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SUPERSPARROW Sports Water Bottle review

We check out the sportswater bottles from Supersparrow. With many colours and sizes to choose from these are straightforward and no nonsense bottles that still offer good quality and value and a step up over your cheap plastic squeeze bottles.

Hello everybody welcome back to a new video by reviews on anything my name is peter and today we’re having a look at the titan sports water bottles by super sparrow we already had a brief look at these when i did the unboxing of the entire super sparrow lineup but this is a bit of a closer look now these are sports water bottles which is exactly what the name

Implies bottles for some water for around physical activities so you can already tell that these are plastic not the stainless steel ones that the rest of the super sparrow lineup consists of and these are sort of your on-the-go bottles for in the gym for maybe at a soccer court or a squash court so on just bottles for easy drinking quick access to water so

On the one hand you have these super cheap very plasticky usually brightly colored things that you get for free when you order protein or sports drinks somewhere these are super handy super easy but pretty disposable and on the other hand you have a slightly more fancy version this is one from one of my kids with an actual drinking straw inside a bit of a firm

Plastic construction and sort of this sort of drinking tube on the top so these bottles from super sparrow are somewhere in the middle so you don’t get the super plasticy squashable disposable outside you get nice hard shell these come in two tins both frosted and clear obviously in a variety of colors and sizes as well i got the smaller size and sort of the

Medium size here as you can see so you know it is a bit of a more premium over the uh very cheap sports water bottle but it is certainly not as let’s quote unquote sophisticated as a bit more of a traditional drinking bottle that you might give your kid to take to school for example so somewhere in the middle so there’s no drinking store or anything it is

Just a straight up opening on the top with a little air hole so that’s actually quite nice in terms of getting the air out of or into the bottle as the liquid leaves and you get some replacement rubbers to seal that off and with the additional lock on the locking mechanism you can be sure that this doesn’t open in your bag so it’s actually quite nice bit more

Premium same thing with this little loop here on the side if you want to carry it around on a hike for example and then that is quite convenient the shell is hard plastic like i said but you can squash it slightly when you press hard on it nothing too crazy it’s definitely a durable material but these are not as solid as the stainless steel ones obviously and

Not as flexible as the cheap pink one that i showed earlier so they can definitely break if you put them through a lot of abuse here i got one of the stainless steel offerings from super sparrow you can see it’s a much more slick design a steel on the inside and on the outside double wall insulated of course so this kind of bottle serves a very different purpose

That’s really to keep your drinks at temperature these plastic bottles these water bottles definitely don’t have any of that they’re just there to get quick access to your drink your sports drink most likely in whatever sports or activity situation that might be overall quite nice bottles with no real downsides i quite like that there’s an offering between the

Very cheap and slightly more fancy version that does exactly what it says on the tin so great product easy to pick up can’t really go wrong you

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SUPERSPARROW Sports Water Bottle review By ReviewsOnAnything