’ve had up to noxite in my eyes before and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t pleasant so if i do sunscreen on my

Eyelids it’s usually a mineral sunscreen and i’ve seen videos of people on youtube putting pure chemical sunscreens all on their eyeballs or not eyeballs but like their eyelids it’s like how are you surviving that like i don’t understand that but as you can see this is really blending out and almost disappearing i’m just i’m gonna need to go to a mirror real quick

Because i’m just focusing on the viewfinder you know okay so this is about maybe like a minute afterwards so you can see it’s a little on the pale side what does it compare to like my arms does it look the same um yeah it’s a little on the pale side right now but it’s going to really really calm down in a minute here you can tell definitely probably by looking at

It how moisturizing it is i can tell just by feeling it i’m probably rubbing about a bunch off my fingers right now but it is very very moisturizing and you can feel that petrolatum like consistency the the texture of petrolatum petrolatum is it’s almost kind of like on the oily side so i would say that this is you can definitely feel that petrolatum so if you

Don’t like that feeling you might not and you want sort of more of a matte finish you might want something that’s definitely more matte i mean you know i have sunscreen reviews on this channel that will lead you in the right direction but this one is definitely for people with more dry combination skin or people that need that extra moisture for whatever reason

You know if they’re if you’re in a dry climate or it’s winter etc i’m just gonna let this calm down for a few minutes and i’m gonna come back so you can see what it looks like after maybe like 10 10 minutes 10 15 minutes i know somebody said that on my channel recently they wanted to see really what it looked like after it’s calmed down so give me 10 minutes okay

So i’m back so a few minutes have passed um as you can see it definitely has calmed down like what do you think i think that it looks natural i mean when you like compare it to my arms it definitely is whiter i mean anything with zinc oxide you can’t really get away significantly from the cast but it will it will if you are on sort of the pale side even if you

Have a meat like olive skin tone i feel like this would work for pretty much anyone and it will provide you that protection that you need especially if you again have dry skin or you’re on the dry side for whatever reason i definitely highly recommend this again if you are oily or if you are already sufficiently hydrated in terms of your skin uh you might want to

Go for a more matte finish or a matte sunscreen i highly recommend the tinted sunscreens that l2md has this is a non-sponsored video by the way it sounds like i am doing a commercial for them but the non-tinted purely mineral sunscreens are also hydrating but they’re not uh they tend to dry down a little bit more matte and powdery at least in my experience so i

Would recommend those over this one if you have more oily skin anyway i hope you like this video if you did like this video and you want to see more sunscreen videos sunscreen reviews hit that like button down below i’d love to have your input leave a comment down below let me know how you like this video have you tried the sunscreen let me know down below what

Your thoughts are and again don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you in the next one bye

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SUNSCREEN REVIEW EltaMD UV Facial Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ | Skincare Research By Brandon Miles May